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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 3, 1863

This WEB site features an online archive of original Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. We have put this collection on the internet to help facilitate your study and research on the Civil War. The collection contains many unique illustrations and reports.

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Thomas Nast Santa Claus

Civil War Christmas

Lincoln Cabinet Shake Up

Lincoln Cabinet Shake Up

Burnside's Fredericksburg Report

General Burnside's Fredericksburg Report

Battle of Fredericksburg Discription

Battle of Fredericksburg Description

Court Martial

Fitz-John Porter Court Martial

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Admiral Semmes

Fredericksburg Cartoon

Fredericksburg Cartoon


Attack of Fredericksburg

The Attack of Fredericksburg

Fighting in the Street's of Fredericksburg

Court Martial

Court Martial

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve




[JANUARY 3, 1863.


COLUMBIA. "Where are my 15,000 Sons—murdered at Fredericksburg?"   LINCOLN. "This reminds me of a little Joke—"   COLUMBIA. "Go tell your Joke AT SPRINGFIELD!!"

THOSE GUILLOTINES.—A LITTLE INCIDENT AT THE WHITE HOUSE. SERVANT. "If ye plase, Sir, them Gilliteens has arove."

MR. LINCOLN. "All right, MICHAEL.—NOW, Gentlemen, will you be kind enough to step out in the Back Yard?"

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Hosiery, and Gloves.
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Sleeve & Bosom Studs,

Made from fine ivory, colors white, black, red, purple, and blue, marked any initial in Old English, and mailed free to any address upon receipt of the price, $1.50 full set. Monograms made to order.


No. 637 Broadway, New York.


We have now in store a very large stock, and invite an inspection. Prices are low, most of the stock having been imported before the new duty. We have not removed, and have NO BRANCH STORE, but continue our business at 479 Broadway, between Broome and Grand Sts.


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Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines.

Highest Premium

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Office 505 Broadway, New York.

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Retailed at wholesale prices. Goods warranted. Send for a circular, giving list of prices and engravings of Pens. Pens repointed on the receipt of 36 cents in P. O. Stamps.

E. S. JOHNSON, Manufactory and Office 15 Maiden Lane, New York City.

A New Story by Arthur! A New Serial, by T. S. ARTHUR, entitled, "OUT IN THE WORLD," is commenced in the January Number of ARTHUR'S HOME MAGAZINE. For sale by News Dealers. Yearly terms $2. Four copies $5. Published by T. S. ARTHUR & CO., 323 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

Schuyler, Hartley & Graham,

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Skates 25 cents to 25 dollars. Everything in the skating line (except ponds) to suit all ages, sexes, tastes and purses. CONOVER & WALKER, 474 Broadway, N. Y.

Tomes, Son & Melvain,
6 Maiden Lane, New York.

Dealers in Arms and Military Goods of every Description.


Smith & Wesson's Breech-loading Rifles and Pistols. Bacon Manufacturing Co. Revolving Pistols.

IMPORTANT TO AGENTS!! —We have reduced the wholesale price of our GREAT STATIONERY PORTFOLIO PACKAGE. We also give better 'Watches to our Agents than any other firm. Send stamp for new circular. WEIR & CO., 34 South Third Street, Philadelphia.

Lyon's Kathairon. This delightful article for preserving and beautifying the human hair is again put up by the original proprietor, and is now made with the same care, skill, and attention, which first created its immense and unprecedented sales of over one million bottles annually! It is still sold at 25 cents in large bottles. Two million bottles can easily be sold in a year when it is again known that the Kathairon is not only the most delightful hair dressing in the world, but that it cleanses the scalp of scurf and dandruff, gives the hair a lively, rich luxuriant growth. and prevents it from turning gray. These are considerations worth knowing. The Kathairon has been tested for over twelve years, and is warranted as described. Any lady who values a beautiful head of hair will use the Kathairon. It is finely perfumed, cheap and valuable. It is sold by all respectable dealers throughout the world. D. S. BARNES & CO., New York.

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RETAILING At Wholesale Prices.  Depot 2 Warren Street.   J. W. MERSEREAU.

HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL. Read PHYSIOGNOMY in the Phrenological Journal. $1 a year. January No. ready. 10 cents.  FOWLER & WELLS, N Y.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR AGENTS TO MAKE MONEY. — Agents are meeting with extraordinary success with Mrs. STEPHENS'S great work, the PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WAR FOR THE UNION. It is embellished with over two hundred Illustrations. Two volumes, royal octavo, 496 pages each; $2.50 per volume. Sold only by regularly appointed agents, to whom exclusive territory will be given. FIRST VOLUME NOW READY. For terms of Agency, &c., address    J. G. WELLS, No. 165 William Street, N. Y.

Abraham Lincoln Cartoon




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