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Harper's Weekly featured a wide array of dramatic illustrations featuring the art of War on Horseback.  This section shows some of these illustrations.  I absolutely guarantee the authenticity of each print. 

Grant's Cavalry

Grant's Cavalry 

This is a nice 1864 illustration showing General Grant's Cavalry.  The print is captioned, "General Grant's Campaign- Return of Kautz's Cavalry Expedition From Its Raid In Virginia"  The image shows a group of rather ragged Cavalry soldiers returning from a raid.  The men, as well as the horses look exhausted.   

Several soldiers are shown walking.  I like this print because people don't often realize the difficulty and danger faced by the mounted soldiers, often forced to be in the saddle days on end. This is a nice print, and will make a great display when framed.  The print is in excellent condition.  There is a light damp stain in the lower right margin, not affecting the print. 

h1864p508                                             Price: $125

Sioux Indian War

The Sioux War

This is an extra nice illustration showing a Cavalry Charge into a Sioux Indian camp.  The Cavalry is charging through the middle of the camp.  The Sioux are pictured desperately defending their camp with bows and arrows.

Squaws are pictured running from the camp, with their babies on their backs and children at their sides. This is a dramatic illustration showing lots of action.  The print is in excellent condition.

h1863p693                                                                             Price: $150


Cavalry Charge on Springfield Missouri

This is an 1861 illustration of General Fremont's Cavalry Charge through Springfield Missouri.  The soldiers are pictured with their swords in the air, charging ahead.  One soldier is pictured over his fallen horse.  The print is in very good condition.  There is light foxing in the upper margin. 

h1861p728  Price: $110

Missouri Cavalry Charge
Cavalry Charge at Dug Springs

Cavalry Charge at Dug Springs

This is a dramatic 1861 illustration of the Cavalry Charge at Doug Springs.  The leaf shows lots of hand-to-hand combat.  Several soldiers are caught on foot in the middle of the melee. A dead horse is pictured in the foreground.  The leaf is in very good condition, with some light damp staining in the left margin. 

h1861p533           Price: $125





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