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Civil War Harper's Weekly, August 31, 1861

This 1861 newspaper has a variety of important Civil War content. The cover features a stunning image of General Lyon and the Battle of Springfield. There is a full page picture of General Scott and the Union Generals. The paper also has a full page picture of Rebel Soldiers, and their uniforms and equipment.

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General Lyon

General Lyon at Battle of Springfield

Battle of Springfield

The Battle of Springfield

Lincoln Seizure of Southern Property

Lincoln Seizure of Property

Pennsylvania Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue

Burning of Hampton Virginia

Hampton Burning

Building Gun Boats

Building Civil War Ships

Camp Dennison

Camp Dennison

General Fremont's Flotilla

Fremont's Flotilla in St. Louis

Union Generals

General Scott and the Union Generals

Bowie Knives

Confederate Bowie Knives

Football at Camp Johnson

Camp Johnson

Union Civil War Uniforms

Union Uniforms










Union civil war Uniforms

This is an original leaf from the August 31, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.  It shows a picture of Union Uniforms in the Civil War.  The leaf is captioned "Uniforms of the United States Volunteers and State Militia." The leaf features a variety of uniforms.  Starting on the top row on the left, the illustration shows the uniforms of Wilson's Zouaves, Duryee's Zouaves, De Kalo Zouaves, Rhode Island Officer, Massachusetts Officer, Pennsylvania Officer, Michigan Officer, Colonel New York Volunteers, New Jersey Officer, New York Line Officer, Rhode Island Artillery Officer, Hawkin's Zouaves, McChesney Zouaves, the Fire Zouaves.  On the bottom row, starting on the left, 2d New York State Militi, 1st Michigan, 13th Brooklyn, 12th New York, Marine Artillery, R. I., New York 55th Zouave Corps, 1st Pennsylvania, Massachusetts 6th, 8th Massachusetts, 71st New York, New Jersey State Militia, 1st Rhode Island, and the New York German Rifles.



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