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Many great Nautical prints have survived from the Civil War era.  This section is dedicated to some of these fantastic prints.  Each illustration is original and over 140 years old.

Ironclad Monitor

The Monitor- Union Ironclad Warship

This leaf is the front page of an original 1862 Harper's Weekly.  It features an impressive illustration of the Union Ironclad Warship, "Monitor".  The illustration is captioned, "The Ericsson Steel-Clad Battery Monitor".  Above the illustration is a portrait of Lieutenant Worden, the commander of the Monitor. Surrounding the portrait is a fascinating story on Mr. Worden and the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac.  This is probably the most famous Naval engagement in history, making this a highly desirable piece.  Being a front page, and containing a picture of the Monitor, a portrait of the commander, and a story on the battle makes it a highly collectible leaf.  The leaf is in excellent condition, and will make a spectacular display when framed.   

h1862p177           Price: $185


Interior of the Monitor

This is another great illustration of the monitor from an original 1862 Harper's Weekly.  The leaf includes 10 illustrations showing incredible, hard to find details of this most famous war ship.  The leaf includes illustrations of the Captain's cabin, the Berth Deck, the interior of the tower, the engine room, the turret machinery, the ward room, the wheel house, and a great picture of the exterior as she prepares for battle.  This leaf is rich with historical content, and would make an excellent addition to your collection. 

h1862p236           Price: $175


Interior of Monitor

The Merrimac

The Merrimac

This is a great illustration from an original 1862 Harper's Weekly featuring the Rebel Ironclad the "Merrimac".  The illustration is captioned, "The second Trip of the Merrimac- Scenes at and Around Fortress Monroe.  The leaf includes 7 illustrations, the the lower center one being a picture of the Merrimac.  The surrounding images include a variety of Naval scenes associated with the Merrimac.  Original material related to the Merrimac is becoming increasingly difficult to find, and this one is a great leaf.  A nice and highly displayable piece of Navel History.  Print is 11x16.

h1862p277           Price: $175


The Union Warship "Vanderbilt"

This is a visually dramatic image of the United States warship "Vanderbilt".  The image shows the ship with sails hoisted, and under full steam in rough waters.  This print has a lot of eye appeal.  The reverse of the leaf includes a story on the Vanderbilt, which is described as the finest ship in the US Navy.  Story includes lots of fascinating details on the ship.  This leaf would make a great gift for anyone interested in the Civil War, Sailing Ships or anyone who has been in the Navy. The print is in very excellent condition.   Print is 11x16.

h1862p748           Price: $155


The Vanderbilt




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