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Civil War Harper's Weekly, February 1, 1862

This WEB site features the Harper's Weekly newspapers that were published during the Civil War. These newspapers are a great source of original Civil War illustrations, and incredible stories on the key battles and people of the War. We hope that you find this collection useful. Check back often as we add new material each day.


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Mason and Slidell, Trent Affair

Mason and Slidell Cartoon





[FEBRUARY 1, 1862.



(Scene in the Zoological Gardens, London.—JOHN BULL is showing his Foreign Friend, NAPOLEON, the wonders of the place, and they are standing at an Inclosure looking at Two Extraordinary Creatures—a compound of Fox and Rattlesnake—MASON and SLIDELL.) NAPOLEON. " Diable ! Vat Strange Beasts ! Vat you call him, Mr. BULL?"

JOHN BULL (mournfully). "Them is two HAMBASSADORS I just got from Hamerica. Nasty Hexpensive Hanimals ! I could 'ave laid the Hatlantic Cable with what they cost me."

CAMERON. "Good-by, WELLES ! I'm off for Russia ! There's too much talk of HANGING here to suit me!"

AGENTS—Nothing which has been brought to public notice for years past has

Created such a Furore as that truly useful article, the McClellan Portable Writing Desk.

This desk is something Entirely New and Novel, and combines points of excellence never before introduced in one article. It obtained favor with the public at once, and the demand for it was so great that our large stock was Exhausted in a Few Days, and we were compelled to stop the sale. With increased facilities for manufacturing, we are now prepared to keep up with the Unprecedented Demand. For the soldier this desk is just the thing, being so light and portable that it can be Carried in the Knapsack. Those having friends in the army should not fail to send them one. For the same amount of writing material as we give in this desk for 25 cents sutlers charge $1.

Agents whose orders have not been filled, will now be attended to promptly.

Each Desk contains the following articles:—

6 Sheets Commercial Note Paper.

6 Sheets Ladies' Billet Paper.

6 Sheets Ladies' Note Paper.

6 McClellan Envelopes.

6 Buff Envelopes.

6 Cream Colored Envelopes.

1 Bottle Ink.

2 Fine Steel Pens.

1 Fine Pencil, No. 2.

1 Sheet Blotting Paper.

1 Accommodation Pen-holder.

Agents send for Circular. W. H. CATELY & CO., 102 Nassau St., New York.

AGENTS may rest assured that in sending for the Union Prize Stationery and Recipe Package and Envelope, they will be sure to get the Only Original and Genuine Article in the market. We give a better article of Stationery, and more of it, than any of those who Try to Imitate Us. We put in valuable recipes, which they can not do, as we are protected by copyright. We do not conceal the contents of our packages by sealing them. Agents will find it to their interest to send for our circular, which we will mail to them free. We want agents all over the civilized world. From $5 to $10 a day can be made by agents.

We put in each package a beautiful and life-like engraving of

GENERAL GEORGE B. McCLELLAN, 6x10. 75 Valuable Recipes.

6 sheets Commercial Note Paper.

6 Sheets Ladies' Billet Paper.

6 Sheets Ladies' Note Paper.

6 Buff Envelopes.

6 White Union Envelopes, in colors.

6 Ladies' White Union Envelopes, in colors.

2 Fine Steel Pens.

1 Fine Pencil.

1 Sheet Blotting Paper.

1 Accommodation Penholder. ALSO, A VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWELRY. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York. SENT BY EXPRESS EVERYWHERE.

Retailed at Wholesale Prices, Made to Measure at $18 per doz. OR SIX FOR NINE DOLLARS, MADE OF NEW YORK MILLS MUSLIN, With fine Linen Bosoms, and warrranted as good a Shirt as sold in the retail stores at $2.50 each. ALSO, THE VERY BEST SHIRTS THAT CAN BE MADE AT $2 EACH.

P. S.—Those who think I can not make a good Shirt for $18 per dozen are mistaken. Here's the cost of one dozen $18 fine shirts.

30 yards of New York Mills Muslin at 14 1/2 c. per yd. ....................................... $4 35

7 yards of fine Linen, at 50c. per yard    3.50

Making and cutting ........................6.00

Laundry, $1 ; buttons and cotton, 50c    1.50

Profit    2.65 Total    $18.00

Self Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. These rules are so easy to understand that any one can take their own measure. I warrant a perfect fit. The cash can be paid to the Express Company on re-receipt of the goods. The Express Company have orders to allow all parties to examine the goods before paying for them. If the goods are not as represented, you are at liberty to return them.

S. W. H. WARD, from London, 387 Broadway, up stairs, Between White and Walker Streets, NEW YORK.

MRS. MARY J. HOLMES'S New Story, entitled



What Women can do for the War.

Is now ready in the


For sale everywhere.


 The only known Remedy for DIABETES, IRRITATION OF THE NECK OF THE BLADDER, Inflammation of the Kidneys, and Catarrh of the Bladder, Stranguary, and Burning, or Painful Urinating. Stone in the Bladder, Calculus, Gravel, Brick-Dust Deposit. For sale by all Druggists. Price $1.

WM. H. GREGG & CO., Proprietors. MORGAN & ALLEN, General Agents, No. 46 Cliff Street, New York.

To All who Use Candles.— The CANDLE LAMP sent free on receipt of 25 cents. Agents send for Circular. WM. SUMNER, 208 Broadway, N. Y., Room 10.

Winner's Perfect Guide


DITSON & CO., Publishers, Boston.


Published weekly in Boston. Racy, spirited, abounding in Stories, Essays, Editorials, Fun, Poetry, Receipts, and General Intelligence. Always bright, smart, genial, and companionable. Sold by all News Dealers. 4 cents.

WEDDINGS supplied with the new style of Marriage Cards and Envelopes, by A. DEMAREST, Engraver, 182 Broadway. Samples by mail.

AGENTS WANTED to sell Granville's improved Military Writing Desk, furnished complete, for Soldiers, Travelers, School Teachers, Scholars, and Artists, containing more Stationery, &c., of a better quality, with a better Gift of Jewelry, than has ever been put up in any Gift Stationery Package. The Desk is stronger, more durable, and far superior to any heretofore offered for sale. The wholesale price same as the usual price for Prize Stationery Packages, or as low as any Desk manufactured by other parties. The retail price, at the discretion of Agents. Will sell for 50 cents as readily as those put up by other parties will sell for 25 cents. The Desk is so constructed that it can be changed in a moment to a neat Chess or Checker Board, thereby giving not only a useful and indispensable article as a Writing Desk, but a social companion for the amusement of the soldier and traveler, as well as the domestic fireside. We will send One Desk, Contents, and Circular as sample by mail, postage prepaid, to any person on receipt of 50 cents. For further particulars address, with stamp,

   F. G. GRANVILLE, Syracuse, N. Y.

$1.27 PROCURES, postage prepaid, Atwater's Patent Press and Book for copying business letters instantly and perfectly. Thousands already sold. Agents wanted. Profits, sales, and satisfaction good. Send stamp for descriptive circular.

J. H. ATWATER, Providence, R. L

For FARMERS, MILLERS, and OTHERS. Also ANTI-FRICTION HORSE POWERS. These Mills and Powers have taken NINE FIRST PREMIUMS at Western State Fairs this Year, and are superior to all others. Agents wanted in every county. Rights for sale. Send stamp for illustrated circulars to

BENNET BROTHERS, 42 Greene St., Nov York.

Mason and Slidell Cartoon
Cameron Welles Cartoon




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