The Last Men in Beaufort, South Carolina


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Civil War Harper's Weekly, November 30, 1861

For your research and study, we have posted online versions of our collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. These papers give you unique insight into the key events and people of the Civil War. We hope you enjoy this extensive archive of Civil War material.

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General Halleck

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General Halleck Biography

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Map of South Carolina Coast


Capture of Beaufort, South Carolina


Samuel F. Dupont

Slidell and Mason

Capture of Slidell and Mason


Springfield, Missouri

Hilton Head

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Beaufort, South Carolina

The Beaufort Naval Expedition

Fort Walker

Attack on Fort Walker and Beauregard

Runyon and Albany

Forts Runyon and Albany

Beaufort Cartoon

Last Man in Beaufort




[NOVEMBER 30, 1861.




"The day after the Fight the Seneca and two other Gunboats, under the command of Lieutenant AMMON, proceeded up to Beaufort and found but ONE WHITE MAN IN THE TOWN, AND HE WAS DRUNK."—Report of the Expedition.


"The Negroes were seen in great numbers, and, as the boats passed, came down to the Shore WITH BUNDLES IN THEIR HANDS, AS IF EXPECTING TO BE TAKEN OFF."—Report of the Expedition.

POLICEMAN WILKES, noticing by the last Number of Harper's Weekly, that the well-known Rogues, MASON and SLIDELL, were about to Pawn some of their late Employer's Property at Messrs. Bull, Crapaud & Co.'s Shop, kept a bright look-out for'ard, and nabbed them in the nick of time."

BEADLE'S MILITARY HAND-BOOK. Embracing the Official Articles of War—U S. Army Regulations—A Dictionary of Military Terms—Pay List—Rations-Equipments—Courtesies, &c. Price 25 Cents. For sale by all Book and News Dealers and Army Sutlers.

AGENTS WANTED—To sell something entirely new and original—none others like them-the Union Prize Stationery and Receipt Package. Each package contains a beautiful and correct engraving of


6x10. 75 Valuable Receipts.

6 White Flag Envelopes, in colors.

6 Ladies' White Flag Envelopes, in colors.

6 Buff Envelopes.

6 sheets Commercial Note Paper.

6 Sheets Fine Ladies' Note Paper.

6 Sheets Ladies' Billet Paper.   -

1 Accommodation Penholder.

2 Fine Steel Pens.

1 Fine Pencil.

1 Sheet Blotting a Paper.

1 Gift of Valuable Jewelry.

Retail price for the whole, twenty-five cents. Agents wanted in every city, town, and village. Call on or address, enclosing stamp,


102 Nassau Street, New York.

Fine Shirts & Collars

On hand and made to order in any
style, by


No. 637 Broadway, New York.

Agents Wanted.—Something New. Articles of REAL MERIT wanted in every family: "Patent Honey" or "Table Manna—Sample by mail 25c.—Recipe, with Family Right to make it, $1. "Clark's Patent Indelible Pencil," for marking linen ; "Patent Match Safe," for vest pocket ; "Downer's Patent Hemmer and Shield ;" "Coffee Strainer and Economiser;" "Egyptian Cement," for family use; "Patent Work-Holder." Satisfaction given or money refunded. Address (with stamp) RICE & CO., 83 Nassau Street, N. Y.

Devlin & Co.

We are this week in receipt of large importations of choice

And have also added largely to our superior stock of ready made


All of which we are selling at exceedingly low prices. DEVLIN & CO., Corner of Broadway and Warren and Grand Streets.

Winter Gloves, Undershirts, &c.

Our large stock at very low prices, all qualities and sizes,
Wholesale or Retail, IRA PEREGO & SONS,,

No. 61 Nassau Street, or No. 175 Broadway.


MARY. "Did you never, Julia, See it work before? Try it once, you'll surely Use it evermore ; Such a little treasure Ne'er before was seen, Oh ! 'tis such a pleasure Sewing by machine!" JULIA. "Isn't it delicious?

How the needle flies!

I can scarce its movement Follow with my eyes ! How it goes, like lightning, Flashing through that seam! Mary, dear, I almost

Fancy it a dream."

MARY. "Oh ! the toil it saves me, Merry little thing! Jumping, with its click, click,

While I sit and sing; Lightly as a feather On it goes apace,

Through the toughest leather

Or the finest lace."

JULIA. "My! how very clever Such inventions are ! Working just like human Beings, I declare; Tell me, Mary, dearest, Where I ought to go, For Papa must really Get me one, you know."

MARY. "Let it be like mine, then,

Julia, take advice; None that I have seen yet

Are one half so nice; Some won't keep in order- Needles snap in two—Causing botheration, Spite of all you do.

"Nobody but FINKLE

AND LYON, in this town,

Can produce another Equal to my own;

I will choose one, Julia, With you, any day,

When we pas,


Skates 25 cents to 25 dollars. Everything in the skating line (except ponds) to suit all ages, sexes, tastes, and purses.

