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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 31, 1863

This WEB site features online versions of all the Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. These newspapers serve as a resource to allow the serious student to gain new perspective and insights on the War.

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Army Beef

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War News

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Battle of Vicksburg

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Battle of Galveston

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Blockade of Charleston




[JANUARY 31, 1863.



COPPERHEAD SPOKESMAN. "Be so kind as to announce to PRESIDENT DAVIS that a few of his Northern Friends wish to see him."

POMPEY. "De PRESIDENT desire me to say dat you is mistaken, Gemmen. He haven't got no friends at de Norf; and when he wants any, he won't choose 'em among de Peace Sneaks."   (Exeunt COPPERHEADS considerably abashed.)—(Vide DAVIS'S Message.)

MANAGER LINCOLN. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to say that the Tragedy, entitled The Army of the Potomac, has been withdrawn on account of Quarrels among the leading Performers, and I have substituted three new and striking Farces or Burlesques, one, entitled The Repulse at Vicksburg, by the well-known, popular favorite, E. M. STANTON, ESQ., and the others, The Loss of the Harriet Lane and The Exploits of the Alabama—a very sweet thing in Farces, I assure you—by the Veteran Composer, GIDEON WELLES." (Unbounded Applause by the COPPERHEADS.)

Have just Published:




8vo, Paper, $1.25; Cloth, $1.50.


WORK, Wrought, Cast, and Wire.

IRON RAILINGS, VERANDAHS, BALCONIES, GUARDS, and IRON FURNITURE of every description. Illustrated Catalogues mailed on receipt of four 3 cent stamps.   HUTCHINSON & WICKERSHAM, 259 Canal Street, near Broadway, New York.

TO CONSUMPTIVES.—You will get the Recipe for a sure cure for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, and all lung complaints, by sending to D. Adee; 381 Pearl St., N. Y. He sends it free. Write for it.—It has cured thousands.

Agents. Soldiers

In camp or discharged, can make easily $15 per day selling our GREAT NEW and WONDERFUL UNION PRIZE AND STATIONERY PACKAGES, NOVEL AND UNEQUALED, and unlike all the old styles; containing all New Articles, and of fine quality. Writing Materials, Games, Useful and Fancy Articles, Likenesses of Heroes, Camp Companions (for the Army), rich gifts of Jewelry, &c., &c., altogether worth over $1, for ONLY 25c. They are just the thing for a present to your friend in the Army. No family should he without one. Profits immense, sales quick. Soldiers in camp can act as Agents, and make money fast. A SPLENDID WATCH, warranted as a perfect time-keeper, presented free to all Agents. Packages in endless variety and at all prices. Fine Jewelry and Watches at low prices. Send for NEW Circulars for 1863, containing EXTRA inducements. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, largest and oldest Prize Package House in the World.

SOMETHING NEW FOR LADIES TO DO. WILL PAY SPLENDIDLY. Call on or address, enclosing Postage Stamp, Dr. E. B. FOOTE, 1130 Broadway, office hours from 1 to 8 P.M.

John Taylor & Sons, Albany Brewers, Have Removed to their NEW WAREHOUSES, No. 334 GREENWICH STREET, NOS. 23 and 25 JAY STREET, AND 321 WASHINGTON STREET, NEW YORK. Their brewing establishment at Albany is one of the largest in this country, in which are introduced all the new improvements in machinery in this and other countries. Their Malting houses, where they manufacture their own Malt, are all conducted under the personal superintendence of themselves. They therefore feel confident in challenging comparison with any other brands of ale produced in this or any other country. They guarantee their article to be made from the PURE JUICE of the Barley Corn, unadulterated by any WEST INDIA MALT, or other ingredients used to produce CHEAP Ale or Beer—which this country is flooded with. For over Forty Years, During which time this House has been in successful operation, it has been the chief aim of the Firm to produce an article of Ale equal to any Brewed in the World. Their whole means and time have been expended in perfecting such improvement as would overcome the extreme changes of climate we are subjected to in this country.

THEY BEG LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC, that they feel the fullest confidence in recommending their Brands of ALBANY IMPERIAL CREAM XX ALES, As equal in quality, purity, and excellence to any produced for Northern, Southern, or the West India markets, to be had in Casks, Half-Casks, and Butts. BREWERY No. 133 BROADWAY, COR. ARCH, ALBANY.


Made to Measure at $21, $24 and $30 PER DOZEN. Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. FRENCH FLANNEL ARMY SHIRTS, $24, $27, $30 and $33 per dozen. S. W. H. WARD, from London, No. 387 Broadway

A REALLY VALUABLE MICROSCOPE, one that a child can use, sent by mail on receipt of 38 cents.    S. WOODWARD, P. O. Box 3273, Boston.

