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Civil War Harper's Weekly, March 7, 1863

We have posted our entire collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers online for your research and enjoyment. These old newspapers contain fascinating images and stories of the key elements of the War, and offer unique insights into this conflict.

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Nicholas Longworth

Jewish Persecution

Jewish Persecution

Queen of the West

Capture of the Queen of the West

Paying Teamsters

Paying Teamsters

Free People, Long War

How Free People Conduct a Long War

Battle of Vicksburg

Battle of Vicksburg


Madisonville, Louisiana

New Orleans

Poor of New Orleans



Vicksburg Blockade Runner

Running the Blockade at Vicksburg

Vicksburg Battle

Picture of the Battle of Vicksburg

Vicksburg Map

Map of Vicksburg

Napoleon Cartoon

Napoleon Cartoon




[MARCH 7, 1863.



NAPOLEON III. crossing the American Continent on his Mexican Mule.

As lately performed with Rapturous Applause by General HINDMAN.



Agents and Soldiers, in camp or dischaarged, can make easily $15 per day selling our GREAT NEW and WONDERFUL UNION PRIZE AND STATIONERY PACKAGES, NOVEL AND UNEQUALED, and unlike all the old styles; containing all New Articles, and of fine quality. Writing Materials, Games, Useful and Fancy Articles, Likenesses of Heroes, Camp Companions (for the Army), rich gifts of Jewelry, &c., &c., altogether worth over $1, for ONLY 25c. They are just the thing for a present to your friend in the Army. No family should be without one. Profits immense, sales quick. Soldiers in camp can act as Agents, and make money fast. A SPLENDID WATCH, warranted as a perfect time-keeper, presented free to all Agents. Packages in endless variety and at all prices. Fine Jewelry and Watches at low prices. Send for NEW Circulars for 1863, containing EXTRA inducements.

S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, largest and oldest Prize Package House in the World.


Or, "Signs of Character, and How to Read them"—Ethnology; or, the Races of Men—Physiology, Phrenology, and Psychology—are given, in extenso, in THE PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL for 1863. $1 a year. Address FOWLER & WELLS, No. 308 Broadway, N. Y.


Engraving, and Printing, by LANG & COOPER, 117 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. Transferring from Copper and Steel Plate to Stone made equal to copper-plate printing at one half the cost. Country orders particularly attended to. Send for samples and prices.

Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines.

Highest Premium.

International Exhibition, London, 1862.

See the recent Improvements.

Office 505 Broadway, New York.


MAGNIFYING 500 TIMES, FOR 22c. COIN PREFERRED. Five of different powers, $1. Mailed free. Address   F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

IMPORTANT TO AGENTS!! — We have reduced the wholesale price of our GREAT STATIONERY PORTFOLIO PACKAGE. We also give better Watches to our Agents than any other firm. Send stamp for new circular. WEIR & CO., 34 South Third Street, Philadelphia.

Health Preserving Corporation,


The Orange County Condensed Milk Company put up Condensed Milk in bulk; from which is extracted eighty per cent. of water, the impurity of which is so deleterious to children (even in pure milk) and deliver at their depot in New York daily. Families, Hotels, Steamboats, Restaurants, &c., supplied in the usual way. To the Concentrated Milk is added for the Army, Ships, and Travelers' use, the best refined sugar to preserve the same. Put up in one or two pound packages. Office 9 COOPER INSTITUTE, N. Y.


The Lilliputian Wedding.

By special arrangement, we will publish on the 10th February, immediately after their marriage, the Card Photograph of





with their autographs. No album will be complete without this interesting picture. Price 25 cents. Can be sent by mail. All orders must be sent to E. & H. T. ANTHONY, 501 Broadway, New York, Manufacturers of Photographic Albums, and Publishers of Card Photographs of Celebrities.

American Watches

For Soldiers


American Watches for Americans!

THE AMERICAN WATCH COMPANY give notice that they have lately issued a new style of Watch, expressly designed for Soldiers and others who desire a good watch at a moderate price. These watches are intended to displace the worthless, cheap watches of British and Swiss manufacture with which the country is flooded, and which were never expected to keep time when they were made, being refuse manufactures sent to this country because unsalable at home, and used here only for jockeying and swindling purposes.