CONOVER & WALKER, 474 Broadway, N. Y. Out of town orders attended to carefully and promptly.

Two Gems Engraved on Steel.

1st. "GENERALS OF OUR ARMY, 1861."

Nine Portraits on one Plate, viz. : Scott, McClellan, Dix, Butler, Fremont, Banks, Anderson, Lyon, and Wool.


Nine Portraits on one Plate, viz. : Dupont, Brain, Ward, Stringham, Paulding, Ringold, Craven, Foote, and Breese. On Proof Paper, 11x15 inches. Price 25 cents each. Sent free on receipt of price. Agents send stamp for Catalogue of Portraits. Orders solicited.

Engraved and Published by J. C. BUTTRE,

48 Franklin Street, New York.

Chapped Hands, Face, Lips, &c.

Certain cure and preventive. HEGEMAN & CO.'S CAMPHORICE WITH GLYCERINE will keep the hands soft in the coldest weather. Sold by druggists generally. Price 25 cents; sent by mail on receipt of 30 cents. HEGEMAN & CO., Chemists and Druggists, N. Y.

Ladies are invited to call and examine the splendid stock of fine furs and children's fancy hats now open at TERRY'S, 397 Broadway, New York.

Gen. McClellan and Gen. Burnside.
Put it down.   Put it down.

208 Broadway

The place to buy Jewelry cheap. Enclose stamp for full particulars.

W. A. HAYWARD, Manufacturing Jeweler.


100,000 WATCHES, CHAINS, &c , &c.
Worth $500,000.

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200 Ladies' Gold Watches    35,00 each
500 Ladies' and Gents' Sliver Watches... 15,00 each

5000 Vest and Neck Chains   5,00 to 10,00 each

3000 Gold Band Bracelets    5,00 to 10,00 each

3000 "   "   "    3,00 to 5,00 each

3000 Cameo Brooches    ..............................4,00 to 6,00 each

3000 Mosaic and Jet Brooches    4,00 to 6,00 each

3000 Lava and Florentine Brooches    4,00 to 6,00 each

3000 Coral, Opal, and Em. Brooches.. 4,00 to 0,00 each

3000 Cameo Ear Drops    4,00 to 6,00 each

3000 Mosaic and Jet Ear Drops    4,00 to 6,00 each

3000 Lava and Florentine Ear Drops..   4,00 to 6,00 each

3000 Coral, Opal, and Em. Ear Drops .4,00 to 8,00 each

5100 Gents' Breast Pins    2,50 to 8,00 each

3000 Watch Keys    2,00 to 6,00 each

5000 Fob and Ribbon Slides    2,00 to 6,00 each

5000 Sets of Bosom Studs    2,50 to 6,00 each

5000 Sleeve Buttons    2,50 to 6,00 each

7000 Plain Rings    2,50 to 5,00 each

7000 Stone Set Rings    2,50 to 6,00 each

7000 Lockets    2,50 to 10,00 each

10000 Sets Ladies' Jewelry    5,00 to 10,00 each

10000 Gold Pens, 14 Carats and War'd.   4,00 to 5,00 each (with Silver Mounted Holders.)

All of the above list of Goods will be sold for one dollar each. Certificates of all the various articles, stating what each one can have, will be placed in envelopes and sealed. These envelopes will be sent by mail, or delivered as called for, without regard to choice. On receipt of the Certificate, you will see what you can have, and then it is at your option to send one dollar and take the article or not.

In all transactions by mail, we shall charge for forwarding the Certificates, paying postage, and doing the business, 25 cents each, which must he enclosed when the certificate is sent for. Five Certificates will be sent for $1, eleven for $2, thirty for $5, sixty-five for $10, and one hundred for $15.

AGENTS.—Those acting as Agents will be allowed ten cents on every certificate ordered by them, provided their remittance amounts to one dollar. Agents will collect 25 cents for every Certificate, and remit 15 cents to us, either in cash or postage stamps. Great caution should be used by our correspondents in regard to giving their correct address, Town, County, and State. Address


208 Broadway, corner of Fulton Street, New York.

N.B, We wish it distinctly understood that all articles of jewelry not giving perfect satisfaction can be returned and the money will be refunded.

$100.-Agents positively make it selling (Dodin's) Patent Hem Folder and Tuck Guage, adapted for Machine or Hand Sewing. Also other Articles of ready sale. Address JOSEPH DODIN, 22 Duane Street, N. Y.

Snow's Pure Confectionery,

200 Kinds, 623 Broadway. N. Y. Wholesale and Retail. Dealers enclose stamp for catalogue and price.

CHOICE FURS. No. 49 Broadway. Opening at Retail of an entirely new stock of Sable, Mink and other choice FURS, in the most desirable styles, much below usual prices.   S. GOGE, Practical Furrier.

Perfect Fitting Shirts,

Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, drawings of different styles of Shirts, sent free everywhere.

S. W. H. WARD, from London,
No. 387 Broadway, N. Y., up Stairs.

Beaufort White Man
Beaufort Black Man



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