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Civil War Harper's Weekly, November 21, 1863

We have brought our passion for old newspapers to this WEB site by posting our entire collection of Harper's Weekly to this site. You can browse this collection, and gain new perspective on the war. The papers include pictures and reports created by the people who watched the events happen.

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Baldness Cure

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[NOVEMBER 21, 1863.





To the Editor of Harper's Weekly:

In Harper's Weekly of November 7, 1863, is a representation of the battle of Bristoe Station. Your correspondent, Mr. Waud, says: "On a hill in his rear (Warren's) Arnold's Battery held a commanding position behind General Webb's Brigade—seen beyond the wind-mill pump, in front of a deserted camp."

That position was held by Ricketts's (Pennsylvania) Battery, Captain Arnold being ever half a mile further down the railroad, and with the First Division, which brought up the rear. He did not get into position until the enemy's lines were broken.

Your correspondent doubtless did not intend to misrepresent the facts of the case, but has done evident injustice to Captain Ricketts.

I am, Sir, yours respectfully,


First Lieutenant, Battery F, First Artillery, P. R. C.


"I DON'T see," said Mrs. Partington, as Ike came home from school and threw his books into one chair, and his jacket into another, and his cap on the floor, saying that he didn't get the medal—"I don't see, dear, why you didn't get the medal, for certainly a more meddlesome boy I never knew. But no matter, when the adversary comes round again you will get it."

Cardinal Alberoni had a large quantity of silver plate, and among other articles he possessed various salt-cellars, wrought in the form of different animals. A friend of his eminence borrowed a salt-cellar made in the shape of a tiger, but forgot to return it for some time. At length, after the lapse of some six or seven mouths, he sent it back, requesting at the same time the loan of another in the shape of a tortoise. The Cardinal desired to see the person who had brought the message. "You are sent," said he, "by the signor to borrow one of my salt-cellars?" "Yes, your eminence; I am his steward. "You will be good enough to tell your master that I lent him one in the form of a tiger, which is one of the swiftest animals on the earth, and it has been more than six months in returning; were I to lend him the tortoise, which is the slowest of animals, I fear it would never return."

Many proverbs admit of contradiction, as witness the following: "The more the merrier" Not so—one hand is enough in a purse. "Nothing but what has on end." Not so—a ring has none, for it is round. "Money is a great comfort." Not when it brings it thief to the gallows. "The world is a long journey." Not so—the sun goes over it in a day. "It is a great way to the bottom of the sea." Not so—it is but a stone's cast. "A friend is best found in adversity." Not so—for then there is none to be found. "The pride of the rich makes the labor of the poor." Not so—the labor of the poor makes the pride of the rich.

A gentleman who had married a second time indulged in recurring too often in conversation to the beauties and virtues of his first consort. He had, however, barely discernment enough to discover that the subject was not an agreeable one to his present lady. "Excuse me, Madam," said he, "I can not help expressing my regrets for the dear deceased." "Upon my honor," said the lady, "I can most heartily affirm that I am as sincere a mourner for her as you can be."

SENSITIVE.—A gentleman observed an urchin who had a large slice of bread in his hand, and who was crying very bitterly. "My son," he exclaimed, "what are you crying about?" "Mother won't—boo-hoo-oo—put any butter on my bread—boo-hoo-oo!" "Oh, is that all?" said the gentleman. "Come, dry up your tears and be a man." "It ain't so much the butter," retorted the little urchin; "it's the disposition of the old woman."

"How is Europe bounded?" said a teacher to one of his little pupils. "I, thou, he, she, it," was the reply. "For shame, Johnny! Try again." "Oh, please, Sir, I remember now; that is the answer to one of my grammar questions, and I thought I was to be heard my grammar first."

"You say, Mr. Jay, that you saw the plaintiff leave the house. Was it in haste?" "Yes, Sir." "Do you know what caused the haste?" "I'm not sartin; but I think it was the boot of Mr. Stubbs, the gentleman he boards with." "That will do, Mr. Jay. Clerk, call the next witness."

