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Civil War Harper's Weekly, February 7, 1863

This site features all the Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. These newspapers can yield unique insights in the war, as they were created by eye-witnesses to the events depicted. You can watch history unfold before your eyes, week by week.

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This original Civil War Harper's Weekly features an incredible Thomas Nast illustration alleging Confederate Atrocities in the Civil War.  The illustration is captioned, "Historic Examples of Southern Chivalry, Illustrated by Thomas Nast- Dedicated to Jeff Davis. - [See Page 87]".

The illustration is rich with incredible Civil War content.  The leaf presents a number of inset images referring to reported examples of Rebel Outrages.  The center image shows a rather evil Rebel decapitating a wounded Union soldier.  The Confederate is pictured with an evil grin, and is shown holding the head of his decapitated victim up in the air as a trophy.  The image has a banner reading "Southern Chivalry, Dedicated to Jeff Davis".  Also pictured is another union soldier on the ground, with a rebel about to scalp him.  Yet another soldier is shown tied to a tree, doubtlessly about to share the same fate.

The upper left inset image shows a union soldier tied to a tree and being shot.  The illustration is alluding to a recent incident in which several union soldiers were executed by angry Rebels.  The image is captioned, "Murder of Two of Piatt's Zouaves, 34th Ohio". 

The Upper Center inset image shows a interpretive picture of Lucifer, or, the devil himself.  This small image is labeled with a banner reading "Rebellion", and "Slavery".  This medalion is surrounded by images of slaves being whipped, and hospitals being attacked.

The upper right inset image shows an illustration of the Murder of General Robert McCook. The Center Right illustration shows Confederate Soldiers Bayoneting and decapitating wounded soldiers.

The center left image shows Indians, who were sympathizing with the rebels, scalping and tomahawking wounded soldiers at the Battle of Pea Ridge.

The lower left image shows rebels attacking hospital wagons, and  dumping the sick and injured.  The lower right image shows Negroes being massacred at Murfreesboro.




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