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Civil War Harper's Weekly, November 9, 1861

Below is an online version of the original Harper's Weekly newspaper for November 9, 1861. This newspaper features a variety of original Civil War content. Of particular interest is a large map of the Civil War, showing the various parts of the country at this time. The paper also has news stories on the important events of the war at this time.

(Scroll Down to see entire page, or Newspaper Thumbnails will take you to the page of interest.)


Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Island


Poem for a Wounded Soldier

Naval Expedition

Naval Expedition

Mississippi River

Mississippi River Battle


Battle of Leesburg


Arkansas Troops

Lincoln Suspends Habeas Corpus

Lincoln Suspends Habeas Corpus

Plantation Slave

Plantation Slave Cartoon

The Battle of Edwards's Ferry

Shenandoah Valley

The Shenandoah Valley


Annapolis, Maryland

Civil War Map of Southern States

Map of the Civil War

Map of the Southern States

The image above is an original Civil War map of the Southern States.  It is an original leaf from the November 9, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.  This stunning leaf is titled, "Map of the Southern States, Including; Railroads, County Towns, State Capitals, County Roads, the Southern Coast from Delaware to Texas, showing the harbors, inlets forts, and positions of the blockading ships. The upper left corner of the map features a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln, the lower left a portrait of General Winfield Scott, the upper right a portrait of Secretary Seward, and the lower right, General McClellan.

This map is a double fold out, and is a whopping 22X32 in size.  Very few of these maps have survived in tact.  Because it is a double fold out, most were destroyed during the binding process, leaving the map cut into four individual sheets.  This is the only one I have found in tact in over 20 years of collecting this material. 

We acquired this map for the purpose of digitally preserving it for your research and enjoyment.  If you would like to acquire this original map, it is available for $950.




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