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Civil War Harper's Weekly, December 6, 1862

Welcome to our archive of Harper's Weekly newspapers. This collection allows you to study source material formerly only available to professional historians and researchers. We hope you find this information useful.

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General Banks

General Banks

French Mediation Proposal

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Aquia Creek

Aquia Creek

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General Banks Biography



Confederate Cartoon

Confederate Cartoon

The Passaic

The "Passaic"

Iron Clad Interior

Iron Clad Interior

Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales


Fredericksburg, Virginia




[DECEMBER 6, 1862.


OLD MR. SECESH, from his Housetop in Richmond, Va., looking out for the Sympathy promised by some supporters of GOV. SEYMOUR.

"England sells . . . . the component parts of Ships-of-War (the Pirate Alabama) to all
comers.—" London Times.

A Christmas Package.

Just out: the entirely new and beautiful Holiday Prize Package, containing all New Articles, varieties for the Holidays, Merry Christmas Fireside Games, Fine Writing Paper, Envelopes, Parlor Amusements, a Child's Book, Panorama of Fun, Sketch-Book of Humor, Christmas Presents, Jewelry, &c., &c. Retail Price only 25c. Agents wanted every where. Country Stores and News Depots supplied. Send orders immediately. Send for circular. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, Largest and oldest Prize Package House in the world.


To each person who buys our Mammoth Eureka Prize Packages. $12 per day made. Send for circulars. W. H. CATELY & Co., 40 Ann St., N. Y., Fowler's Buildings.

Important to Army and Navy Officers.

SEMMONS, Optician,

669 1/2 Broadway, under Lafarge House, N. Y.

Dealers save 50 per cent. on our STATIONERY PACKAGES. Send for circular. OPPOSITION PRIZE PACKAGE CO., 128 Nassau Street, New York.

Patent Office Notice.

During the past Seventeen years Messrs. Munn & Co., Editors of the Scientific American, have acted as attorneys for more than SEVENTEEN THOUSAND INVENTORS. They prepare Specifications, Drawings, Caviats, and all other Patent Papers. They also furnish, free, a Pamphlet of Advice, How to Obtain Letters Patent. Address MUNN & CO., No. 37 Park Row, New York.

The Great Money-Making

Business of the Age. $15 per day made easy by hundreds of our Agents. More NEW and BEAUTIFUL as well as useful Prize Packages, just out. The GREAT NEW UNION PRIZE AND STATIONERY PACKAGE, containing FINE ARTICLES worth ONE DOLLAR for ONLY 25c. Rich Jewelry, Fancy Goods, Writing Materials, CAMP COMPANION, Likenesses of Military Heroes, and many useful articles. NEW PACKAGES of all kinds, containing Goods of FINE QUALITY, things wanted by every one. Profit IMMENSE. Sales QUICK. We present EACH PERSON acting as Agent with a SUPERB WATCH, warranted as a perfect TIME-KEEPER. Send for our NEW Circular, containing EXTRA inducements. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, largest and oldest Prize Package House in the World.

WOOLEN UNDERSHIRT AND DRAWERS, CARDIGAN JACKETS, AND A Great Variety of Hosiery and Gloves. A. RANKIN & CO., No. 96 BOWERY, And No. 165 5th Avenue, Corner 22d Street.


WORK, Wrought, Cast, and Wire.

IRON RAILINGS, VERANDAHS, BALCONIES GUARDS, and IRON FURNITURE of every description. Illustrated Catalogues mailed on receipt of four 3 cent stamps. HUTCHINSON & WICKERSHAM, 259 Canal Street, near Broadway, New York.

BARTLETT & CO., Needle Manufacturers for the Sewing Machines. Bartlett's Burnished Hand Needles, 150 for 25 cents. Free by mail. 421 Broadway, New York.

Elegant Colored


Newton's Prepared Colors for Albumen


This new preparation for painting the Card Photograph may be used by any person of taste, though not an Artist, with great expedition and remarkable effect. The colors are fixed, in bottles, into a neat black-walnut box, and the directions for use accompany each box. Pictures painted with them look as if done in the process of taking, the surface not being in the least affected, as with the common water colors. For the amateur, as well as the artist, they are invaluable: a few moments suffice to produce a most elegant and finished picture. Price per box $3.00, and with a large bottle of reducing liquid $3.25. The remarkable success attending these colors has already induced some dishonest person to offer, in a similar style and shape, a worthless imitation. See that the name of the sole Agents for the United States, J. E. Tilton & Co., Boston, is affixed to the box. Fifty Dollars will be paid for the conviction of any person selling this worthless imitation for "NEWTON'S ALBUMEN COLORS."

Copies of beautiful Natural Flowers, Fancy Pictures, Portraits of Distinguished Persons for coloring will be sent by mail for 25 cents each.  J. E. TILTON & CO., Boston.

Sleeve & Bosom Studs, Made from fine ivory, colors white, black, red, purple, and blue, marked any initial in Old English, and mailed free to any address upon receipt of the price, $1.50 full set. Monograms made to order. UNION ADAMS, No. 637 Broadway, New York.

BEADS! BEADS!! BEADS!!! AND FANCY GOODS. M. P. BROWN, Importer, No. 186 Pearl St., N. Y.

