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Many great Nautical prints have survived from the Civil War era.  This section is dedicated to some of these fantastic prints.  Each illustration is original and over 140 years old.

Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship

This is an original leaf printed in 1862 showing a pirate ship.  The print is captioned, "The Pirate Alabama, alias, 290, Certified to be Correct by Captain Hagar of the Brilliant".  Original Pirate material is hard to find, and this is a really nice print.  On the back is an interesting story on Robert E. Lee, George McClellan, and Beauregard.  The story is full of very interesting reading on these men.  

h1862p689           Price: $155


Rhode Island Artillery

This is the cover leaf from an original 1861 Harper's Weekly showing a really nice picture of a ship in port, unloading material.  The print is captioned, "Rhode Island Artillery Landing from the Steamer Bienville at Washington Arsenal on April 25."  The print also has an image captioned, "The Lady Davis, Two Guns, Captain Enger, Ship of War of the Southern Confederacy." This is a really nice and displayable print with great historical content.  

h1861p305           Price: $150


Rhode Island Artillery

h1861p40.jpg (36660 bytes)

U.S. Naval Vessels

This print shows two steam sloops from the Union Navy.  The top image shows the Steamship "Star of the West", and the lower image shows the "Marion".  Both are large vessels with both Steam paddle wheels, and sails.  The print includes a nice story on the ships.  The back of the print includes many fascinating stories of the news of the day.  The print is in good condition, with one small 1" tear in the lower margin which has been repaired with Library mending tape. A nice and highly displayable piece of Navel History.  Print is 11x16.

h1861p40           Price: $150


The "Brooklyn"

This is a visually dramatic image of the United States Sloop of War "Brooklyn". The print is from an original 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.  In my mind this is the best print of a sailing ship to be found in the pages of Harper's Weekly.  It shows the Brooklyn with sails hoisted, and sailing towards you.  It shows a large amount of detail.  The print will make a spectacular display when framed.  It would make a great gift for anyone interested in the Civil War, Sailing Ships or anyone who has been in the Navy. The print is in very good condition.   Print is 11x16.

h1861p41           Price: $175


h1861p41.jpg (36576 bytes)




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