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Civil War Harper's Weekly, April 8, 1865

This site features our online version of the Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. These papers have a wealth of incredible details on the conflict, including news reports and illustrations created by eye-witnesses to the historic events depicted. We hope you enjoy browsing this online resource.

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Columbia, South Carolina



Fort Steadman

Battle of Fort Steadman

General Barnum

General Barnum

Navy Yard

Ruins of Norfolk Navy Yard


Spring Freshets

Rochester Flood

Rochester Flood


Civil War Bounties

Battle of the Salkehatchie

Columbia, South Carolina

Sherman Burning Columbia, South Carolina


Montevideo, Uruguay






[APRIL 8, 1865.



SENATORIAL INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE (to MR. T-, the Health Officer). "Do you know, Sir, what Hygiene is ?"

HEALTH OFFICER. " Oh yes ! I know Hygiene. It's the effluvia arising from stagnant water, the consequences of which is disease!"

[The Committee look, astonished, and the Health Officer, suspicious of a blunder, adds : " Oh, I don't understand Greek !"]

Subscriptions received for any amount, and a constant supply of the notes on hand for immediate delivery.


Bankers and Dealers in Government
No. 38 Wall Street, New York.

SLOCUM'S Patent Side-Loading REVOLVER.

Length, 71 Inches. Weight, 14 Ounces. Carries a No. 32 Metallic Cartridge. Its advantages over all others are: 1st. It does not require special ammunition. 2d. It is perfectly safe while being loaded. 3d. It can be loaded in the dark, and quicker than any other pistol. 4th. It can be carried in the pocket, without danger, when loaded. 5th. It is sure fire, and possesses great strength. FOR SALE BY THE TRADE GENERALLY. HOWARD, SANGER & CO., 105 and 107 Chambers Street, New York. Descriptive Circulars furnished upon application.

UNCLAIMED MONEYŚ70,000 PERSONS WANTED TO CLAIM MONEY, ESTATES, &c., which have been advertised since 1704. Fee to search for name in Registry, $2. Genealogies traced. All letters must be prepaid. GUN & CO., Unclaimed Money and Property Registry, No. 17 Charlotte Street, London (W. C.), England.

Philadelphia Photographic Company, 730 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, manufacture a large variety of card photographs for the trade. Send for catalogue.

99 and 101 Bleecker Street, 2d Block West of Broadway.
Warranted for Six Years.

Pensions, Bounties, Pay, Prize Money, together with all claims of the army and navy promptly procured. Correspondence promptly answered. L. Brown & Co, 2 Park P'ce, N.Y.

This invaluable salve is a certain cure for PILES, CORNS, CUTS, BRUISES, SORES, and RHEUMATISM. Relieves BURN PAINS in five minutes. No one should be without it. It saves Doctors' Bills. 25 Cents a Box. Sent free by mail on receipt of 37 Cents. Depot 48 Liberty St., New York.

BANKERS, And Dealers in all Classes of GOVERNMENT SECURITIES

ALSO PARIAN, FRENCH CHINA, GLASS, &c. French Dinner Sets. CARPET WARP, FIRST AND SECOND QUALITY; Wrapping Twine made of Paper. Twines and Paper. H. A. HARVEY, 84 Maiden Lane, N.Y.

Worth over $1,000,000, Consisting of Gold and Silver Watches, Chains, Bracelets, Sets of Jewelry, Rings, Lockets, Gold Pens, &c., &c., All to be sold for One Dollar each!! WITHOUT REGARD TO VALUE! NOT TO BE PAID FOR UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TO RECEIVE! Certificates of the various articles are first put into envelopes, sealed up, and mixed ; and when ordered are taken out without regard to choice, and sent by mail, thus giving all a fair chance. On receipt of the certificate you will see what you have, and then it is at your option to send the dollar and take the article or not. Purchasers may thus obtain a Gold Watch or any set of Jewelry on our list for ONE DOLLAR. Five Certificates will be sent for $1, eleven for $2. We will send one Certificate on receipt of 25 cents ; also our Circular and Terms to Agents, which we want everywhere, and offer liberal inducements. Address A. H. ROWEN & CO., 36 Beekman St., N. Y.

