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You are viewing the Tennessee print collection.   Each print is from an original 1862 Harper's Weekly newspaper.  I absolutely guarantee the authenticity of these prints.  Each print is in mint condition.  This particular collection is in unusually fine condition, given its age. There are no tears, folds, bends holes or other problems! All Prints on this page are approximately 11x16, making them an ideal size to frame and display.

The Battle of Ft. Henry

This is the best Battle of Ft. Henry print to be found.  It shows a dramatic illustration of the Attack on Fort Henry, and is captioned, "The Capture of Fort Henry, Tennessee."  Insets include a schematic of the fort, image of the secession ordnance stocks, and the broken 24 pounder.  This a historic and collectible print.
h1862p133                     Price: $140

The Battle of Ft. Henry

This print is a nice, original leaf showing the Battle of Ft. Henry.  The print is captioned, "The Union Gun-boats Advancing up the Tennessee River to the Attack of Fort Henry, Tennessee."  It shows gunboats progressing up the river and Fort Henry can be seen in the background.

h1862p120                         Price: $120

The Battlefield

WOW!! print is captioned, "Hand to Hand Fight over Schwartz's battery at Fort Donelson".  This is a dramatic, original print of the battle, printed within days of the actual event. Shows close range sword, bayonet, musket and cannon fighting.  Simply Does not get more dramatic than this one.

h1862p148                    Price: $145

The Battlemap

Original 1862 Battle Map of Tennessee from Harpers.  Map is captioned, "Map of the Seat of War in Tennessee and Kentucky showing the present position of the union armies under Generals Beull and Grant." This is a great map with many, many landmarks.  Shows Ft. Donelson and Paris, among much more.

h1862p151                      Price: $135


Beautiful, original print showing Nashville in 1862

h1862p152                    Price: $135

The Battle of Ft. Donelson

This is a stunning cover of an original 1862 Harper's Weekly.  It shows a dramatic illustration of the Battle of Fort Donelson, and is captioned, "The Surrender of Fort Denelson, February 16, 1862"  It shows a soldier on a hill waving a flag of surrender, and victorious troops in the foreground celebrating.

h1862p130               Price: $145


The Battle of Ft. Donelson

This is a highly desirable cover of an original 1862 Harper's Weekly.  It shows a scene of the general view of Fort Donelson on the top, including a riverboat.  The bottom image shows a dramatic battle scene, with lots of hand to hand combat.  The image is captioned, "The attack of the second Iowa Regiment on the Rebel Batteries at Fort Donelson".

h1862p161            Price: $140


The Capitol

Original print of the Capital of Tennessee as it looked in 1862.  Around the print is a nice story on Nashville.  Lots of interesting historical material.

Below the print is a picture of the Railroad Bridge over the Cumberland, at Nashville Tennessee.  This is a really interesting print.

h1862p153               Price: $125






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