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Civil War Harper's Weekly, November 14, 1863

We have been collecting Civil War newspapers for over 20 years. We have now been able to post this extensive collection online to allow students and researchers to access this important source of information and illustrations. Reading these old newspapers will allow you to gain insights not otherwise possible.

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Medicine Cartoon

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[NOVEMBER 14, 1863.



SICK Boy. "I know one thing—I wish I was in Dixie."

NURSE. "And why do you wish you was in Dixie, you wicked boy?"

SICK BOY. "Because I read that quinine is worth one hundred and fifty dollars an ounce there; and if it was that here you wouldn't pitch it into me so!"


Bankers and Dealers in Government Securities,



No. 38 Wall Street, New York.

Just Published and for sale by News Agents generally.

"The Hunters."

An Indian Tale of intense interest and excitement. Also Ten Cent Song Book No. 2. —"THE YANKEE SAILOR'S SONG BOOK, containing a remarkably choice collection of Songs. Also "THE GHOST OF WELL-DEAN." Price of each 10 cents.IRWIN P. BEADLE & CO., 137 William Street, N. Y.


Patent compressed Ivory Billiard Balls, 2 1/2 and 2 3/8 in., $10 per set. 2 in. Bagatelle, $8 per set. 1 3/4 in. Bagatelle, $6 per set, will be sent on receipt of the price. Manufactured and for sale by WM. M. WELLING, 207 Centre St., New York, sign of the Golden Elephant.


Also, a full assortment of Jet, Coral, and Steel Goods. Schuyler, Hartley & Graham,

19 Maiden Lane & 22 John Street, N. Y.,
15 Rue d'Enghein, Paris,
47 Hampton St., Birmingham, Eng.

Pins for every Co. from A to M.

Address C. L. BALCH & CO., 208 Broadway, N. Y.
Successors to J. C. PACKARD & CO.

Do you want Splendid Whiskers or

HUNTER'S ONGUENT will force them to grow heavily in six weeks (upon the smoothest face) without stain or injury to the skin. Also on Bald Heads in ten weeks. Two Boxes for $1 in. Postage free. Address

C. HUNTER & Co., Box 674, Milwaukee, Wis.


To be made selling our



G. S. HASKINS & CO., 36 Beekman Street, N. Y.

A Beautiful Complexion, free from Tan,

Pimples and Freckles, may easily be procured by using the "BALM OF THOUSAND FLOWERS." For shavlng it is unsurpassed. It is composed of palm oil, honey, and other valuable articles, highly perfumed by its own ingredients, and when used for washing, night and morning, renders the skin soft and white, and free from blemish. Price 50 cents.

The Trade supplied by HOWARD, SANGER & CO., 105 and 107 Chambers Street, N. Y., and for sale by all Druggists.

$7. WATCHES. $7.

A Beautiful Engraved Gold-Plated Watch, Lever Cap, small size, English Movements, perfect time-keeper. Sent free by mail, in neat case, for only $7. A Solid Silver, same as above, $7. Specially adapted to the ARMY. CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., 38 & 40 Ann Street, N. Y.

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, of Aug. 22, says: "Messrs. NORTON & CO. have combined two very desirable things in a watch—cheapness and reliability. When it is known that for $7 a person can have an excellent timekeeper, there will be greater punctuality in all the affairs of life."


this beautiful keepsake and record of gallant acts. LOUIS PHILIP, 609 Broadway, N. Y.





In Manufacture,

Fitting, and Material.


No. 637 Broadway.

Shults' Onguent, warranted to produce a full set of Whiskers in six weeks, or money refunded. Sent post-paid, for 30 cents. Address C. F. SHULTS, Troy, N. Y.

Amalgam Bells.

The Soldier's Gift
To the Loved One at Home.

We will deliver free, at any Express Office East of St. Joseph, Mo., any of our beautiful Albums of the value of $5 or more, that may be ordered by members of the Army or Navy of the United States as Presents to friends at home. We manufacture elegant styles at all prices to $25, and higher. E. & H. T. ANTHONY, Manufacturers and Importers, 501 Broadway, N. Y.