LANDS.—To all wanting Farms. Thriving Settlement. Rich soil. Mild climate. See advertisement of Vineland, on page 495.

Dealers in Arms and Military Goods of every Description.


Smith & Wesson's Breech-loading Rifles and Pistols. Mean Manufacturing Co. Revolving Pistols.




46 Maiden Lane, New York, Importers, Manufacturers, and Shippers
of Raw Furs and Skins, Invite attention to their extensive Assortment of Ladies' Furs now on hand.

TO CONSUMPTIVES.—You will get the Recipe for a sure cure for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, and all lung complaints, by sending to D. Adee, 381 Pearl St., N. Y. He sends it free. Write for it.—It has cured thousands.

HOLIDAY GOODS. Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, 19 Maiden Lane AND 22 John Street, 15 Rue d'Enghein, Paris. 47 Hampton St., Birmingham, Eng. Are now receiving by every Steamer New and desirable styles of FRENCH AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, Suitable for the Holiday trade, Consisting in part of BRONZES,   MANTEL ORNAMENTS,   MARBLE CLOCKS, CARD RECEIVERS, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, PORTMONNAIES, ODEUR CASES, FIELD AND OPERA GLASSES, WORK BOXES, DRESSING CASES, PARTY & BRIDAL FANS, LEATHER BAGS. Also, a great variety of FINE JET AND CORAL GOODS, To which they invite the attention of all parties purchasing in this line. A full Stock of MILITARY GOODS, GUNS, PISTOLS, CUTLERY, PLATED WARE, WATCHES, DIAMONDS, ETC. Also   FINE ENGLISH SKATES. Entrance 19 Maiden Lane or 22 John Street.




The most compact and complete arrangement for a mess of four persons ever offered to the army. Weight fifteen pounds. Occupies two-thirds the space of a cubic foot! Sold by all dealers in Military goods. Price $12. Liberal discount to the trade. Wholesale depot 4 Platt St., N. Y. Send for circular.   MILLIGAN BROTHERS.

CHINA AND GLASS! We have now in store a very large stock, and invite an inspection. Prices are low, most of the stock having been imported before the new duty. We have not removed, and have NO BRANCH STORE, but continue our business at 479 Broadway, between Broome and Grand Sts. DAVIS COLLAMORE & Co.

GOLD PENS.  Retailed at wholesale prices. Goods warranted. Send for a circular, giving list of prices and engravings of Pens. Pens repointed on the receipt of 36 cents In P. O. Stamps. F. S. JOHNSON, Manufactory and Office 15 Maiden Lane, New York City.

Union Prize Packages. Dunn & Co.'s Head-Quarters, 118 Nassau St., N.Y., and Chicago, Ills. Send for circulars (largest house in the U. S.).

HASKIN'S ARMY PORTFOLIO,  Which every soldier wants. UNION PAPER and ENVELOPES, many varieties. Best and cheapest to be had. Send for NEW Circular. G. S. HASKINS, 36 Beekman Street, New York.

NOTICE TO AGENTS.—Send immediately for our New circular (enclose stamp). WEIR & CO., 34 South Third Street, Philadelphia.

Observe, each Skate is labeled with the trade mark. Also, 50,000 pair of Ladies' and Gents' Ice Skates, comprising all the new and most improved patterns, made from welded steel and iron hardened; Skate Straps and Leather Goods of every description; Fogg's improved Lever Skate Buckle. Sole Agent for Williams, Morse & Co.'s celebrated Skates. FREDERICK STEVEN'S,  215 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK.    68 KILBY STREET, BOSTON.

AT RETAIL By the half dozen, for Cash, at Wholesale Prices. Depot 2 Warren Street.      J. W. MERSEREAU.

A BEAUTIFUL MICROSCOPE! MAGNIFYING 500 TIMES, FOR 28c. COIN PREFERRED. Five of different powers, $1. Mailed free. Address   F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

Lyon's Kathairon. This delightful article for preserving and beautifying the human hair is again put up by the original proprietor, and is now made with the same care, skill, and attention, which first created its immense and unprecedented sales of over one million bottles annually! It is still sold at 25 cents in large bottles. Two million bottles can easily be sold in a year when it is again known that the Kathairon is not only the most delightful hair dressing in the world, but that it cleanses the scalp of scurf and dandruff, gives the hair a lively, rich luxuriant growth, and prevents it from turning gray. These are considerations worth knowing. The Kathairon has been tested for over twelve years, and is warranted as described. Any lady who values a beautiful head of hair will use the Kathairon. It is finely perfumed, cheap and valuable. It is sold by all respectable dealers throughout the world. D. S. BARNES & CO., New York.

HARPER & BROTHERS, FRANKLIN SQUARE, NEW YORK, Have Just Published: FIRST BOOK IN CHEMISTRY. For the Use of Schools and Families. By WORTHINGTON HOOKER, M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Yale College, Author of "The Child's Book of Nature," "Natural History," &c. Illustrated by Engravings. Square 4to, Cloth, 50 cents. OLIVE BLAKE'S GOOD WORK. A Novel. By JOHN CORDY JEAFFRESON, Author of "Isabel; or, the Young Wife and the Old Love." 8vo, Paper, 25 cents.

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