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Civil War Harper's Weekly, August 31, 1861

This 1861 newspaper has a variety of important Civil War content. The cover features a stunning image of General Lyon and the Battle of Springfield. There is a full page picture of General Scott and the Union Generals. The paper also has a full page picture of Rebel Soldiers, and their uniforms and equipment.

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General Lyon

General Lyon at Battle of Springfield

Battle of Springfield

The Battle of Springfield

Lincoln Seizure of Southern Property

Lincoln Seizure of Property

Pennsylvania Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue

Burning of Hampton Virginia

Hampton Burning

Building Gun Boats

Building Civil War Ships

Camp Dennison

Camp Dennison

General Fremont's Flotilla

Fremont's Flotilla in St. Louis

Union Generals

General Scott and the Union Generals

Bowie Knives

Confederate Bowie Knives

Football at Camp Johnson

Camp Johnson

Union Civil War Uniforms

Union Uniforms













[AUGUST 31, 1861.



HON. MEMBER FROM NEW YORK. Who cares for National Policy, or Honorable Policy, or Patriotic Policy, or Honest Policy ? The Policy I go for is LOTTERY POLICY. That's the Policy for my Money ; for it pays."

WIFE. "He shouldn't go to the horrid war, away from his ' wifey, tifey,' and spoil his pretty mustache, so he shouldn't, sweet little boy. He shall have a petticoat and a broom, and stay at home."


"These Privateers are really becoming annoying. I think I must buy a Tug-boat."

All Ready.

Best for Agents.


New Military Map



and the

Western Border States,

Just engraved, in the best manner, showing the position of the late battle of WILSON'S CREEK, and all points of interest. On the same sheet are excellent portraits of

GENS. LYON and SIGEL, SCOTT, MCCLELLAN, BUTLER, BANKS, FREMONT, PRENTISS, SPRAGUE, and others, with much else attractive and instructive. Finely colored, on heavy calendered paper, 29x37 inches. A specimen sent, prepaid, for 25 cents.

AGENTS WANTED, to sell this and MANY OTHER CHARTS FOR THE TIMES. See Special List and Circular. Address, H. H. Lloyd & Co., 25 Howard Street, New York.


made by energetic agents selling DOWNER'S HEMMER and SHIELD for hand sewing. Sample sent on receipt of 25

cents. Address   A. H. DOWNER,

No. 442 Broadway, New York.

Perfect Fitting Shirts,

MADE TO MEASURE AT $18 PER DOZEN. Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, drawings of different styles of Shirts, sent free everywhere.

S. W. H. WARD, from London,

No. 387 Broadway, N. Y., up Stairs.

$40 a Month and Expenses paid. For Terms address HARRIS BRO'S, Boston, Mass.

MME. DEMOREST'S QUARTERLY MIRROR OF FASHIONS. — Great improvements. Fall number soon ready. Price 10 cents ; yearly, 40 cents. Also, the above ILLUSTRATED with colored Fashion Plates, large Plate of Fall and Winter Cloaks, and three full-sized Paper Patterns, 25 cents yearly, $1. No. 473 Broadway. Either of the above sent, post-paid, on receipt of price.

Agents Wanted — To sell packets of Stationery and Jewelry. Extra inducements are offered, amongst which are Silver Watches, Guard Chains, Bracelets, and other valuable articles. Address, with stamp enclosed, J. L. BAILEY, 154 Court Street, Boston, Mass.


No. 48 East 24th Street, New York.—Boarding and Day School, Classical and Commercial. 14 teachers (6 American, 5 French, 2 German, 1 Spanish). French is the language at large of the school and pupils can acquire it without any interruption in their other studies. There is a primary department, also a gymnasium and bowling-alley For full details, &c., send or write for a prospectus.


Will be reopened on Tuesday, September 17th.

Aug. 6, 1861, WEST GHENT, Col. Co., N. Y.

B.T. BABBITT, New York —MY DEAR SIR: Your Soap is as good as ever. It seems that one box lasts almost a life-time. I am sure it will become a universal thing. Some of the farmers have given up making soft soap since using your Soap. They say it pays to sell their soap-grease and buy your Soap. Some say they save the price of the Soap in wood.

" Yours, &c.,   E. PERRY."

The above Soap is packed in boxes of 60 bars, one pound each, with directions for making each bar into " three gallons of handsome Soft Soap." Price $5 per box, with a selection from a list of books, or a subscription to a New York paper gratis. Send for circular containing list of books and papers. Address,

B. T. BABBITT, No. 70 Washington St., New York.

Artificial Legs (Palmer's), the most perfect, approved and useful. Arms of superior excellence: Feet for Limbs shortened by Hip Disease—unique, useful and comely. Dr. E. D. HUDSON, No. 2 Clinton Hall, N. Y.

TO NERVOUS SUFFERERS OF BOTH SEXES.—A Retired Gentleman, having been restored to health in a few days, after many years of Great Nervous Suffering, is willing to assist others by sending (free), on receipt of a post-paid, directed Envelope, a copy of the prescription used. Address JOHN M. DAGNALL, 186 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Prince Napoleon.
Princess Clotilde.

Duchess De Abrantes.

Photographs of either of the above will be sent free by mail on receipt of 30 cents ; the three for 80 cents. Also, Photographs for Albums of all the heroes and distinguished parsons of he day.

WM. S. WYSE, 777 Broadway, N. Y.

N. B.—The above pictures were taken by a celebrated Artist during the sojourn of the Prince and Princess in the City of New York.

LE BON TON—THE BEST LADIES' FASHION BOOK in the World. Specimen copies, with two valuable patterns, posted for 33 cents. S. T. TAYLOR & SON, 407 Broadway, N. Y.

A 25 Cent Sewing Machine!

And 5 other curious inventions. Agents wanted every where. Descriptive Circulars sent free. Address SHAW & CLARK, Biddeford, Maine.

MILITARY DRILL, under an experienced officer, in connection with an English and Classical EDUCATION for Young Men ; also, for Young Ladies, INSTRUCTION in MUSIC, PAINTING, and FRENCH, under experienced Professors, at the HUDSON RIVER INSTITUTE, Claverack, Columbia Co., N. Y. For Catalogues, address Rev. A. FLACK, A.M.

TO ASSIST DIGESTION and give Tone to the Stomach, use LEA & PERRIN'S WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. JOHN DUNCAN & SONS, Union Square and Fourteenth Street, Sole Agents.

Wanted 1000 Agents, to sell miniature Pins of Gen. Scott, Butler, and all the Heroes. Also Great Bargains in Job Lots of Jewelry. Enclose from $1 to $10 for samples. W. A. HAYWARD, 208 Broadway, N. Y.

Nazareth Hall. Boarding School for Boys.
Nazareth, Northampton Co., Pa.

Easy of access from New York by Central R.R. of New Jersey to Easton, and thence seven miles by stages. Terms, payable quarterly in advance.—Board, and Tuition in the English branches and the German language, per quarter ...............$50.00 Lessons on the Piano Forte, Violin, Flute, and Organ, with use of Instrument, each, per quarter ................$6.00 Lessons in Drawing, Painting, French, Latin, and Greek, each, per quarter   $5.00

Agents in New York, Messrs. A. BININGER & CO., Nos. 92 and 94 Liberty Street. REV. EDWARD H. REICHEL, Principal.

Dr. Tumblety's Pimple

Old Faces made to look Young and Beautiful.

You may obtain a Handsome complexion, exempt from Pimples, Blotches, &c., by using DR. TUMBLETY'S PIMPLE BANISHER. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Sent by mail or Express to any address. Office 499 Broadway, New York.

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