Blemishes on the face, called Moth, are very annoying, particularly to ladies of light complexion, as the discolored spots on the skin show more strongly on blondes than on brunettes, but they contribute greatly in marring the beauty on either; and anything that will remove moth patches without injuring the skin in texture or color, would no doubt be considered a great achievement in medical science. Dr. B. C. PERRY, 49 Bond Street, having devoted his whole time and attention to Diseases of the Skin, will guarantee to remove Moth Patches and other discolorations from the face without injury to either texture or color of the skin. His success in this, as in other branches of his speciality—DISEASES OF THE SCALP and LOSS OF HAIR—will warrant him in guaranteeing a CURE IN EVERY CASE. For particulars enclose stamp for circular. No charge for consultation. DR. B. C. PERRY, 49 BOND STREET, NEW YORK.

$35 WATCHES. $35

Genuine Full-Jeweled American Lever Watches, in 4 Ounce Coin Silver Hunting Cases, Gold Joints, for $35. Also every variety of good Watches at equally low rates. All orders from the Army must be pre-paid, as the Express Companies will not take bills for collection on soldiers. J. L. FERGUSON, Importer of Watches, 208 Broadway New York.  


Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents,

And Publishers of the ILLUSTRATED SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 37 Park Row, N. Y. Pamphlets of information concerning Patents, FREE. Specimens of the Paper, FREE.

Central Park in the Stereoscope. 150 New Views, just published by E. & H. T. ANTHONY, 501 Broadway, N. Y. Also, Life in China, a new and very interesting series. E. & H. T. ANTHONY, Manufacturers of Photographic Materials, 501 Broadway, New York. Card Photographs. Our Catalogue now embraces considerably over FOUR THOUSAND different subjects (to which additions are continually being made) of Portraits of Eminent Americans, etc., viz.: 72 Major-Generals,      525 Statesmen, 190 Brigadier-Generals,   127 Divines, 259 Colonels,      116 Authors 84 Lieut.-Colonels,      30 Artists, 207 Other Officers,      112 Stage, 60 Officers of the Navy, 46 Prominent Women, 147 Prominent Foreign Portraits. 2,500 COPIES OF WORKS OF ART. INCLUDING REPRODUCTIONS OF THE MOST CELEBRATED ENGRAVINGS, PAINTINGS, STATUES, &C. Catalogues sent on receipt of Stamp. An order for One Dozen PICTURES from our Catalogue will be filled on receipt of $1.80, and sent by mail, free. Photographic Albums. Of these we manufacture a great variety, ranging in price from 50 cents to $50 each. Our ALBUMS have the reputation of being superior in beauty and durability to any others. The smaller kinds can be sent safely by mail at a postage of six cents per oz. The more expensive can be sent by express. We also keep a large assortment of

Stereoscopes & Stereoscopie Views.

Our Catalogue of these will be sent to any address on receipt of Stamp.



501 Broadway, New York.

Friends or relatives of prominent military men will confer a favor by sending us their likenesses to copy. They will be kept carefully, and returned uninjured.

FINE ALBUMS MADE TO ORDER for Congregations to present to their Pastor, or for other purposes, with suitable inscriptions, &c.

The only enameled "Turn-over" Collar made in metals. Send $1.50 for a "Turn-over" or $1 for a "Choker," to Box 5173 , and receive it by return mail. American enameled Metallic Collar Co., 94 Pine St., N. Y.

AGENTS WANTED.—$2 positively made from 20 cts.; urgently needed by every person. Call and examine, or ten samples sent free by mail for 20 cts.; retails for $2, by R. L. WOLCOTT, 170 Chatham Square, N. Y.

If over 18, and your Beard, Moustaches, &c., is of feeble, scanty, retarded growth, the use for a short time of the Tenn. Swamp Shrub Balsam will stimulate them (harmlessly) to a very fine and vigorous growth. Has been thoroughly tried and found infallible. 50 ct., $1, and $2 cases sealed, and post-paid. Particulars of the Discovery at Shiloh, April, 1862, of this remarkable Balsam, in a sealed paper, free. Address JOHN RAWLINS, 767 Broadway, N. Y.

Wheeler & Wilson's

Sewing Machines.

Have won the Highest Premiums at all the important State and Mechanical Fairs where exhibited this season. Foote's Patent Umbrella Lock Stands. 505 Broadway.

$15 Per Day Easy $15
And a Watch Free.