PHYSIOGNOMY, or Signs of Character, PHYSIOLOGY, and the Bodily Functions; PHRENOLOGY, or the Brain and Nervous System; PSYCHOLOGY, the Science of the Soul; ETHNOLOGY, or the Natural History of Man, with Instructions, in the Choice of Pursuits, Personal Improvement, etc., are some of the topics elucidated in the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED for 1863. No. I now ready. Only $1 a year. Address FOWLER AND WELLS, 308 Broadway, N. Y.

A BEAUTIFUL MICROSCOPE! MAGNIFYING 500 TIMES, FOR 28c. COIN PREFERRED. Five of different powers, $1. Mailed free. Address   F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

Buy your Skate Straps with Fogg's Lever Buckle, Manufactured by F. STEVENS, 215 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, 68 KILBY STREET, BOSTON.

LANDS.—To all wanting Farms. Thriving Settlement. Rich soil. Mild climate. See advertisement of Vineland, on previous page.

IMPORTANT TO AGENTS!! — We have reduced the wholesale price of our GREAT STATIONERY PORTFOLIO PACKAGE. We also give better Watches to our Agents than any other firm. Send stamp for new circular. WEIR & CO., 34 South Third Street, Philadelphia.


Retailed at wholesale prices. Goods warranted. Send for a circular, giving list of prices and engravings of Pens. Pens repointed on the receipt of 36 cents in P. O. Stamps. E. S. JOHNSON, Manufactory and Office 15 Maiden Lane, New York City.

STEINWAY & SONS, Nos. 82 and 84 Walker Street, N. Y., were awarded a first prize medal at the late Great International Exhibition, London. There were two hundred and sixty-nine pianos from all parts of the world entered for competition.

The special correspondent of the New York Times says: "Messrs. Steinways' endorsement by the Jurors is emphatic, and stronger and more to the point than that of any European maker."

$5.—A BEAUTIFUL Engraved GOLD PLATED WATCH, English Movement, perfect time-keeper. Sent to any address for $5. Fine Watches and Jewelry at low prices. CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., 40 Ann St., N. Y.

Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines. Highest Premium. International Exhibition, London, 1862. See the recent Improvements. Office 505 Broadway, New

York. Confederate Money.

$20,000!—TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in facsimile REBEL NOTES of different denominatlons sent, post-paid, to any address, on receipt of $5, by S. C. UPHAM, 403 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Made of cast iron, in three sections. Packs with 6 ft. of pipe in the space of the lower section, 6x 10 inches. Will warm any tent in the service. Price, boxed complete, $5.


21 John St., New York.

Observe, each Skate is labeled with the trade mark. Also, 50,000 pair of Ladie' and Gents' Ice Skates, comprising all the new and most improved patterns, made from welded steel and iron hardened; Skate Straps and Leather Goods of every description; Fogg's improved Lever Skate. Buckle. Sole Agent for Williams, Morse & Co.'s celebrated Skates. FREDERICK STEVENS, 215 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. 68 KILBY STREET, BOSTON.

Lyon's Kathairon. This delightful article for preserving and beautifying the human hair is again put up by the original proprietor, and is now made with the same care, skill, and attention, which first created its immense and unprecedented sales of over one million bottles annually! It is still sold at 25 cents in large bottles. Two million bottles can easily be sold in a year when it is again known that the Kathairon is not only the most delightful hair dressing in the world, but that it cleanses the scalp of scurf and dandruff, gives the hair a lively, rich luxuriant growth, and prevents it from turning gray. These are considerations worth knowing. The Kathairon has been tested for over twelve years, and is warranted as described. Any lady who values a beautiful head of hair will use the Kathairon. It is finely perfumed, cheap and valuable. It is sold by all respectable dealers throughout the world. D. S. BARNES & CO., New York. Send for Trade-List, revised Jan. 25,1863. FEEKS & BANCKER,

WHOLESALE NEWS AGENTS, Successors to J. F. FEEKS & Co., 24 Ann Street, New York. All orders for Books, Stationery, and Miscellaneous Articles promptly filled.

AGENTS WANTED for our Splendid New Mammoth Eureka Prize Pakage. 200 per cent. profit. Superb Watch free to Agents. $18 per day made. Send for New Circulars. W. H. CATELY & CO., 40 Ann St, N.Y.


Fac-Simile Confederate Treasury Notes. So exactly like the genuine that where one will pass current the other will go equally well. $500 in Confederate Notes of all denominations, sent free by mail on receipt of $5, by W. E. HILTON, 11 Spruce Street, New York.


Engraving, and Printing, by LONG & COOPER, 117 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. Transferring from Plate to Stone made equal to copper plate printing at one half the cost. Country orders particularly attended to. Send for samples and prices.

Nervous Diseases and Physical Debility—New and reliable treatment. Valuable Reports sent free of charge, by Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, No. 2 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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