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Harper's Weekly featured a wide array of dramatic illustrations featuring the art of War on Horseback.  This section shows some of these illustrations.  I absolutely guarantee the authenticity of each print. 

Cavalry Charge

The Cavalry Charge 

Simply stated, this is the most dramatic and collected of all Civil War Cavalry illustrations.  It is an original 1863 illustration by Thomas Nast.  The leaf presents a stunning view of a Civil War Cavalry charge. the image includes an incredible amount of action.  The Rebel and Union Cavalries are shown in close range combat.  

The foreground includes a number of soldiers with swords drawn engaging in hand-to-hand combat.  The left of the print features a Cavalry officer with his sword drawn over his head, leading a group of soldiers into battle.  The battle continues into the background of the print, with thousands and thousands of mounted soldiers.  A number of dead and dieing men are shown on the ground.  Others are being run through with swords.  The foreground shows a man falling off his panicked horse. You can click on the image to get a closer look, but there was no way for me to capture the impact of this print with a digital image.

The leaf has an incredible amount of historical detail.  You can spend hours studying the uniforms, gear, arms and mounts of the Cavalry pictured. You are simply not going to find a leaf that better captures the action, death and confusion of a Civil War Cavalry Charge than this eye-witness illustration.  This is a centerfold leaf, making it a large 16x22. The print scores top marks for Visual Impact, Historical Significance, and Condition.  If you are a collector of Cavalry illustrations, this piece will become the centerpiece of your collection. The leaf is in excellent condition.  It is a crisp, sharp, high contrast illustration.  It shows the gentle sepia toning you expect in original material from this period.  The bottom left margin has a small tear, which has been mended with archive grade mending tape.  The tear will be behind the mat when framed, and does not reach into the illustration.  This is a very special print, and in my mind is Thomas Nast's finest Civil War illustration.

h1863p344                                             Price: $250

Cavalry Raid

The Cavalry Raid

This is a spectacular 1863 illustration featuring a Cavalry Charge.  The print is captioned, "Colonel Kilpatrick's Late Cavalry Raid Through Virginia".  The illustration shows a mounted soldier charging into an infantry unit.  

The Cavalry soldier is wearing gloves that come up to his elbows.  He has the horse's reigns in his right hand, and his Colt revolver in his left hand.  The infantry soldiers are coming at him with bayonets and rifles.  Another man on horseback is shown firing his revolver into the head of a startled infantryman. Another soldier is shown laying dead on his back in the foreground.  This is a highly displayable and collectible print.  It is in excellent condition.

h1863p348    Price: $150


Major General William Tecumseh Sherman on Horseback

This is a brilliant portrait of General William Tecumseh Sherman from a photograph by Mathew Brady. This is a large centerfold print measuring 16x22.  Sherman is shown in a striking pose on a handsome horse. Sherman is pictured with his hat, and two stars on his shoulder.  The print is in excellent condition, and will make a spectacular display. 

h1864p808    Price: $225

General William Tecumseh Sherman
Phil Sheridan

General Phil Sheridan

This print shows Sheridan on horseback, and is captioned, "Phil Sheridan's Ride to the Front".  Sheridan is riding the horse hard, and the horse is shown foaming at the mouth.  Soldiers can be seen in the background cheering him on.  This is a very nice illustration.

This leaf is in very good condition.  There is a small damp stain in the upper left margin of the print.


h1864p705           Price: $145

Cavalry Officers

This is a nice 1864  portrait of three Cavalry officers on horseback.  The print features Merritt, Kautz and Wilson.  The three men are pictured in full uniform.  This is a front page illustration, so it includes the ornate Harper's Weekly mast head. The upper corners of the print include a nice engraving of crossed cavalry sabers. The print is in excellent condition.  It has a damp stain in the upper left margin, not affecting the print.

h1864p689             Price: $135


Cavalry Officers





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