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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 30, 1864

This site features an online archive of our collection of original Harper's Weekly newspapers. Harper's weekly was the most important source of news during the Civil War. Today, these newspapers are used by serious students and researchers go gain deeper insights into the war.

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Slave Children

Slave Children

Gilmore Shells Charleston

White Slavery

Armstrong Gun

Armstrong Gun

Rebel Submarine

Rebel Submarine

Launch of the Minotaur

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Soldier in the Snow

White Slaves

White Slaves

New York's Central Park

Central Park






[JANUARY 30, 1864.



JEFF DAVIS (reading the Pope's Letter). "Well, it's very good of His Holiness to call me 'Illustrious President,' and all that, but it would have been more to the purpose if he had sent me a lot of his cast-off clothes and some broken victuals!"


Retailed at wholesale prices. 14 kt. Gold Pen, Solid Silver Case, $1.50, warranted for one year, guarantee accompanying each Pen. Send for a circular. Pens re-pointed on receipt of 35 cenis.

E. S. JOHNSON, 15 Maiden Lane, N. Y.


Bankers and Dealers in Government Securities,



No. 38 Wall Street, New York.

Great Chance To Make Money!!!

We want Agents everywhere to sell the most splendid STEEL ENGRAVINGS ever published. Will furnish them so that a stock of $10 will yield $50; also STATIONERY PRIZE PACKETS, with which we give as Premiums Gold and Silver Watches. Full particulars in Circular mailed free. Address

G. S. HASKINS & CO., 36 Beekman Street, N. Y.


Carrying the copper water-proof cartridge, and also using ordinary loose ammunition. This arm is now admitted by all competitors to be superior to any other ever offered to the public. Its simple construction and perfect workmanship are a sure guarantee against getting out of order. The great advantage of loading with either fixed or loose ammunition alone makes it superior to all others. These arms are made for both sporting and military purposes, and have been adopted both by the General Government and a number of States. We have the highest testimonials of their efficiency and durability.

We also offer to the Public our new Cartridge and loose ammunition loading revolver. This arm has no equal as a belt or pocket weapon. No one wishing a first-class arm should be without one.

For further particulars send for descriptive circular.

P. S. Do not forget that both Rifles and Pistols may be used with either copper cartridge or loose ammunition.

MERWIN & BRAY, Sole Agents,

      262 Broadway, N. Y.


To the Trade.

Call or send to Head-Quarters. Catalogues sent free by mail. A better assortment, on more liberal terms, than any other dealer can offer. Address

BENJ. W. HITCHCOCK, 455 Broadway, N. Y. (Store and Manufactory.)


AGENTS, male or female, SOLDIERS, and all having some time to spare, are particularly requested, as a FAVOR, to send us their address, and we will send in return, FREE, information for which they will be THANKFUL. We offer EXTRA INDUCEMENTS. From $6 to $15 per day ABOVE EXPENSES. We want addresses from EVERY COUNTY in the U. S., and from EVERY REGIMENT in the Army. Address in full, RICHARDS & CO., 37 and 39 Nassau Street, Box 3131, N. Y.

Features of Peculiar Interest

May be found in the Prospectus of the

for 1864. The best poets, essayists, and writers of fiction are engaged to contribute each month to its pages. Terms $3.00 a year. Club rates liberal. Send for a circular to


Straight Hair made Wavy!! without heating it, by using Ivin's Patent Hair Crimpers. For sale at Variety Stores.

A Bad Breath,

—The Greatest Curse the human family is heir to. How many lovers it has separated—how many friends forever parted. The subject is so delicate, your nearest friend will not mention it, and you are ignorant of the fact. To effect a radical cure, use the "BALM OF THOUSAND FLOWERS" as a dentrifice, night and morning. It also beautifies the complexion, removing all tan, pimples, and freckles, leaving the skin soft and white. Price 50 cents. For sale by all druggists.

The Trade supplied by HOWARD, SANGER & CO., 105 and 107 Chambers Street, N. Y., and for sale by all Druggists.

Goods, wholesale and retail. Also Manufacturer and Importer of Cues, Cue Leather, Chalk, &c. The only place to get a good set of seasoned Billiard Balls at reduced prices. All Orders by mail promptly attended to.


(Patent applied for),

 with perfect likenesses of the President, Distinguished Men and Generals, $1.00 per pair. Also fine Ivory Brooches, $2.00; Earrings, to match, $2.00, White and Imitation of Jet and Coral. Manufactured and for sale by WM. M. WELLING, Agent, 207 Centre Street, New York, Sign of the Golden Elephant. Sent free on receipt of the price. Ivory Scarf Pins $1.00 each.

Putnam Clothes-Wringer.

The ONLY reliable Self-Adjusting Wringer.

No wood-work to swell or split.

No thumb-screws to get out of order.


It took the FIRST PREMIUM at Fifty-Seven State and County Fairs in 1863, and is, without an exception, the best Wringer ever made.

Instead of believing the statements of parties interested in the sale of other Wringers,

Try it, and Judge for Yourself.

