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Tilghman, TENCH, military officer; born in Baltimore, Maryland, December 25, 1744; was a merchant before the Revolution; became one of Mercer's Flying Camp as captain of a company of Philadelphia light infantry. In August, 1776, he became George Washington's aide and confidential secretary, and remained in that post until the close of the war, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel after April, 1777. He was thoroughly patriotic, and much of the time while with Washington for five years he refused pay for his services. He was in every action in which the main army was concerned. He was chosen by Washington to bear to Congress at Philadelphia dispatches announcing the surrender of Cornwallis. In a letter to General Sullivan in Congress (May 11, 1781), he had highly commended Tilghman as deserving of great consideration. He died in Baltimore, Md., April 18, 1786.



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