George Armstrong Custer and Captured Batlle Flags


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Civil War Harper's Weekly, November 12, 1864

This site features an online archive of all the Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. These newspapers allow you to read eye-witness reports on the important events of the war, and view stunning illustrations of the battles and leaders of the war.

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Custer with Flags

George Custer with Flags

Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud

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Democrats Get Out the Vote







VOL. VIII, —No. 411.]



Entered according to Act of Congress, in the Year 1864, by Harper & Brothers, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.


WE give in the subjoined illustration a representation of the highly interesting ceremony in which General CUSTER officiated, on Sunday, October 23-namely, that of presenting to the Secretary of War the Battle-Flags captured from the Rebels in the Battle of Cedar Creek. General CUSTER arrived in Washington on the Saturday before the ceremony took place ; and ten of the captured flags were displayed from the railroad engine as the train came in. During the presentation it was announced that General CUSTER had been appointed Major-General, and this fact occasioned great enthusiasm among the large crowd assembled to witness the ceremony.

One of the colors captured was the head-quarters flag of the late rebel General RAMSEUR, bearing the inscription, "On to Victory! Presented by Mr. W. T. Sutherlin." A large number of the colors were taken by CUSTER'S Division. General RAMSEUR was a classmate of General CUSTER'S at West Point, and as the former was dying the two reviewed together the reminiscences of their cadet life.



WE give on page 725 a sketch showing the manner in which the Copperheads obtain their votes. The facts of the case, at its present development,

are as follows . The first suspicion that something wrong was going on in regard to the soldiers' vote in this State occurred to Mr. ORVILLE K. WOOD, who was in the army procuring votes in behalf of the Union Committee of Clinton County. Proceeding thereupon to the agency of the State of' New York at Baltimore, and gaining the confidence of a certain Mr. FERRY, the agent appointed by Governor SEYMOUR two years ago to look after sick and wounded soldiers in and around Baltimore, he found his suspicious more than confirmed. Mr. FERRY remarked to Mr. WOOD that when Union votes came to that office "they went out all right." In Mr. WOOD'S presence this Mr. FERRY, and his fellow-agents, DONAHUE, NEWCOMB,

 and others, signed soldiers' names to votes, filling out the blanks with other names in regular order, all forged ; altered Union votes, so that soldiers giving their suffrages to Mr. LINCOLN were made to vote for General McCLELLAN, and affixed to Democratic ballots the names of sick and wounded, and even of dead soldiers. The conspirators admitted that a number of agents were employed in a similar manner, and that soldiers' votes were in this way manufactured by the dry-goods' box full. These statements are sworn to in court by two of those engaged in the fraud, and the exhibition of the documents, consisting of a number of the forged votes, and a large amount of correspondence, leaves no room for doubt as to the nature and (Next Page)


George Armstrong Custer and Rebel Flags

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