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Civil War Harper's Weekly, September 21, 1861

This original Harper's Weekly newspaper contains important news and illustrations of the Civil War. We have posted all this collection to help your research and study on the Civil War. These newspapers help you understand the war, by allowing you to watch it unfold as it happened.

(Scroll Down to see entire page, or Newspaper Thumbnails will take you to the page of interest.)


Army Forge

Army Forge


Ending the Rebellion

McClellan Sabath

McClellan Asks that Sabbath by Observed

Fremont in St. Louis

General Fremont in St. Louis

Fort Hatteras

Surrender of Fort Hatteras

Fort Clark

Fort Clark

Bockade of Charleston

The Blockade of Charleston

Potomac River

Potomac River Map

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa

Making Muskets



Springfield Armory

King Cotton

King Cotton










[SEPTEMBER 21, 1861.



"Oh ! isn't that a Dainty Dish to set before the King ?"

The SACHEM of TAMMANY Kicking Out a WOOD(en) Imitation of Democracy.

A Story of the War of 1812.

Beadle's Dime Novels, No. 29.


By EDWARD S. ELLIS, ESQ., Author of "Seth Jones," "The Frontier Angel," "Bill Biddon, Trapper," "The Trail Hunters," &c. Ten Cents each. For sale at all News Depots. Address   BEADLE & CO., Publishers, New York.

JEWELRY! JEWELRY!—The Head-Quarters for all Cash Buyers of line and cheap Jewelry, Miniature Pins of all the Heroes. Persons wishing to see Samples, enclose stamp for full particulars. W. A. HAYWARD (Manufacturing Jeweler), 208 Broadway.

DO YOU WANT LUXURIANT WHISKERS OR MUSTACHES ?—My Onguent will force them to grow heavily in six weeks (upon the smoothest face) without stain or injury to the skin. Price $1—sent by mail, post free, to any address, on receipt of an order.   R. G. GRAHAM, No. 109 Nassau Street, N. Y.

$40 a Month and Expenses paid. For Terms address HARRIS BRO'S, Boston, Mass.

The New Gas Lamps,

For burning Warren's Carbo-Naptha and Oil: as Self-generating Gas Light, adapted for public and private buildings, gives great satisfaction. Price $3.00 for sample lamps. " Vesper Lamps" and Camphene Lamps repaired and altered to burn these Oils. Send Stamp for Circular. CALLENDER & PERCE, 175 Broadway, N.Y., up stairs.

Highly Important to all.—NEW INVENTION.

For particulars address, enclosing Stamp,

WM. PARSEN, 4 Ann Street, New York.

Dr. Tumblety's Pimple

Old Faces made to look Young and Beautiful.

You may obtain a handsome complexion, exempt from Pimples, Blotches, &c., by using DR. TUMBLETYY's PIMPLE BANISHER. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Sent by mail or Express to any address. Office 499 Broadway, New York.

Patents for New Inventions.

Messrs. MUNN & CO., Proprietors of The Scientific American, No. 37 Park Row, New York, continue to solicit Patents in the United States, and in all foreign countries, on the most reasonable terms. Consultations and pamphlets of advice in English and German free on application to the office.

Read what the

Hon. Joseph Holt,

the great patriot, says:

Messrs. MUNN & Co.: It affords me much pleasure to bear testimony to the able and efficient manner in which you have discharged your duties of Solicitors of Patents while I had the honor of holding the office of Commissioner. Your business was very large, and you sustained (and, I doubt not, justly deserved) the reputation of energy, marked ability, and uncompromising fidelity in performing your professional engagements.

Very respectfully,

Your obed't serv't,   J. HOLT.

Messrs. MUNN & CO. have been engaged in soliciting Patents for over sixteen years, and more than Fifteen Thousand Patents have been granted through their Agency.

To Officers of the Army and Navy.

The undersigned have just received a fine assortment of the celebrated English Double and Single Military Spy Glasses. These glasses can not be equaled in magnifying power, Field of Vision, and portability, and are the same as used by all European Officers.

They range in price from $18 to $50.

Semmons & Co., Opticians, No. 669 1/2 Broadway, opp. Bond St., N. Y.

N.B.—Upon receipt of a postage stamp, we forward Catalogue.


No. 48 East 24th Street, New York.—Boarding and Day School, Classical and Commercial. 14 teachers (6 American, 5 French, 2 German, 1 Spanish). French is the language at large of the school, and pupils can acquire it without any interruption in their other studies. There is a primary department, also a gymnasium and bowling-alley. For full details, &c., send or write for a prospectus.


Will be reopened on Tuesday, September 17th.

Great Closing-out Sale of BOOKS, STATIONERY, and PAPER.

The entire Stock of a large Wholesale house, now selling off to close the concern, at a great reduction, for Cash. The Stock includes School and Standard Books, Staple Stationery, Blank Books, and a very large assortment of WRITING and other PAPERS at a large Discount from Mill Prices. Orders, large or small, by Express or otherwise, promptly attended to. Address

CHARLES T. WHITE & CO., No. 21 Murray Street (Old Stand of Pratt, Oakley & Co.), New York.

ARTIFICIAL LEGS and ARMS. — (SELPHO'S Patent), 516 Broadway, New York. Send for a Circular.

A Beautiful Little Microscope

MAGNIFYING small objects 500 TIMES, will be mailed to any address on the receipt of 25 cents, in silver, and one red stamp. FIVE OF DIFFERENT POWERS, free of postage, $1.00. Address F. BOWEN, Lock Box 114, Boston, Mass.

Perfect Fitting Shirts,


Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, drawings of different styles of Shirts, sent free everywhere.

S. W. H. WARD, from London,

No. 387 Broadway, N. Y., up Stairs.

Alexander Smith's New Poem, Entire,
Entitled "EDWIN OF DEIRA."


For October, 1861.


One Copy for one Year    $3.00

Two Copies for One Year ..............................5.00
Three or more Copies for One. Year (each) . 2.00
And an Exrtra Copy, gratis, for every Club of EIGHT SUBSCRIBERS.

HARPER'S MAGAZINE and Harper's WEEKLY, together, one year, $4.00.



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