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Civil War Harper's Weekly, July 26, 1862

We have created an online collection of  all the Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. This collection is available for your online study and research. These original newspapers give unique perspective on the important people and events of the Civil War.

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Iron Clads

Iron Clads

McClellan Poem

McClellan Poem

Lincoln's Emancipation Bill

Abraham Lincoln's Slave Emancipation Bill

Battle of Malvern Hill

Battle of Malvern Hill

Battle of Savage's Station

Battle of Savage's Station

John Bull

John Bull Cartoon

Battle of Malvern Hill

Battle of Chickahominy

Battle of Chickahominy

Life in the Army of the Potomac

Army Life in the Army of the Potomac

Battle of Beaver Creak

Battle of Beaver Creak

Bombardment of Vicksburg

Bombardment of Vicksburg




[JULY 26, 1862.



HARPER & BROTHERS, FRANKLIN SQUARE, NEW YORK, Have just Published THE ORDEAL OF FREE LABOR IN THE BRITISH WEST INDIES. By WM. G. SEWELL. 12mo, Cloth, $1.00. PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY. A Treatise specially designed for Young Men. By JOHN S. C. ABBOTT, Author of "The Mother at Home," "The Child at Home," "Life of Napoleon," "Napoleon at St. Helena," "History of the French Revolution," &c. 16mo, Muslin, 60 cents. THE OKAVANGO RIVER: A Narrative of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure. By CHARLES JOHN ANDERSSON, Author of "Lake Ngami." With Steel Portrait of the Author, numerous Wood-cuts, and a Map (not contained in the English Edition), showing the Regions explored by Andersson, Cumming, Livingstone, and Du Chaillu. 8vo, Muslin, $2.00; Half Calf, $3.00. MAYHEW'S BEN FRANKLIN. Young Benjamin Franklin; or, The Right Road through Life. A Story to Show how Benjamin learned the Principles which raised him from a Printer's Boy to the first Ambassador of the American Republic. A Boy's Book on a Boy's own Subject. By HENRY MAYHEW, Author of "The Peasant-Boy Philosopher," "The Wonders of Science; or, Young Humphrey Davy," &c., &c. With Illustrations by JOHN GILBERT. 16mo, Muslin, 75 cents. HARPER'S HAND-BOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN EUROPE AND THE EAST: Being a Guide through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Great Britain and Ireland. By W. PEMBROKE FETRIDGE. With a Map embracing Colored Routes of Travel in the above Countries. Large 12mo, Cloth, $2.75; Leather, $3.00; Half Calf, $3.50; Roan with Tucks (for the Traveller's Pocket), $3.50.

CAPTAIN BURTON'S CITY OF THE SAINTS. The City of the Saints; and across the Rocky Mountains to California. By Captain RICHARD F. BURTON, Fellow and Gold Medalist of the Royal Geographical Societies of France and England; H. M. Consul in West Africa; Author of "The Lake Regions of Central Africa." With Maps and numerous Illustrations. 8vo, Muslin, $3.00. THE LAST OF THE MORTIMERS. A Story in Two Voices. By the Author of "Margaret Maitland," "The House on the Moor," "The Days of My Life," "The Laird of Norlaw," &e., &c. 12mo, Muslin, $1.00. CONSIDERATIONS ON REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. By JOHN STUART MILL, Author of a "System of Logic." 12mo, Cloth, $1.00. Sent by mail on receipt of price.



Get the Best.   Dime Series.

The New National Tax Law.

Beadle's Citizens' Official Edition.
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With Paragraph Head Lines and Index.

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For sale by all News Dealers. Ten Cents each. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of price.

BEADLE & CO., Publishers, New York.

Agents, now is your Opportunity to sell the only authorized edition of the National Tax Law revised and corrected, with all the late amendments, and word for word as passed by Congress up to July 12th. $2.00 per hundred to agents. Every body will buy one. Now is your time to make money.

W. H. CATELY, & Co.,

102 Nassau Street, New York.

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AGENTS WANTED in every Regiment to sell MASONIC Pins, Rings, Charms, and all kinds of JEWELRY. Every Mason in the Army, without doubt, would be glad to get a MASONIC EMBLEM of some kind. I will send a sample of a very HANDSOME MASONIC PIN on the receipt of $1, with a circular of wholesale prices of all kinds of EMBLEMS, JEWELRY, &c. I will send a WHITE CORNELIAN KEY STONE MARK, MOUNTED IN GOLD, on the receipt of Nine Dollars.   C. P. GIRTON,

Manufacturing Jeweler, 208 Broadway, N. Y.

A Picture for Postmasters.

"THE POSTMISTRESS'" a fine Steel Engraving. An appropriate ornament for the Post-Office. Sent free for FIFTY CENTS in stamps; or, beautifully colored, 75 cents. "An excellent work of art. and remarkably cheap.''—Holbrook's U. S. Mail. Address Box 2641, New York P. O.

Rebel Notes and Postage Stamps!

Nine different Rebel Notes and Shinplasters, and three different Rebel Postage Stamps, sent, post-paid, on receipt of 50 cents. Trade supplied at $2 per 100, or $15 per 1000. Traveling Agents wanted. Address S. C. UPHAM, 403 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.


All Articles for Soldiers at Baltimore, Washington,

Hilton Head, Newbern, and all places occupied by Union troops, should be sent, at half rates, by HARNDEN'S EXPRESS, No. 74 Broadway, Sutlers charged low rates.

75,000 Copies ordered in 30 Days.
Parson Brownlow's

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For 2S cts. (in silver), Magnifing small objects 500 times. Five of different powers for $1.00. Mailed free. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

New Tax Law!!

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WORK, Wrought, Cast, and Wire.

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Price Only Five Cents. First Edition of 100,000 Copies now ready. S. C. RICKARDS & Co.'s only Authorized Edition, as revised and corrected, with all the late amendments by the Conference Committee of Congress up to July 12th. The most easily understood (each article being alphabetically arranged) and Cheapest Tax Book Published. Every man in the country must have one. For sale by all news dealers. Agents wanted in every town. Profits large. Ask for S. C. RICKALRDS & Co.'s Edition, and take no other. Single copies by mail, 5 cents. Send your orders immediately. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street N. Y.

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S. W. H. WARD, from London, 387 Broadway, New York, Between White and Walker Streets. The Trade supplied.

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208 Broadway, N. Y.

John Bull Cartoon




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