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Civil War Harper's Weekly, February 4, 1865

This site features an online archive of Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. These old newspapers make fascinating reading, and present first reports of the battles and key events. The woodcut illustrations were created by eye-witnesses to the events and shed new light on this important conflict. This material is simply not available anywhere else.

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Fort Fisher

Battle of Fort Fisher

Sherman March

Editorial on General Sherman's March


Pardon of Mrs. Hutchins

Surrender of Fort Fisher

Surrender of Fort Fisher

Soldier's Diary

Soldier's Diary

General Ames

General Adelbert Ames

Destruction of the Savannah Ram

Transatlantic Telegraph

Transatlantic Telegraph


Soldiers Celebrating

Battle of Fort Fisher

Battle of Fort Fisher

John Bull Cartoon

John Bull Cartoon







[ FEBRUARY 4, 1865.



JOHN BULL (Coster-monger). "My heyes !—Market shut up !—and I've got to trundle my combustibles and other wegetables back 'ome again !"

Length,   7 Inches.   Weight, 14 Ounces.
Carries a No. 32 Metallic Cartridge.

Its advantages over all others are:

1st. It does not require special ammunition.

2d. It is perfectly safe while being loaded.

3d. It can be loaded in the dark, and quicker than any other pistol.

4th. It can be carried in the pocket, without danger, when loaded.

5th. It is sure fire, and possesses great strength.



105 and 107 Chambers Street, New York. Descriptive Circulars furnished upon application.


Bankers and Dealers in Government

No. 38 Wall Street, New York.

HATCH. JOHNSON & CO., 81 Devonshire St. Boston.

J. S. Lowrey & Co., 37 Warren St., New York: Van Deusen, Boehmer & Co., 627 Chestnut St., Phila. ; I lodges Bros., 23 Hanover St., Baltimore; Wall, Stephens & Co., 322 Pennsylvania Av., Wash'n ; Leavitt & Bevis, cor. Fifth and Vine Sts., Cincinnati; J. Von Berries & Co., 434 Main St. ,Louisvillie ; A. Frankenthal & Bro.,6 No. Main St., St. Louis; Bradford Bros., Milwaukee; Weed, Witters & Co., 7 to 13 Tchoupitoulas St., N. O.


The immense popularity of " Gray's Patent Molded Collar" has given rise to sundry imitations and infringements of my patents.

The public, and especially dealers in collars, are cautioned that all such violations of my rights will be strictly prosecuted.   SOLOMON S. GRAY.

BOSTON, October 1, 1864.

Vineland Lands. To all Wanting Farms.

Large ant thriving settlement, mild and healthful climate, 30 miles south of Philadelphia by railroad. Rich soil, producing large crops, which can now be seen growing. Ten, twenty, and fifty acre tracts, at from $25 to $35 per acre, payable within four years. Good business openings for manufactories and others. Churches, schools, and good society. It is now the most improving place East or West. Hundreds are settling and building. The beauty with which the place is laid out is unsurpassed. Letters answered. Papers giving full information will be sent free. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS, Vineland Post-Office, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

Farm Report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: "It is one of the meet extensive fertile trace, in on almost level position end suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know of this side of the Western prairies.


No. 575 Broadway.

E. A. BROOKS, having sold his store and stock of goods in Fulton Street, will continue to carry on his business as heretofore at his old and commodious Establishment in Broadway, where he is now prepared to offer for the inspection of his patrons the most beautiful assortment of boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, and overshoes to he found in the city. His stock of goods comprises every variety of style for ladies, gents, misses, boys, and children. Special attention is called to his collection of men's, boys', and youths' water proof boots, so necessary at this season of the year. The public are invited to call and examine, at No. 575 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel.


Splendid Chance to Make Money.

Great inducements to sell our celebrated PRIZE PACKETS and Certificates in the great Gift Sale of Watches and Jewelry. 100 Packets and Certificates, together with a Premium Silver Watch, sent on receipt of $17. A single Certificate, with special circulars to Agents how to obtain GOLD and Steven WATCHES FREE, sent on receipt of 25 cents. G. S. HASKINS & CO., 36 Beekman St., N. Y.