Test it THOROUGHLY with ANY and ALL others, and, if not entirely satisfactory, return it.

It will wring any thing from a thread to a bed-quilt without alteration.

Patented in the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. Agents wanted in every town.

No. 2, $5.50; No. 1, $6.00; No. A, $8.

Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail, by

The Putnam Manufacturing Co.,

No. 13 Platt Street, N. Y., and Cleveland, Ohio.

S. C. NORTHROP, Agent.

A Household Word.—Buy your Housekeeping Articles at BASSI'ORD'S, Cooper Institute, New York.

To all who wish to make Money.

Send your address to J. W. YALE, SYRACUSE, N. Y., and you will receive, free, a sample of YALE'S CELEBRATED FLAG OF OUR UNION AND MILITARY PRIZE STATIONERY ENVELOPE, with circular.

The Hunted Unionist.

A Record of Late Occurrences in Georgia.

The most graphic revelation of the age! Revealing the persecutions and indignities to which Southern Unionists are subjected! Painting the cruelties of Guerrillas! Showing how fugitives are hunted with Bloodhounds! Portraying the terrific spectacle of Lookout Mountain, and forming altogether the most startling picture of real life in Rebeldom ever submitted to the public. It is written by Mr. CONSTELLANO, author of "the great Farragut story," now running in the New York Ledger, and is sure to thrill and instruct his millions of readers. PRICE 10 CENTS. Sold by all news dealers, and sent post-paid on receipt of price. IRWIN P. BEADLE & CO., Publishers, No. 137 William Street, New York.


And $15 Per Day Easy.

Agents should be careful in directing their orders for our Original and "only Genuine" Extra Large Size Stationery Prize Packages, which have become so popular through the fine quality and value of their contents. As we have several imitators, who copy our Styles, Advertisements, Premiums, &c., for the purpose of deceiving Agents, we are the only manufacturers of the "Celebrated Rickards Prize Packages," and none are genuine unless bought direct from us. Those parties who advertise to give a "Premium Watch" to agents will not do so unless the agent first pays them from $40 to $50 in cash. This "we challenge any of them to deny." We will present a case of 100 of our Finest Packages to any agent who obtains a watch from them without first paying the above-named amount. Their attempt to present premiums, after our long-established custom, is in this case but a poor dodge. We still do as we have done for years past, present free to every one who acts as our agent a Fine Gold or Silver Hunting-Case Watch, "Genuine English Movements," and warranted a correct time-keeper. These watches are presented on the spot or sent with the first order. No one else does this. Our Wonderful Packages contain more really valuable articles than any half dozen others ever sold. Among the surprising contents of each package will be found Fine Stationery, Pens, Pencils, Envelopes, Ladies' Fashion Plates, Designs for Needle-work, Cottage Keepsakes, Household Companions, Letter-Writer's Instructor, Parlor Amusements, Gent's Pocket Calendars for 1864, Union Emblems, Camp Companions for Soldiers, Military Likenesses, Games, Army Advice. Rare Recipes, Many Ways to get Rich, Yankee Notions, Fancy Articles, Rich and Costly Presents of Fashionable Jewelry, &c., &c., all together worth many dollars, for only 25c. Agents make immense profits. 100 to 200 per cent. allowed. We guarantee smart agents can make $15 per day. Our regular agents average that. Our Packages stand same as ever, above all others for quality and quantity of contents. Agents wanted in every camp and town in the country. Goods sent safe to all parts of the army. Send for our Great New Circular for 1864, containing Extra Premium inducements, free. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau St., N. Y. Only Original, and Largest and Oldest Prize Package House in the World.

Friends. Send a stamp for my Circulars. Address L. M. HARRIS, Boston, Mass.


Bankers, No. 44 Wall Street,



As long as issued by Government at Par and Interest.

To BANKS and BANKERS the usual commission allowed.

We also buy and sell at market rates,





Maturing Certificates of Indebtedness collected on favorable terms.

VEMILYE & CO., BANKERS, No. 44 Wall Street, N. Y.

Fogg's Double-Action Patent Lever SKATE BUCKLE, Manufactured and for sale on Straps, at wholesale, by F. STEVENS, Manufacturer of Skates, Straps, and Leather Goods, 215 Pearl St., New York, 68 Kilby St., Boston.

OVER 50,000 SOLD IN 1863.

BOTH SELF-ADJUSTING AND ADJUSTABLE. The only wringer with the patent COG-WHEEL REGULATOR, which positively prevents the rolls from

BREAKING OR TWISTING ON THE SHAFT. A GOOD CANVASSER WANTED in every town. We offer liberal inducements, and guarantee the exclusive sale. Descriptive circular sent free

R. C. BROWNING, No. 347 Broadway, New York.

Also, a full assortment of
Jet, Coral, and Steel Goods.
Schuyler, Hartley & Graham,

19 Maiden Lane & 22 John Street, N. Y.,
31 Rue du Chateau d'Eau, Paris.
Sands St., Birmingham, Eng.

Shults' Onguent, warranted to produce a full set of Whiskers in six weeks, or money refunded. Sent post-paid, for 30 cents. Address C. F SHULTS, Troy, N. Y.

