Santa Anna's and Sam Houston's Movements After the Alamo


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General Santa AnnaHaving refreshed his troops, and provided as he could for his numerous wounded, Santa Anna laid down the program for future operations, to be conducted by General Filisola, his second in command ; after completing which, he proposed to return to Mexico. Accordingly, on the 11th of March, he ordered Generals Sesma and Woll, with six hundred and seventy-five infantry, fifty dragoons, two six-pounders, and eight days' rations, to march to San Felipe, on the Brazos, and thence to Anahuac by way of Harrisburg. At the same time he directed Colonel Juan Morales, with two battalions of about four hundred men, one mortar, one eight and one twelve pounder, and a month's rations, to proceed to Goliad. Before he decided as to the further disposition of his forces, he received information from General Urrea, at San Patricio, that he was on his march to Goliad, and that Fannin was there fortified, with about five hundred infantry and fourteen pieces of artillery, and would defend the place. He also received intelligence from General Sesma that the Texans were twelve hundred strong on the Colorado, and disposed to defend the passage of that river. To meet this unexpected resistance, Santa Anna directed General Tolsa, with two battalions and forty dragoons, with a month's rations, to aid Sesma; and Colonel Montoya, with the regular militia of Tres Villas and Queretaro, a twelve-pounder, and like rations, to assist Urrea. The orders given to these officers were to shoot all the prisoners taken! Another detachment of Mexicans, under General Gaona, was to march to Nacogdoches, with like orders ; but its departure was postponed, to await the issue at Goliad.




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