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Civil War Harper's Weekly, August 17, 1861

This original 1861 newspaper has a cover illustration showing an injured Civil War soldier. The issue also has a nice illustration of the Battle of Bull Run. The paper includes news of the day, and illustrations of Boston's Faneuil Hall.

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Bull Run Zouave

Zouave from the Battle of Bull Run

Rebel Atrocities

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Napoleon's Yacht

Faneuil Hall

Boston's Faneuil Hall


Slave Stampede

wounded Bull run

Bull Run Battlefield

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Contractor Cartoon




[AUGUST 11, 1861.


PENNSYLVANIA BEEF CONTRACTOR. "Want Beefsteak? Good Gracious, what is the World coming to ? Why, my Good Fellow, if you get Beefsteak, how on earth are Contractors to live ? Tell me that."

Mr. John Bull in His Famous Old Part of Pecksniff. "A mighty contest looms in the distance, and all that we can clearly see is that our own policy, of Neutrality is both Wise and Just."—London Times. "We are strong enough to be Neutral in the best sense of the word ; at once TRUE TO OURSELVES, just to our neighbors, and eager, by moral support, to secure every improvement consistent with THE LEGITIMATE CLAIMS OF ALL PARTIES."—London Chronicle.


"Our Artillery are improving rapidly in their Firing; they practice constantly at Targets."—Rebel Paper.

Horrid Nightmare of John Bull on Hearing of Prince
's Visit to Washington.


Perfect Fitting Shirts,


Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, drawings of different styles of Shirts, sent free everywhere.

S. W. H. WARD, from London, No. 387 Broadway, N. Y., up Stairs.

To be Good Looking.

Old Faces made to look Young
and Beautiful.

You may obtain a handsome complexion, exempt from Pimples, Blotches, &c., by using DR. TUMBLETY'S PIMPLE BANISHER. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Sent by mail or express to any address.

Office 499 Broadway, N. Y.


(SELPHO'S Patent), 516 Broadway, New York. Send for a Circular.

P. O. Stamps of all denominations, for sale in small or large quantities. Good Eastern Money taken. Apply to HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, N. Y.

General Scott's
Infantry Tactics;


Rules for the Exercise and Maneuvres of the
United States Infantry.

3 vols. 24mo, Muslin, $2.50.
Published by Authority.

United States
Army Regulations.

Approved by the President of the United
States, and Printed under the Directions of SIMON CAMERON,
Secretary of War.

12mo, Muslin, $1.50.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, NEW YORK.


For August, 1861.

Any Number will be sent by Mail, post-paid, for Twenty-five Cents. Any Volume, comprising Six Numbers, neatly bound in Cloth, will be sent by Mail, to any part of the United States within 3000 miles of New York, post-paid, for Two Dollars per Volume. Complete Sets will be sent by Express, the freight at the charge of the purchaser, at a Discount of Twenty-five per Cent. from the above rate. Twenty-two Volumes, bound uniformly, extending from June, 1850, to June, 1861, are now ready.

HARPER'S WEEKLY will be sent gratuitously for one month—as a specimen—to any one who applies for it. Specimen Numbers of the MAGAZINE will also be sent gratuitously.


One Copy for one Year . . . $3.00

Two Copies for One Year  . . . 5.00
Three or more Copies for One Year (each) . 2.00

And an Extra Copy, gratis, for every Club of EIGHT SUBSCRIBERS.

HARPER'S MAGAZINE and HARPER'S WEEKLY, together, one year, $4.00.


"A New Novel, by the Author of
"Doctor Thorne."


Publish this Day:



By Anthony Trollope,

Author of "Doctor Thorne," "The Bertrams," "The Three Clerks," " Orley Farm," and " The West  Indies and the Spanish Main."

Illustrations. 12mo, Muslin, $1.00.


TOM BROWN AT OXFORD. A Sequel to "School Days at Rugby." PART II., completing the Work. 12mo, Muslin, 37 1/2 cents.


Have Lately Published: DU CHAILLU'S EQUATORIAL AFRICA. Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa: with Accounts of the Manners and Customs of the People, and of the Chase of the Gorilla, the Crocodile, Leopard, Elephant, Hippopotamus, and other Animals. By PAUL B. DU CHAILLU, Corresponding Member of the American Ethnological Society; of the Geographical and Statistical Society of New York, and of the Boston Society of Natural History. With numerous Illustrations. 8vo, Muslin, $3.00. (Uniform with Livingstone, Barth, and Burton.)

A DAY'S RIDE. A Life's Romance. By CHARLES LEVER, Author of "Charles O'Malley," "Gerald Fitzgerald," "The Martins of Cro' Martin,'' "Maurice Tiernay," " One of Them," &c., &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

SILAS MARNER, the Weaver of Raveloe. By GEORGE ELIOT, Author of "Adam Bede," "The Mill on the Floss," and "Scenes of Clerical Life." 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents; Paper, 60 cents.

TRUMPS. A Novel. By GEO. WM. CURTIS. Illustrated by HOPPIN. 12mo, Muslin, $1.50.

THE WITS AND BEAUX OF SOCIETY. By GRACE and PHILIP WHARTON, Authors of "The Queens of Society." Illustrated by H. BROWNE and JAMES GODWIN, and engraved by the Brothers DALZIEL. 12mo, Muslin, $1.50.

HISTORY OF THE UNITED NETHERLANDS: from the Death of William the Silent to the Synod of Dort. With a full View of the English-Dutch Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of the Spanish Armada. By JOHN LOTHROP MOTLEY, LL.D., D.C.L., Corresponding Member of the Institute of France, Author of "The Rise of the Dutch Republic." New Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, Muslin, $4.00; Sheep, $4.50; Half Calf, $6.00.

PARKER'S PRESBYTERIAN'S HAND-BOOK OF THEE CHURCH. For the use of Members, Deacons, Elders, and Ministers. By Rev. JOEL PARKER, D.D., and Rev. T. RALSTON SMITH. 16mo, Muslin, 50 cents.

PRIMARY OBJECT LESSONS for a Graduated Course of Development. A Manual for Teachers and Parents, with Lessons for the Proper Training of the Faculties of Children. By N. A. CALKINS. Illustrations. 12mo, Muslin, $1.00.

WILLSON'S READERS. A Series of School and Family Readers: Designed to teach the Art of Reading in the most Simple, Natural, and Practical Way: embracing in their Plan the whole range of Natural History and the Physical Sciences; aiming at the highest degree of Usefulness, and Splendidly Illustrated. Consisting of a Primer and Seven Readers By MARCIUS WILLSON. The Primer, and First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Readers now ready. Prices 15, 20, 30, 50, 66 cents, and $1.00.

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John Bull
Bombing Hospital
John Bull
Acne Face
Artificial Legs



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