"I'll take the shine out of you," as the eclipse said to the moon.

"You be hanged," as the washer-woman said to the clothes.

"I am transported to see you," as the convict said to the kangaroo.

"We prey for meat," as the foxes remarked when they jumped into the poultry yard.

"What blessings children are!" as the registrar observed when he took the fees for registering them.

A judge in India is reported to have thus addressed a person convicted before him, prior to passing sentence: "Prisoner at the bar, Providence has given you a good degree of health and strength, instead of which you go about the country stealing ducks."

Women should remember that men would often ring their tender fingers only to wring their tender hearts.

It is said that the pig ran away from the butcher because he had heard that prevention is better than cure.

Two boatmen were talking at Brighton the other day, when one asked the other whether the Prince of Wales ever went to church. "Lord bless you!" said he, "what should he go to church for? We, poor souls, are obliged to pray for ourselves, but there are enough to pray for him."

Joannes Scotus, being in company with Charles the Bald, King of France, that monarch merrily said, "What is the difference between a Scot and a sot?" Scotus, who sat opposite the King, said, "Only the breadth of the table."

A person who looks at the world in somewhat gloomy colors, recently complained in M. Auber's presence how hard it was that people must grow old. "Hard as it is," replied the veteran composer, "it seems to be the only means yet discovered of enjoying long life."

A Yankee has invented a rat exterminator, consisting of a sort of powder snuff. The animal jerks his head off at the third sneeze!

"Why don't you wheel the barrow of coals, Ned?" said a miner to one of his sons. "It's not it very hard job; there's an inclined plane to relieve you." "Ah!" replied Ned, who had more relish for wit than work; "the plane may be inclined but I am not."

What commodity is always afforded at cost?—The law.

In what circumstances is a woman that wears stays?—Straitened circumstances.

The young fellow who makes engagements with the ladies only to break them oft is a beau of promise.

A LEGAL OPINION.—It is not libelous to call a man who has kicked you down stairs, a free-booter.

ADVICE TO Boys.—Don't steal your mother's preserves. It is a sirup-titious business, and may lead to all manna of wickedness.

A wonderful story-teller, addicted to humming an air, beginning "Strike the Lyre," was much surprised when one of his acquaintances, taking him at his word, knocked him down.

At a spiritual circle the other evening a gentleman requested the medium to ask what amusement was most popular in the spiritual world. The reply was, "Reading our own obituary notices."

A gentleman who was in arrears for several weeks' board and lodging, complained one morning that his coffee was not settled. "You had better settle for the coffee and then complain," said the landlady.

If a man has but one eye, let him get a wife, and she will be his other I.



BOSTON, November 24, 1859.

Gentlemen: When I first used your Cocoaine, I had been bald seven years. In the mean time I had tried a dozen different preparations, specially recommended for baldness (and all claiming to be infallible), without any beneficial effect.

The ladies of my household urged me to try your Cocoaine, which I did, to please them, not having, myself, any faith in the power of man to restore my hair. I have used the contents of one bottle, and my bald pate is covered all over with young hair, about three-eighths of an inch long, which appears strong and healthy, and determined to grow.

In a word, your Cocoaine is excellent—the best preparation for the hair I have ever known, and the only one which accomplishes more than it promises.

Very truly your obliged and obedient servant,

D. T. MERWIN. Messrs. JOSEPH BURNETT & CO., Boston.

Elliot's New Repeaters

Are now ready. The most safe, compact, durable, effective, sure, and reliable Revolvers made. Carry large balls (No. 32 cartridge), are rapidly loaded and fired—conveniently carried in the vest—whole length five inches—four barrrels—each rifled gain twist. The Trade supplied.

ELLIOT ARMS CO., 404 Broadway, N. Y.


Constantly on hand and Engraved to Order, and sent free on receipt of Price.

Every Co. from A to M Solid Silver, $1.

