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This section of the WEB is dedicated to the leaders, both North and South, who played a defining role in the war.  Each print is in fine condition, and was printed during the Civil War years.  I absolutely guarantee the authenticity of each print. 

General Robert E. Lee

This is one of the rarest and most collected of all Civil War Generals- Robert E. Lee.  The print is the front page of an original 1864 Harper's Weekly.  The General is shown proudly standing in his full Confederate uniform.  Hat in one hand, and sword in the other, Robert E. Lee is pictured as the world remembers him- a soldier and a gentleman.  Making this an even more important print, surrounding the portrait is a biography of this most beloved Rebel.  The biography contains many interesting details of the General's life, and describes him as "unquestionably a consummate master of the art of war". The story describes Mr. Lee as, "six feet in height, erect, well-formed, and of imposing appearance; he has clear black eyes, dark gray hair, and a heavy gray beard."  The back of the page has more information on Lee, as well as other news of the war.  the print is in very good condition.  The margins have some areas of light foxing, which do not affect the print.  This is an extremely hard to find print, and when it goes, I don't know when I will be able to offer another one.

h1864p417             Price: $975

General Robert E. Lee

Union Generals

The Union Generals

This is a spectacular, original 1861 print showing all the Union Generals on horseback and in uniform.  This is a brilliant print that will make a spectacular display.  Making it even better, it is a Harper's Weekly centerfold- making it 16x22- twice as large as most prints.  This leaf was printed during the opening days of the Civil War, and  it serves as a "cast of characters" for the bloody drama that was about to unfold. This print is both visually dramatic and historically important. 

h1861p647             Price: $150

Major General Ulysses S.  Grant

This is a very nice 1862 portrait of General Ulysses S. Grant.  It is particularly important because this was the first time that Grant appeared on the front page of Harper's Weekly, and the first time in the Civil War in which he received significant distention.  The print is captioned, "Major-General Ulysses S. Grant, U.S.A., the Hero of Fort Donelson. Original Grant material is always very popular, and he is the most collected of all Union generals.  This is a particularly nice print of Grant.

h1862p145             Price: $125

Ulysses S. Grant
General P. G. T. Beauregard

General P. G. T. Beauregard

This is a dramatic and highly collectible original
image of one of Dixie's most beloved leaders. The portrait shows Beauregard standing in his uniform, and captures the pride and dignity of this great leader. Making the print even more collectible is the bio that appears below the print. The bio describes his military career, including his education at West Point, where he graduated second in a class of 45. The bio describes him as, "43 years of age, in prime of life, and vigorous health, erect as a soldier, well made, and remarkably active". Period material of Confederate leaders is becoming more difficult to find, making this leaf an important and collectible piece. The leaf was printed within days of Beauregard's victory at Ft. Sumter and Major Anderson's surrender, marking the Rebels opening victory in the war.

h1861p269             Price: $100

Major- General Philip H. Sheridan

This is a very nice 1864 portrait of Philip Sheridan.  Sheridan entered the Civil War in 1861 as a captain and a year later was a major general of volunteers. His able leadership of campaigns in Tennessee caused General Ulysses S. Grant, to appoint Sheridan commander of cavalry in the Army of the Potomac. During May 1864, Sheridan's cavalry cut rail communications about the Confederate capital, Richmond, Virginia. From August to October, as commander of the Army of the Shenandoah, Sheridan drove the Confederate forces in Virginia out of the Shenandoah Valley; he then devastated the region to prevent it from being used to supply food for the Confederates. This is a great print of this important Union officer.

h1864p641             Price: $100


Philip H. Sheridan

General Ulysses S. Grant

General Grant at Headquarters

This is a highly collectible portrait of General Ulysses S. Grant.  This leaf was printed in 1864, and is highly desirable because it is a front page print, and because the image is from a photograph by Mathew Brady.   The print shows Grant in the field, in front of his tent.  Grant appears confident but not arrogant in the picture.  He looks like a man with a job to do, and the confidence to get it done.  The print is in extra fine condition, and will make a stunning display when framed.  There is one very small area of light foxing in the upper left margin of the print, which does not detract from the leaf.