We offer to sell our Watch, which is of THE MOST SUBSTANTIAL MANUFACTURE, AN ACCURATE AND DURABLE TIME-KEEPER, and in Sterling Silver Cases, Hunting pattern, at as low a price as is asked for the fancy-named Ancres and Lepines of foreign make, already referred to. We have named the new series of Watches, WM. ELLERY, Boston, Mass., which name will be found on the plate of every watch of this manufacture, and is one of our trade-marks. Sold by all respectable watch dealers in the loyal States. Wholesale orders should be addressed to ROBBINS & APPLETON, Agents of the American Watch Company, 182 BROADWAY, N. Y.

LANDS.—To all wanting Farms. Thriving Settlement. Rich soil. Mild climate. See advertisement of Vineland, on previous page.

A BEAUTIFUL Engraved GOLD PLATED WATCH, Lever Cap, perfect time-keeper. Sent to any address by mail, free, for only $7. Solid Silver, same as above, $5. CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., 40 Ann St., N.Y. A Heretofore Unsupplied Want. THE National Almanac AND ANNUAL RECORD FOR 1863, FURNISHING MORE FULL, ACCURAPE, RECENT, AND INTERESTING INFORMATION CONCERNING THE PRESENT CONDITION OF OUR COUNTRY THAN HAS EVER BEEN ISSUED IN ANY SINGLE VOLUME. In the extent, fulness, and accuracy of its statistics, and the variety end completeness of its details, it is believed that the NATIONAL. ALMANAC far surpasses any previous statistical work on the United States, and that it must become such a hand-book of reference for every thing appertaining to our NATIONAL, MILITARY, and NAVAL condition as every person will need. Notwithstanding the large amount expended in getting up this work (over five thousand dollars), and the high price of paper, it is furnished at a very low price. 12mo, 700 pages, bound in Boards, price $1.00; or substantially bound in Muslin, $1.25. Sent free, by mail, on receipt of price. Address   GEORGE W. CHILDS, Publisher, 628 and 630 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.


TO CONSUMPTIVES.—You will get the Recipe for a sure cure for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, and all lung complaints, by sending to D. Adee, 381 Pearl St., N. Y. He sends it free. Write for it.—It has cured thousands. The Secret Out! Over 1000 Things worth knowing! Sent post-paid on receipt of 20 cents. Soldier's Edition 25 cents. Address E. R. WALL, Box 362, Syracuse, N. Y. Male and Females. —For valuable information send 10 cents to Dr. Wm. LaRue, Box 62, Woburn, Mass.


Retailed at wholesale prices. Goods warranted. Send for a circular, giving list of prices and engravings of Pens. Pens re-pointed on the receipt of 36 cents. E. S. JOHNSON, Manufactory and Office 15 Maiden Lane, New York City.

DR. STERLING'S AMBROSIA is a stimulating oily extract of Roots, Barks, and Herbs. It will cure all diseases of the scalp, and itching of the head; entirely eradicates dandruff; prevents the hair from falling out, or turning prematurely gray, causing it to grow thick and long. Sold by druggists everywhere. Put up in a box containing two bottles. Price $1. DR. H. H. STERLING, Sole Proprietor, Depot No. 493 Broadway.

$50 per week net profits.—NEW ARTICLE. Everybody must have it. Retails for $1.00. Exclusive rights for sale low. For terms, &c., address BALLOU & SON, Haverhill, Mass. P. S. Samples for Agents sent by mail for 30 cents, Postage Currency.

Made to Measure at $24, $30, $36 & $42 PER DOZEN. Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. FRENCH FLANNEL ARMY SHIRTS, $24, $27, $30 and $33 per dozen.

S. W. H. WARD, from London, No. 387 Broadway.

A REALLY VALUABLE MICROSCOPE, one that a child can use, sent by mail on receipt of 33 cents.  S. WOODWARD, P. O. Box 3273, Boston.

Cured by Bates' Patent Scientific Appliances—the only known means for the rapid and permanent cure of Stammering, Stuttering, &c. They took the Prize MEDAL at the last London Exhibition, and of which the Illustrated London News, 2 Aug., 1862, says: "Mr. Bates, of Philadelphia shows some small and ingenious instruments for the treatment of Stammering, the effect of which on an individual so afflicted is really remarkable." For Pamphlets, &c., describing the same, address H. C. L. MEARS, 277 West 23d St., New York. P. O. Box 5076.

TRUSSES.—Dr. Riggs' Hard Rubber Multipedal Truss challenges comparison with any Truss known. Waterproof, always clean, and can not be worn out. Also a Varicocele Truss and a Hard Rubber Spring Supporter. Send stamp for circular. Office No 2 Barclay Street, New York.

Napoleon Cartoon
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