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Some of My Favorite Tamale Dishes

Tamales and EggsMy favorite Tamale dish is to serve the Tamales with eggs.  They are good with soft fried eggs, and also good with scrambled eggs.  I like to serve them with a good salsa and a few sprigs of cilantro. In addition, I like to  sprinkle a little hot red pepper on the tamales, and a little on the eggs as well. This is an excellent meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I especially like it on a cold day.   If you have this for breakfast, you can go all day without getting hungry.  If you have it for supper, you will sleep like a baby all night long.

Tamale DishWhile I prefer Tamales and eggs, others prefer a more traditional tamale meal. Pictured at left is a traditional Mexican lunch or dinner.  The tamales are the focus of the meal, and are complimented by pinto beans.  In lieu of a salad, serve slices of avocado, onion, tomatoes and sweet green peppers. When serving a traditional Mexican meal like this, try and use festive colors for the plates, napkins, and table cloth. Bright reds and greens will create a festive Mexican meal, and will match the greens and reds of the peppers, tomatoes and avocados.

Tamale PlatterI always like to take a tamale platter to a pot luck or other special occasion.  The tamales reheat well, and they are always the hit of the party.  As you develop a reputation for bringing tamale platters to social events, I can assure you that you will have no shortages of invitations to special festive events.  The picture at right shows an attractive and tasty platter of tamales.  The green cilantro and red salsa create a festive atmosphere, and the aroma of warm tamales will permeate the room.  My experience is that a plate of tamales set out like this will last only about 30 seconds, as a crowd will usually descend on and then devour the tamales!

As you serve tamales, remember that the presentation is as important as the taste.  You have spent a weekend of hard work preparing the tamales, so take the few extra minutes to create an impressive presentation.  I hope the pictures on this page help you with ideas on serving your tamales.





This site is dedicated to the Loving Memory of Goya Pina, who taught me how to cook tamales, and many other delicious Mexican Food dishes.  She died in 1998 at the age of 78.

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