h1864p449             Price: $175

General Burnside

This is a portrait of Union General Burnside, commander of the Army of the Potomac.  The print is the front cover of an original 1862 Harper's Weekly.  The portrait is from a photograph by Mathew Brady, the most famous photographer of the 1800's.  Making this an even more important leaf is that the portrait is surrounded by a biography of this famous General.  The biography includes many fascinating details on Burnside's life.  The story starts out, "The portrait of General Burnside, which accompanies these lines, will introduce the reader to the face and figure of one of our most gallant soldiers- the Commander of the Army of the Potomac." The back of the print includes many interesting stories on the war and the news of the day.

h1862p753             Price: $100

General Burnside
General Burnside

General Burnside

This is another great portrait of General Burnside.  This one is the front page of an original 1863 Harper's Weekly.  The print is captioned, "The War in East Tennessee- Reception of General Burnside by the Unionist in Knoxville."  The print shows Burnside entering Knoxville on horseback, being received by a cheering crowd.  Men and children can be seen waving their hats in salute, and a woman  is shown giving a thirsty soldier a drink of water.  This is a dramatic and highly displayable print.  It will make a stunning display when framed and placed in your office or study. The leaf has a story on the back which is an interesting  eye-witness account of this historic event.

h1863p673             Price: $100

General Butler

This is a portrait of Union General Butler.  The print is the front page of an 1864 Harper's Weekly, and pictures General Butler in camp in front of his tent.  General Butler is shown in a relaxed pose, smoking a cigar.  Two of his officers are shown standing nearby, and three battle flags are seen leaning against the tent.  This is an impressive portrait, and the back of the leaf is filled with the news of the day.

h1864p673             Price: $125

General Butler
Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee

General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson

Folks, It just does not get any better than this for Rebel Fans.  This amazing print from an original 1863 Harper's Weekly has a portrait of both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  Lee is pictured standing with binoculars in one hand and his sword in the other.  It is a great portrait of THE general.  Standing beside him is the brilliant Stonewall Jackson.  Stonewall is pictured with his hat in his hand.  On the back of the print are fascinating biographies of the two men.  In the Jackson biography, we are told that he spent hours in Prayer trying to decide whether to go with the South, and in the end he concluded, "I must go with Virginia!"  The leaf is in good condition, with moderate foxing in the margins.

h1863p173             Price: $225

General Stonewall Jackson

This is a superb Portrait and story of the Rebel Stonewall Jackson.  The portrait is captioned, "The Late Stonewall Jackson".  This print is from an original 1863 Harper's Weekly, and was printed shortly after the Rebel's death.  Surrounding the portrait and continuing on to the back of the leaf is a fascinating biography on the late general.  There are many interesting details on his life.  There is a particularly nice story related to Stonewall's black servant who always seemed to know before anyone else when Stonewall was about to go into a major battle.  When asked how he always knew this, the man answered, "Massa Jackson allers prays ebery night and ebery mornin'; but when he go on expedishum he pray two, or tree, or four times duren de night.  When I see him pray two, or tree, or four times duren de night, I pack de baggage, for I know he goin on an expedition." The story concludes with a wonderful description of the Rebel's last hours of life. The print has a moderate amount of light foxing across the print.  Click on the image to see a close up.

h1863p349             Price: $225

Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

General Stonewall Jackson

This leaf is from an original 1862 edition of Harper's Weekly. In the lower left is a portrait of the Rebel General Stonewall Jackson.  It is a nice, clear portrait of him.  Above the portrait is a biography of him titled, "The Rebel General Stonewall Jackson".  The story includes his military exploits, both as a US and Rebel commander.  He is described as "energetic, lucky, and skillful".  Story describes how he got the name "Stonewall" at the Battle of Bull Run. Lots of interesting historic content in the story.  The print has a few small spots of light foxing.

h1862p556             Price: $150





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