Solid Silver, with Letters in GOLD Relief, $1.50.

Solid 18 k. GOLD, $3.50.

Corps Badges

Sent free by Mail or Express on receipt of Price.

Solid Silver, $1.50. Solid Silver, $1.50.

Enameled.      Enameled.

Solid Gold, $4.

Solid Gold, $4.

Badges for the 1st, 2d, 3d, 5th, 6th,

11th, and 12th Army Corps.
1st Division Enameled Red, 2d Division

White, 3d Division Blue.

None but perfect Goods sent.

Terms Cash in advance. Send for a Catalogue.

Address C. L. BALCH & CO.,

   208 Broadway, New York.

Successors to


Watches!      Watches!

The Cheapest and Best.

ARRANDALE & CO., 212 Broadway, invite attention to two of their pleasing novelties. The Astronomical or Lundr Watch not only tells the time of day, but also contains, on a beautiful enameled dial, a hand pointing with unfailing precision to the day of the month! It has massive fine gold plate hunting case, full jeweled movements, Chronometer balance, and all the the recent improvements. Everybody should have one    $45.00

The Officer's Watch, a great favorite in the Army, has the patent lever movement, with 13 jewels, hunting cases of sterling silver, beautifully engraved, containing the new Patent Time Indictor in the centre, by which the hour may be ascertained without opening the case. Every Officer should have it ........................$25.00

Send for circular describing all our Watches. We want Agents in every regiment and every county on unusually liberal terms. All Watches sent out in good working order, properly regulated, warranted for 12 months, and mailed free to any address.

ARRANDALE & CO., 212 Broadway, New York.

H. A. HARVEY, 84 Maiden Lane, N. Y., TWINES, Ropes, CORDAGE, and Yarn, Steam Packing, Wick, CARPET WARP, Fish Lines, Blocking Cord, Loom Cord and Surgeons' Tow, Writing and Wrapping PAPER, Envelopes, and Paper Bags.

NEW WORK FOR CANVASSERS —Send for circulars of the "GEM OF CANVASSING BOOKS." Agents wanted for every section of the country. Address L. F. HOVEY, No. 13 Spruce Street, New York.

How the United States




The Importance of BRANDRETH'S PILLS as a remedial Agent is becoming more and more known. There is now no doubt but if used by all classes when sick, the sum of disease would be greatly reduced. But if adopted by Medical Authority in the Army of the United States, a clear saving of FIFTY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS would be made, by securing the health and lives of our brave soldiers.


NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 1863.

DR. B. BRANDRETH—Sir: I noticed, in the New York Herald of this date, a letter from some of the surviving members of Co. F, 17th Regt., N. Y. S. Vols., extolling your valuable Pills, which I fully and freely endorse, having been in command of the company from the 3d day of August, 1861, until the 2d of June, 1863, when the company was mustered out of the service, and discharged in this city. The percentage of men reported sick during that time was much less than in any other company of the Regiment, owing, as I fully believe, to the free use of your Pills, which were not supplied to the other soldiers. I believe them to be invaluable in camp or in the field.

Respectfully yours,


Captain Co. F, 17th Regt., N. Y. V.

We, the undersigned, some surviving members of Company F, Seventeenth New York State Volunteers, hereby certify that we used Brandreth's Pills during our two years service, and to them we attribute the fact that our constitutions are uninjured by the necessary hardships and privations of a soldier's life in the field. In costiveness, colds, chills, diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid fevers, their prompt use cured us in a few days. Our health was often restored without our having been entered on the sick list; in fact, a single dose of four or five pills usually cured what, under the regular treatment, would have been a serious sickness. Others, who appeared to be sick in no respect different to us, but who used the remedies prescribed by the regimental surgeon, either died or were sick for weeks in the hospital.

When we left Sing Sing, in June, 1861, you gave us a supply of these pills, and we feel sure, from our experience, that if every soldier was supplied with this medicine the general health of the army would be greatly improved. For ourselves it is our sole remedy, answering all our wants in the way of physic, and we have known and tested it from our childhood, and our parents before us.