Wrapping Twine made of Paper.
Twines and Paper. H. A. HARVEY, 84 Maiden Lane, N.Y.

Notice to Soldiers. We have published three beautiful Certificates of Service, splendidly printed in five colors; size 12X16. No veteran or volunteer soldier should be without one of them. This war will soon be over, and every Union defender will want a memorial to leave behind him, to show he has done his duty to his country and the Union. We will send either of the three Certificates, inclosed in a pasteboard tube, to any address, by mail, on the receipt of 50 cents. Or we will send all three, as samples, on the receipt of $1.

GATES & GAMBLE, 143 Walnut Street, Cincinnati.

Look Here !

Upon receipt of 75 cts. I will send to any address, post paid, a copy of the New Letter-Writer; or, Art of Polite Correspondence. W. J. RAYMOND, Box 5311, New York.

To Consumptives.

THE Advertiser, having been restored to health in a few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after having suffered several years with a severe lung affection, and that dread disease, Consumption is anxions to make known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure.

To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the prescription used (free of charge), with the directions for preparing and using the sense, which they will find a SURE CURE for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, &c. The only object of the Advertiser in sending the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and spread information which he conceives to be invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing. Parties wishing the prescription will please address REV. EDWARD A. WILSON, Williamsburgh, Kings County, New York.

And Dealers in all Classes of

Weather Strips and Window Bands


From doors and windows. Local agents wanted every where. For Circulars, address THE METALLIC WEATHER STRIP COMPANY, 644 Broadway, corner of Bleecker Street, over the Manhattan Bank. Special Notice. Beware of impostors styling themselves Brown & Co.



Send your orders early to the old depot,
T. W. STRONG, No. 98 Nassau Street, New York.

DAVIS COLLAMORE & CO., 479 Broadway, below Broome St,

Sing Song Chinese Porcelain;

French Dinner Sets.

Holloway's Pills. None need apprehend Dysentery or Diarrhoea if Six Pills be taken twice a week.


The Premises Nos, 809 and 811 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,


The Building is one of the finest in the city. 4* ft. 10 in. X 178 ft. For terms, &c., apply to

HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, New York.


Over 2000 Things Worth Knowing! Sent post-paid for 25 cents ; Soldier's Edition, 30 cents. Address " UNION BOOK ASSOCIATION," Syracuse, N. Y.

AGENTS WANTED. One-Half Profit. Address Box 517, Boston, Mass.

Free to every Body.

SOLDIERS, SAILORS, FARMERS, MECHANICS, AND EVERY BODY throughout the Country will receive, free, by mail, a First Class, Interesting NEWSPAPER, by sending their address to Editors of "ARMY AND HOME JOURNAL," 40 Ann Street, New York.




and many others of the first writers of America, are constant contributors to the

And a splendid WATCH given free, selling our Latest Novelty now creating such an Immense Sensation and extraordinary demand throughout the Army and Country. The Great, New, and Wonderful PRIZE PORT FOLIOS. Extra Large. Size 6 by 10. Just Out. Each of which contains Several Dollars' Worth of useful and Valuable Goods Writing Materials, Stationery, PRIZES, &c. Price only 25 cents. Articles that Soldiers and Families can not do without. Thousands sold every day. 100 Port-folios, with Jewelry, &c., and a beautiful watch, sent to any address on receipt of $15. Soldiers can clear a Month's Pay in one day. Agents wanted in every town, village, and camp for this Standard Article. A splendid Gold or Silver WATCH presented free as a premium to every Agent. This is the greatest money making and surest business of the day. Profits very large. Sales rapid. We guarantee any agent $15 per day. All goods forwarded, with premiums, same day the order is received. Catalogues, with Premium Inducements, sent free. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, Sole Manufacturers.

A BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVED GOLD PLATED WATCH, Double Case, Lever, Cap, small size, white enameled dial, cut hands, " English Movements," and correct time-keeper, with an accurate ,' Miniature Calendar," indicating the the " Day of the Week, Month, &c.," in back case.

A single one sent free by mail to any address in a neat case, WITH A BEAUTIFUL VEST CHAIN, for only $10. A neat SILVER WATCH, same as above, with " Miniature Calendar," &c., specially adapted to the ARMY . Sent free by mail, to any address, for only   $7. English and American Levers from $25 up. Good Watches of all descriptions low.

Address CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., Sole Importers, 38 & 40 Ann Street. New York.

Its Advantages are: 1st. It is loaded with perfect ease and safety, without removing the cylinder or any part of it), at the fore end, and can be carried when loaded without the slightest danger. 2d. The cylinder never fouls; is made from solid steel, bored; and can not get out of repair, or clog, as cylinders made of many parts will do. 3d. The cartridge is made on an improved plan; the fulminate is concentrated in one place, which insures sure fire; Is METALLIC, CENTRAL FIRE, AND WATER PROOF. 4th. Its peculiar model makes it the most desirable Pocket Revolver ever made. FOR SALE BY THE TRADE GENERALLY. GEO. A. HICKCOX, 54 Cliff Street, New York.

Certificates. I have thoroughly tested the new "National Revolver," and find it an effective weapon, of sure fire and convenient size. At fifty yards, I think I could with this Pistol kill at every shot. I take pleasure in recommending it as a weapon in every way desirable. In company with Capt. Scott, Provost-Marshall, and other officers, I fired this pistol a large number of times, and not one cartridge failed to explode. (Signed,)   JOHN CHARLESTON, Chief of Police, Cairo, Ill. We have one of the " National Revolvers" now in use, and pronounce it one of the most perfect things of the kind we over saw. It is simple in construction, substantial, sure fire, and shoots with the force and accuracy of a rifle. Any one in want of a good and reliable weapon can not do better than procure a "National Revolver." (Signed,)   J. S. VINCENT, Editor and Proprietor " New Era." We, the undersigned, having used and thoroughly tested the National Revolvers, have no hesitancy in saying that, for accuracy, force, and convenience, we think they are far superior to any other Revolver yet produced. M. C. LOOMIS, with J. G. and W. J. Averell. GE O. KING, Chief of Police, Ogdensburg. J. II. FAIRCHILD, Insurance Agent. The National Art Association of New York

Are delivering (by Mail free) the Superb Steel Line Engraving of Faed's

Washington on the Field of Trenton.

Five Dollars sent to the Actuary N. A. A., 561 and 563 Broadway, New York, will insure a copy to any address. Send for a circular.


Printing-Presses for Sale.

One Taylor Double Cylinder, five Rollers, Table Distribution, Bed 38x51. Price $3500.

Also one Adams Press, 26x40, $2000.

Apply to HARPER & BROTHERS, 329 Pearl St., N.Y.

Ask any News-Dealer for
Speaking Rifle, the Indian Slayer.
Price 10 cts. If he has not got it, lie will get it for you.

BOYS Can Make $3 00 per Day

Taking orders for HAZETINE'S LAMP CHIMNEY CLEANER. Send 25 cents to E. T. HAZELTINE, Warren, Pa., for a sample and circular.

Dyspeptics inclosing 25 cents to N. A. BARR, Washington, D. C., will receive a receipt which cures the worst cases.

Have Just Published:

A NOVEL. By the Author of " Owen: A Waif," &c. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents. OPINIONS OF THE ENGLISH PRESS. Saturday Review. A healthier novel we have not seen for many a season. To have depicted such a character as Mattie Gray, and to have depicted it successfully, is no slight achievement either ethical or aesthetical. Athenoeum. "Mattis ; a Stray," is a novel that ought to take a higher rank than that of an ephemeral work of fiction. Mettle is a charming heroine. She and her life are painted after the life. The story is full of interest at every page. Spectator. There is great ability in this book. Sent by Mail, Postage prepaid, on receipt of Price.

John Bull Cartoon




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