Employment for everybody, male and female. 100,000, men, women, and children wanted to act as our Agents in every Town and Village throughout the U. S. to sell our immensely popular, unexcelled, and valuable extra large size PRIZE STATIONERY, RECIPES, and YANKEE NOTION PACKAGES, containing fine Writing Materials, such as Paper, Pens, Pencils, Envelopes, Blotters, Beautiful Emblems, Ladies' Fashion Plates, Designs for Needlework, Cottage Keepsakes, Household Companions, Camp Companions (for Soldiers), Parlor Amusements, Letter Writer's Guide, Medical Preparations, Many Ways to Get Rich, Likenesses of Military Heroes, Union Designs, Gents' Pocket Calendars for 1863, YANKEE NOTIONS of all kinds, rich and costly Presents of Fashionable Jewelry, Rare Recipes, Games, Army Advice, &c., &c., &c, the whole worth, if bought separately, many dollars. Price each Package ONLY 25 cents retail. Wholesale rates to Agents very low, from 100 TO 200 PER CENT. PROFIT ALLOWED. Our Packages stand same as ever, alone, and above all competitors, and have long been acknowledged as the leading and only real valuable and standard Articles of the kind now manufactured. Packages of all descriptions put up by the 1000 for Sutlers, Peddlers, Wholesale Dealers, &c. Goods sent by Express safe to ALL PARTS of the army South or Southwest. A SPLENDID SOLID SILVER WATCH, ENGLISH MOVEMENTS, and correct timepiece, presented FREE to each person who acts as our agent. Send for our NEW Circulars, containing Extra Premium Inducements, sent free. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau St., N. Y. The Great Original, Largest, and oldest Prize Package House in the World.

VINELAND. LANDS.—TO ALL WANTING FARMS.—Large and thriving settlement, mild and healthful climate, all miles south of Philadelphia by railroad. Rich soil, produces large crops, which can now be seen growing. Twenty and fifty acre tracts, at from $15 to $20 per acre, payable within four years. Good business opening for MANUFACTURERS and others, churches, schools, and good society. It is now the most improving place East or West. Hundreds are settling and building. The beauty with which the place is laid out is unsurpassed. Letters answered. Papers containing reports and giving full information will be sent free. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS, Vineland Post Office, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

From Report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune:—It is one of the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know of this side of the Western prairies.


Retailed at wholesale prices. 14 kt. Gold Pen, Solid Silver Case, $1.50, warranted for one year, guarantee accompanying each Pen. Send for a circular. Pens re-pointed on receipt of 35 cents. E. S. JOHNSON, 15 Maiden Lane, N. Y.

Learn to Skate in One Hour by using

A BEAUTIFUL MICROSCOPE For 30 cts. (coin preferred), magnifying small objects 500 times. Five of different powers for $1.00. Mailed free. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

3,000 dozen pure Roman Scarfs, Made from the Purest and Softest Silk. These are the most fashionable, elegant, and economical Scarfs ever imported, as they are reversible; one Scarf is as good as two. They are much worn in Europe by both ladies and gentlemen. Can be worn with either pin or ring. The whole lot will be retailed at WHOLESALE PRICES! $1.50 AND $2 EACH. A single Scarf sent by mail on receipt of the cash, and six cents for postage. Very fine Gold Plated Scarf Pins or Rings At $1.50 each. S. W. H. WARD. No. 387 Broadway, New York.

ENAMELED WHITE, Having the appearance and comfort of linen, have been worn in England for the last two years preference to any other collar, as they are readily cleaned in one minute with a sponge. To Military Men and Travelers they are invaluable. Price $1 each, sent by Post to any part of the Union on receipt of $1.15. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AGENTS WANTED in every Town in the Union. S. W. H. WARD, Sole Agent for U. S., 387 B' way, N. Y. FRENCH FLANNEL OVERSHIRTS. OVERSHIRTS. OVERSHIRTS. the largest assortment in New York, $2.75, $3, $3.75 each; all cut one yard long. A single Shirt sent by mail on receipt of the cost. The cost of postage must be enclosed—63 cents for each Shirt. Send the size of your neck. ENGLISH MERINO UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, $2, $2.25, and $2.50. SCOTCH LAMB'S WOOL, UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. ALSO, FINE WHITE SHIRTS MADE TO MEASURE AT $24, $30, $36, AND $42 PER DOZEN. Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. S. W. H. WARD, from London. No. 387 Broadway, New York.

Fogg's Double-Action Patent Lever SKATE BUCKLE, Manufactured and for sale on Straps, at wholesale, by F. STEVENS, Manufacturer of Skates, Straps, and Leather Goods, 215 Pearl St., New York, 68 Kilby St., Boston.

A Household Word.—Buy your Housekeeping Articles at BASSFORD'S, Cooper Institute, New York. $10 made Daily by all who send stamp to J. W. STEPHENS, Morristown, N. J.

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