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Civil War Harper's Weekly, July 23, 1864

Welcome to our online collection of original Harper's Weekly newspapers. We have put this collection together over the last 20 years, and now make them available for your study and research online. We hope you find this resource useful, and hope you will check back often as we add new material each day.

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Alabama Sinking

Destruction of the "Alabama"


Capture of Kenesaw Mountain

Port Walthall

Port Walthall


General Meade and Staff


Train Crash



Semmes Cartoon

Semmes Cartoon

Pennsylvania Map

Pennsylvania Map

Scenes Around Petersburg


Battle Marietta Georgia





JULY 23, 1864.]





MR. BRADY, of Washington, furnishes two photographs which enable us to present our readers with the illustrations on this page, representing Generals MEADE and BURNSIDE, with their Staffs.

Several illustrations are given on pages 468, 472, and 473, which relate to Petersburg and its surroundings. The large double-page cut is a panoramic view of the country as well as of the military situation around Petersburg. The view is thus disclosed from WIETZEL'S Look-out and Signal Tower, at Bermuda Hundred, looking southward—including in

that direction about ten miles, thus taking in Petersburg, on the extreme right. From Petersburg the Appomattox runs from right to left, emptying into the James. City Point is not included in the view; but the pontoon-bridge is disclosed by which the army communicates with Bermuda Hundred. Where Point of Rocks juts out into the river is General BUTLER'S head-quarters. The landing is specially designated in the large cut ; at the dock is the Greyhound, the flag-ship of that officer, and the Sylvan Shore. This portion of the sketch is enlarged in the cut above, entitled the PONTOON- BRIDGE AT THE POINT OF ROCKS, ON THE APPOMATTOX.

 Another portion of the large cut is also enlarged, giving a view of the rebel Fort Clifton, on the Appomattox, showing at the same time a Federal battery in the fore-ground. At the left of Fort Clifton, directly in front of Clifton House, the rebels have a Water-Battery ; they have also sunk obstructions in the river to prevent Federal boats from ascending to Petersburg. Both the battery and the obstructions are disclosed in the cut.

A sketch on page 468 gives a view on the Appomattox at Port Walthal, which is the nearest point approached by gun-boats. The gun-boat shown in the sketch is the Commodore Perry, Captain A. P.

FOSTER. This sketch is also connected with the double-page cut. A few turns of her wheel would bring the gun-boat under the guns of Fort Clifton. There are two other sketches on the same page. One of these gives a view of Jones's Neck, on the James, opposite which General FOSTER has an entrenched position, between Aiken's Landing and Four-Mile Creek. A pontoon bridge crosses at this point. General FOSTER'S flank is protected by double-end gun-boats. The other sketch represents a service held at General SMITH'S head-quarters, July 3, attended by Generals SMITH, NEIL, BURNHAM, and MARTINDALE.


General Meade and Staff
General Burnside Staff




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