Vineland Lands. To all Wanting Farms. Large and thriving settlement, mild and healthful climate, 30 miles south of Philadelphia by railroad. Rich soil, producing large crops, which can now be seen growing. Ten, twenty, and fifty acre tracts, at from $25 to $35 per acre, payable within four years. Good business openings for manufactories and others. Churches, schools, and good society. It is now the most improving place East or West. Hundreds are settling and building. The beauty with which the place is laid out is unsurpassed. Letters answered. Papers giving full information will he sent free. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS, Vineland Post-Office, Landis Township, New Jersey. Front Report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: "It is one of the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know of this side of the Western prairies.

The JOHNSON PEN is acknowledged by all who have used them to be the best pen for the least money of any in use. They are made of 14 carats fine gold, and warranted for one year (written guarantee, when required). Pens in solid silver extension cases, $175; ebony slide holders, 75 ; rubber reverse holders, $2 50 ; telescopic extension cases, $2 50; duplex silver eases, $4 00 ; ebony holders and morocco boxes, $150. Pens repointed, 50 cents each. Pens sent by mail, postage paid. Send for Circular. M. S. JOHNSON, Manufactory and Office, 15 Matron Lane, New York City.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, cordially recommend to the notice of the friends of the Christian Commission the offer of E. & H. T. Anthony & Co. to devote to this object 25 per cent. of their retail sales of Albums, Stereoscopic Views, and Card Photographs, for the fort-night commencing April 3d, as set forth in their advertisement. GEO. H. STUART, PRES. U. S. Christian Commission. J. T. DURYEA. H. DYER, Secretary N. Y. Branch, Christian Com. MORRIS K. JESUP. THEODORE ROOSEVELT. W. E. DODGE, Chairman N. Y. Branch. (ADVERTISEMENT.) THE CHRISTIAN COMMISSION, NOTICE TO EVERY BODY. TWO WEEKS FOR THE SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. During the fortnight commencing April 3d we will devote 25 per cent. of all the retail sales at our counter of Albums, Stereoscopic Views, and Card Photographs, and also remittances by mail for the same, where so specified, to the relief of our sick and wounded soldiers, through the instrumentality of the Christian Commission. Orders by mail for this object, bearing date any time previous to May 1, will be received, and the 25 per cent. paid over. E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO., 501 Broadway, New York, Three Doors from St. Nicholas Hotel.

" Electric" Self-adjusting enameled white, $3, $5, $7, and $9 per doz. ; specimens, 50c., 75c., $1. Snow-white, linen-finished, illusion-stitched, $1 25. Suitable Neck-Tie, $1. Ladies' "illusion-embroidered" Steel Collars, $150; Cuffs, $150. Gents' steel Cuffs, $2. Mailed on receipt of price and " size." JEANERET, 78 Nassau St., N. Y. Box 386.

THE BOWEN MICROSCOPE, Magnifying small objects 500 times. MAILED FREE everywhere for 50 CENTS, OR THREE FOR $l 00. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

Officers, Soldiers, and Citizens ! All the Army Corps Rings in 16-carat gold (stamped and warranted) at $3 and $5 each. Also 100 other styles of every size, plain, enameled, and fancy, at from $2 to $10 each. Sent by mail. Send stamp for Circular. Address   E. P. BEACH, 12 Maiden Lane, N. Y.

A BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVED GOLD PLATED WATCH, Double Case, Lever, Cap, small size, white enameled dial, cut hands, "English Movements," and correct time-keeper, with an accurate "Miniature Calendar," indicating the " Day of the Week, Month, ,&c.," in back case. A single one sent free by mail to any address in a neat case, WITH A BEAUTIFUL VEST CHAIN, for only   $10. A neat SILVER WATCH, same as above, with "Miniature Calendar," &c., specially adapted to the ARMY. Sent free by mail, to any address, for only   $7. English and American Levers from $25 up. Good Watches of all descriptions low. Address CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., Sole Importers, 38 & 40 Ann Street. New York.

Cured by Bates' Patent Appliances. For descriptive pamphlet, &c., address H. C. L. Mears, 277 W. 23d St., N. Y.

SOLDIERS' CERTIFICATES, Beautifully printed in five colors, size 12x16. Every soldier should have one. Price 50 cents each, sent by mail. Three different varieties for $1. Agents wanted. GATES & GAMBLE, 143 Walnut Street, Cincinnati.

To be found on each box and each piece of GENUINE MAGIC RUFFLE. All other goods, of whatever name, not having this mark, are worthless imitations and infringement, on the patents of the Magic Ruffle Company. The GENUINE MAGIC RUFFLES are full six yards in each piece, are well made of the best material, and give perfect satisfaction to consumers. Office of the Company, No. 95 Chambers Street, New York.

Grand and Square Pianos, superior to all others,
No. 394 Hudson Street, New York.

Its Advantages are : 1st. It is loaded with perfect ease and safety, without removing the cylinder (or any part of' it), at the fore end, and can be carried when loaded without the slightest danger. 2d. The cylinder never fouls ; is made from solid steel, bored; and can not get out of repair, or clog, as cylinders made of many parts will do. 3d. The cartridge is made on an improved plan; the fulminate is concentrated in one place, which insures sure fire; IS METALLIC, CENTRAL FIRE, AND WATER- PROOF. 4th. Its peculiar model makes it the most desirable Pocket Revolver ever made.


GEO. A. HICKCOX, 54 Cliff Street, New York.


I have used the "National Revolver," and believe it to the best and most convenient revolver ever offered to the public.   (Signed)   JOHN S. FOLK,

Inspector of Metropolitan Police, N. Y.

I have thoroughly tested the new "National Revolver," and find it an effective weapon, of sure fire and convenient size. At fifty yards, I think I could with this Pistol kill at every shot. I take pleasure in recommending it as a weapon in every way desirable. In company with Capt. Scott, Provost-Marshall, and other officers, I fired this pistol a large number of times, and not one cartridge failed to explode. (Signed,)   JOHN CHARLESTON, Chief of Police, Cairo, Ill. We have one of the "National Revolvers" now in use, and pronounce it one of the most perfect things of the kind we ever saw. It is simple in construction, substantial, sure fire, and shoots with the force and accuracy of a rifle. Any one in want of a good and reliable weapon can not do better than procure a "National Revolver." (Signed,)   J. S. VINCENT, Editor and Proprietor New Era." We, the undersigned, having used and thoroughly tested the National Revolvers, have no hesitancy in saying that, for accuracy, force, and convenience, we think they are far superior to any other Revolver yet produced. M. C. LOOMIS, with J. G. and W. J. Averell. GEO. KING, Chief of Police, Ogdensburg. J. H. FAIRCHILD, Insurance Agent. EXCELSIOR PHOTOGRAPH ESTABLISHMENT, F. P. WHITING, 87 Fulton St., New York.  


will cure any Rheumatic Affections or Stiffness in the Limbs. Only 25 cents per Pot or Box. The Leading Propose Of the conductors of the popular juvenile,

is to combine amusement with instruction in the contents of the magazine to intersperse Moral Lessons with Pleasing Stories, Sketches of Travel and Adventure with pretty Poems, and to invest the entire book with the character


of the country contribute regularly to the pages of Our Young Folks, and the best artists illustrate it. Terms $2 00 per year; a large discount to clubs. You may get a specimen by sending 20 cents to the publishers,

TICKNOR & FIELDS, Boston, Mass.





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