Dyspepsia Tablets,

For Indigestion, Heartburn. &c., manufactured only by S. G. WELLING, and sold by druggists generally. 50 cents per box. Depot No. 207 Centre St., New York, second floor. Sent free by mail for 65 cents.

$35 WATCHES. $35

Genuine Full-Jeweled American Lever Watches, in 4 Ounce Coin Silver Hunting Cases, Gold Joints, for $35. Also every variety of good Watches at equally low rates. All orders from the Army must be pre-paid, as the Express Companies will not take bills for collection on soldiers. J. L. FERGUSON, Importer of Watches. 208 Broadway New York. ,

$7. WATCHES. $7.

A Beautiful Engraved Gold-Plated Watch, Lever Cap, small size, English Movements, perfect time-keeper. Sent free by mail, in neat case, for only $7. A Solid Silver, same as above, $7. Specially adapted to the ARMY. CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., 38 & 40 Ann Street, N. Y.

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, of Aug. 22, says: "Messrs. NORTON & CO. have combined two very desirable things in a watch—cheapness and reliability. When it is known that for $7 a person can have an excellent timekeeper, there will be greater punctuality in all the affairs of life."

The only enameled "Turn-over" Collar made in metals. Send $1 for a "Turn-over" or 75 cents for a "Choker," to Box 5173, and receive it by return mail. American enameled Metallic Collar Co., 94 Pine St., N. Y.

$8 WATCHES $11


A Beautiful Engraved Gold-Plated Watch and Chain, fine Swiss movement, handsome dial and hands, warranted a perfect time-keeper, for 8 Dollars. Engraved Silver, same as above, chain included, 8 Dollars.

A very heavy Hunting Cased Solid Silver Watch, full jeweled, and fine English movement, silver capped, warranted a perfect time-keeper, and a handsome Gold Plated Chain included, for 11 Dollars.

We will send, on receipt of the money, one of our Watches and a Chain, by mail, postage paid, to any address. These Watches are especially adapted to the Army, being heavily cased and perfect time-keepers, and in running order. GEORGE A. ELY & CO., No. 208 Broadway, New York.

$2 to $5 a day!—Agents wanted, local or traveling, everywhere. Business honorable, easy, and attractive. Article quick sale to citizen or soldier, and alike useful to man, woman or child. Particulars sent free, or box samples by mail for 31 cents. Address

A. J. BESTOR, 245 Main Street, Hartford, Conn.

Handsomest Pin Out. —The new style Army Corps Pin, in Heavy Gold Plate, beautifully enameled and chased, mailed free for only One Dollar.

GEO. DEMERIT & CO., 303 Broadway, N. Y.


Magnifying small objects 500 times. MAILED FREE everywhere for 30 CENTS. Five of different power, for $1.00. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.


Approved by the Government.

Warranted superior to any other Pistol of the kind. Also Pocket and Belt Revolvers. Sold by the Trade generally.


Attention of Officers and all members of the Army is called to the new style Corps Pin in Fine Gold Plate, richly enameled and chased, mailed free for One Dollar, by GEO. DEMERIT & CO., 303 Broadway, New York.


The public are respectfully informed that I have just received, per Steamer "Cella," a fresh shipment of the Jules Mumm & Co.'s

Verzenay Cabinet

Dry Verzenay


of a new vintage, surpassing in richness, fineness, and delicacy of quality any Wine, of the same grade ever before sent by this house. A trial of the same will convince the most fastidious.

The following houses have a supply of this shipment on hand: CHAS. BELLOWS. W. S. CORWIN & CO. H. D. FELTER. MACY & CO. W. H. JACKSON & CO., PURDY & NICHOLS. J. P. VAN ROSSUM. JAMES MEYER, JR.,  43 Beaver Street, Sole Agent in the U. S. for Jules Mumm & Co.'s Champagnes.

Learn to Skate in One Hour by using

Army Corps Pins in Fine Gold Plate, richly enameled and chased, newest and most handsome style, mailed free for only One Dollar, by GEO. DEMERIT & CO., Jewelers, 303 Broadway, New York.

Holloway's Pills are a remedy hailed by all as the best annihilator of the internal diseases most common to the human family, including dyspepsia, bile, sick headache, and all febrile and inflammatory influences. Their operation is simple, harmless, and effective. Sold at the manufactory, No. 80 Maiden Lane, N. Y., and by all druggists, at 25c., 63c., and $1 per box.


Have Just Published:

FIVE YEARS OF PRAYER, with the Answers. By Rev. SAMUEL IRENAEUS PRIME, D.D., Author of "The Power of Prayer," "Travels in Europe and the East," "Life of Rev. Dr. Murray," &c. 12mo, Cloth, $1.25.

Jeff Davis
Ballard Rifle
Putnam Clothes Wringer
Remington Revolver




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