SING SING, Oct. 26, 1863.


J. L. SMITH, 1st Lieut.

WILLIAM SEE, 1st Sergeant.

G H. DEARING, 2d Sergeant.

DENNIS SHAY, 3d Sergeant.

ALBERT LANE, 4th Sergeant.

BENJ. F. BROWN, 1st Corporal.


NOAH W. MILLER, 3d Corporal.

THEO. CROFUT, Drummer.

GEO. B. COE, Drummer.





















T. B. LANE, 1st Lt. 38th N. Y. Vols.

M. C. EARLE, 1st Sergt. Co. D. 176th N. Y. Vols. WM. KNIGHT, Co. I. 6th N. Y. Art'y.

ABRAM H. MILLER, Co. I. 6th N. Y. Art'y. MILLARD F. LANNING, Musician, 1st N. Y. Vols. WILLIAM KENNY, Co. B. Berdan's Sharpshooters. CASSIUS BISHOP, Co. E. 19th N. Y. Vols. ELLIOT SEE, Co. B. 38th N. Y. Vols.

DANIEL GILLIS, Sergt. Co. B. 3d N. Y. Vols. CALEB S. FRISBIE, Co. B. 5th N. Y. Vols.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE, No. 294 Canal Street. Also sold at No. 4 Union Square, and by all dealers. See B. BRANDRETH in white letters is on the Government stamp, which secures the genuine.


At Baltimore, Washington, and all places occupied by Union troops, should be sent by HARNDEN'S EXPRESS, No. 74 Broadway. Sutlers charged low rates.

$75 A MONTH! I want to hire Agents in every county at $75 a month, expenses paid, to sell my new cheap Family Sewing Machines. Address       S. MADISON, Alfred, Maine.

A magnificent Photograph of The Russian Admiral Lisovski, Commanding the Russian Fleet in New York Harbor. Sent to any address on receipt of 50 cents. Address GEO. ADAMS, Broadway P. 0., New York.

"Moustaches and Whiskers in 42 Days."

Don't be humbugged with ONGUENTS. The "GREAT SECRET" explained in the "Book of Wonders." 12,000 sold. 13th edition. Only 20 cts.; 8 for $1, post-paid. Address C. E. HUNTER & CO., Hinsdale, N. H.

Cloaks and Mantillas.


The Leader of Fashions!

Opened his Fall Stock on Thursday, 8th inst.,

And as usual stands unrivaled for Style,


300 Canal Street, New York.

The Greatest Little Books

Of Modern Times.

Now Ready the

First and Second Books


New Gospel of Peace

According to St. Benjamin.

These little books have caused more talk and created a greater sensation than anything of the kind ever printed. Northern Peace Advocates are shown up in the most peculiar style. Price of each book 15 cents. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of 18 cents. Liberal terms to dealers.

SINCLAIR TOUSEY, 121 Nassau St., New York.

A Splendid Holiday or Bridal


Illuminated and Pictorial


Including the Apocrypha. Superbly embellished by over Sixteen Hundred Illustrations, exquisitely engraved by Adams after Designs by Chapman, exclusive of a Series of Rich Illuminations in Colors, comprising Frontispieces, Presentation Plate, Family Record, Title-pages, &c. The whole forming a sumptuous Folio Volume.

PRICES.—Morocco, gilt edges, beveled and paneled sides, $25.00; Morocco extra, gilt edges, $22.50; Full Calf, marbled edges, blank stamped, $18.00; Full Loan, marbled edges, $16.00.

Harper's Pictorial Bible is printed from the standard copy of the American Bible Society, and contains Marginal References, the Apocrypha, a Concordance, Chronological Table, List of Proper Names, General Index, Table of Weights, Measures, &c. The large Frontispieces, Titles to the Old and New Testaments, Family Record, Presentation Plate, Historical Illustrations, and Initial Letters to the chapters, Ornamental Border &c., are from original designs, made expressly for this edition, by J. G. Chapman, Esq, of New York. In addition to which, there are numerous large Engravings, from designs by distinguished, modern artists in France and England; to which a full Index is given.

HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers, New York.

For sale by A. WILLIAMS & Co., Boston; SMITH, ENGLISH & Co., Philadelphia; CUSHINGS & BAILEY, Baltimore; FRANCK TAYLOR, Washington; ROBERT CLARKE & Co., Cincinnati; KEITH & WOODS, St. Louis; S. C. GRIGGS & Co., Chicago; DAWSON & BROTHERS, Montreal.


Just received by MILLER & GRANT, No. 703 Broadway. Black Chantilly Points, Black Chantilly Veils, Black Chantilly Barbes, Point Aguille Collars, Point Aguille Sets, Point Aguille Coiffures, &c., unsurpassed in style and quality, and which are worthy the attention of purchasers.

Broker's Stock of unredeemed Goods for sale at $1 for each article, consisting of a variety of rich and valuable goods worth from 75 cents to $300 each. Any person sending 25 cents, we will inform them in advance what article they will receive. For other inducements send 3 cents for a circular. Address

ANDREWS & CO., 108 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass.

The Printer's Devil, a handsome illustrated literary and miscellaneous Journal, will be sent six months on trial for 25 cents. Send and get it. Puzzles, Prize Rebus, and Valuable Prizes! Address

"Printer's Devil, 113 Fulton St., New York."

Have just published:

MARTIN POLE. A Novel. By JOHN SAUNDERS, Author of "Abel Drake's Wife," &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

ELEANOR'S VICTORY. A Novel. By Miss BRADDON, Author of "Aurora Floyd," &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

DAILY WALK WITH WISE MEN. Religious Exercises for Every Day in the Year. Selected, Arranged, and specially Adapted, by Rev. NELSON HEAD. Large 12mo, Cloth, $1.50.

THE RING OF AMASIS. From the Papers of a German Physician. By ROBERT BULWER LYTTON (Owen Meredith). 12mo, Cloth, $1.00.

ELEANOR'S VICTORY. A Novel. By M. E. BRADDON, Author of "Aurora Floyd," "John Marchmont's Legacy," &c. With Illustrations. 8vo, paper, 50 cents.

ALCOCK'S JAPAN. The Capital of the Tycoon: a Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Japan. By Sir RUTHERFORD ALCOCK, K.C.B., Her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Japan. With Maps and Engravings. 2 vols. 12mo, Cloth, $3.00.

THE BIVOUAC AND THE BATTLE-FIELD; or, Campaign Sketches in Virginia and Maryland. By Captain GEORGE F. NOYES. 12mo, Cloth, $1.25.

KNAPP'S FRENCH READING-BOOK; CHRESTOMATHIE FRANCAISE: Containing I. Selections from the best French Writers, with Copious References to the Author's French Grammar. II. The Master-Pieces of Moliere, Racine, Boileau, and Voltaire; with Explanatory Notes, a Glossary of Idiomatic Phrases, and a Pronouncing Vocabulary. By WILLIAM I. KNAPP, Professor of Modern Languages and Literature in Madison University, N. Y. 12mo, Cloth, $1.50.

KAY'S CONDITION OF THE ENGLISH' PEOPLE. The Social Condition and Education of the People in England. By JOSEPH KAY, Esq., M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge; Barrister at Law; and late Traveling Bachelor of the University of Cambridge. 12mo, Cloth, $1.00.

SEA-KINGS AND NAVAL HEROES. A Book for Boys. By JOHN G. EDGAR, Author of "History for Boys, "Boyhood of Great Men," "Footprints of Famous Men," "Wars of the Roses," &c., &c. Illustrated by C. Keene and E. K. Johnson. 16mo, Cloth, 75 cents.

Any of the above Works sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price.





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