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At the outbreak of the Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant was an unrecognized and unknown general.  The union armies had suffered a number of humiliating defeats at the hands of the skilled and determined Confederate forces.  The Union Generals did not have the stomach for all out war, and their hesitation, fear, and timidity led to one humiliating loss after another.  By early 1862, the Northern Public, and Press were growing weary of the lack of success of Union Forces.  It was at this point that Grant burst onto the scene with a stunning victory at the Battle of Fort Donelson.  It was at this battle that the defeated Rebel General Buckner sent Grant a note, asking that a council be convened to negotiate Buckner's terms of surrender.  To this, Grant tersely responded that "No terms, except Unconditional Surrender can be accepted".  This response led to Grant's now famous nickname of "Unconditional Surrender" Grant. Grant's decisive victory, and unashamed demand for Unconditional Surrender soon came to President Abraham Lincoln's attention, and from that point Grant quickly moved up the ranks, until finally commanding the Army of the Potomac.

We present below, for your enjoyment and perusal, original Civil War Harper's Weekly Newspapers following Grant's Civil War career. Enjoy!

Fort Donelson

General Ulysses S. Grant's Victory at Fort Donelson

Grant's Unconditional Surrender Letter

General Grant's Famous Letter Demanding "Unconditional Surrender"

General Grant, Hero of Fort Donelson

General Ulysses S. Grant, Hero of Fort Donelson

Grant, Hero of Shiloh

General Grant, the Hero of the Battle of Shiloh

Unconditional Surrender Grant

Harper's Weekly Tags Grant with Nickname "Unconditional Surrender"

General Grant and Lady Liberty

Columbia Thanks General Grant

General Grant's Headquarters

General Ulysses Grant's Headquarters in the Field

General Grant and Winfield Scott

General Grant and Winfield Scott

General Grant's Family

General Grant's Family



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