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bucket of tamalesWelcome to the  My Hot Tamale, Recipe Page. We are going to take you step by step though the process.  We don't simply give you a list of ingredients and some cryptic instructions, we take you through it step by step with pictures.  With this site you simply can not go wrong.  You will be able to make the most mouth watering Mexican Food dish that you have ever tasted, Guaranteed!

Most people are intimidated by making tamales, but there is no need to be.  The key thing is plan things out.  You need to make sure that you have all ingredients and equipment before you start.  We break the instructions into three parts.  First, you need to gather up the ingredients, and equipment.  Second, you will need to cook the meat that serves as the heart of the hot tamale.  Finally, you need to cook the tamales.  We suggest making this a two day process.  Gather the ingredients and cook the meat on day 1, and then prepare and cook the tamales on day 2.  Since the process is somewhat involved, we suggest making big batches of tamales.  In fact we love to make them in teams.  Have a good friend come over, and make a double big batch and then split them.  Tamale making is fun, and for many people, getting together for a "Tamale Day" has become a tradition. Now, Without Further ado, we will go through the step by step instructions on making tamales. Click on each of the sections (I, II, and III) for in depth instructions. Tamales, Easy as I, II, III!

(I) Gather The Tamale Ingredients and Equipment

This section gives you a shopping list and a description of the simple equipment that you need to make tamales.  You can take this shopping list to the grocery store with you to make sure that you have everything you need to make tamales. The shopping list will make things easy for you.

(II) Cook the Meat

Key thing to good tamales is to get a good scald on the meat.  You can not miss by following these step by step instructions.

(III) Make the Tamales

Now, the supplies are secured, the meat is cooked, and T-Day has arrived.  Your kitchen is ground zero for one of this centuries most important cooking events.  You are about to make Hot Tamales.  Click on (III) above for the final instructions!





This site is dedicated to the Loving Memory of Goya Pina, who taught me how to cook tamales, and many other delicious Mexican Food dishes.  She died in 1998 at the age of 78.

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