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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 11, 1862

We have posted our extensive collection of Harper's Weekly newspapers from the Civil War to this WEB site. They contain fascinating images of the war, and incredible stories of the war. Study of these old newspapers to gain a completely new perspective on the key events and people of the war.

(Scroll Down to See Entire Page, or Newspaper Thumbnails below will take you to a specific page of interest)



Charleston Harbor


The Trent Controversy

Mason Slidell

Release of Mason and Slidell

Mississippi River

Mississippi River Map


Louisville, Kentucky

McCall Report

McCall's Report on Dranesville

Stone Fleet in Charleston Harbor

Stone Fleet Sunk in Charleston Harbor

Brother Jonathan

Brother Jonathan


The Battle of Dranesville

Port Royal

Port Royal, South Carolina

Washington Defenses

Green River

Battle of Green River




[JANUARY 11, 1862.


The McClellan Gift Writing-

Something New for Agents. A portable writing-desk, containing three kinds of writing paper and envelopes; also a pen, pencil, pen-holder, blotting-paper, and a bottle of ink. EACH DESK CONTAINS A GIFT OF JEWELRY, ECLIPSING ALL AND EVERY GIFT JEWELRY ARTICLES EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. The retail price for the McClellan Gift Writing-Desk IS ONLY 25 CENTS! Agents wanted all over the country. For particulars address, with stamp, W. H. CATELY, 102 Nassau Street, New York City.

To Military Officers and The Public.

MILITARY SINGLE and DOUBLE SPYGLASSES for Land and Sea use, with extraordinary power and definition. SPECTACLES of the greatest transparency, to improve the sight. For sale by SEMMONS & CO., Opticians, 669 1/2 Broadway, New York. N. B. By inclosing stamp, Catalogues sent free.

Ready for the New Year.
Ruth Margerie: A Romance of the
First Colonial Revolt of 1689.

By Mrs. M. A. DENISON.

Beadle's Dime Novels, No. 34. Price Ten Cents. For sale by all Newsdealers. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of price. Address BEADLE & CO., Publishers, New York.

"Something New for All."

GEN. GEO. B. M'CLELLAN and our New Union Prize Gift Packages are to be wondered at. Seventy-five cents worth of indispensable articles for 25 cents. Agents are making from $5 to $10 per day. Agents wanted, male and female, everywhere. Address, with stamp for circular, RICKARDS & CO, 102 Nassau Street, New York.

Superior Winter Clothing, Consisting of OVERCOATS, BEAVER AND CLOTH PALETOTS, WALKING COATS, CASSIMERE SUITS, And every description of MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING, ALL AT LOW PRICES. Devlin & Co., Broadway, corner of Warren Street, Broadway, corner of Grand Street.

Unceasing Wonders.

  Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anatomy, 563 Broadway, New York.
(Next door to Ball and Black.)

Where man may trace his development from the 21st day of conception, and where at one glance is seen 1700 parts of the human body. In conjunction with these wondrous sights, a monster child, with FOUR legs, TWO heads, and FOUR arms, has just been added to this already interesting and instructive institution. LECTURES DAILY. Open for gentlemen only, from 10 A.M. till 10 P.M. Admission 25 cents. SENT BY EXPRESS EVERYWHERE.


BROTHER JONATHAN. "Well, JOHNNY, if you want 'em very bad, you can take 'em—and tell yer what, if you feel like going into that kinder Business, I can let yes have just as many more as you like from a little Establishment of mine called SING SING !"

PAT. "Whist, JONATHAN, will ye Plaze to jist go on Crushin' the Rebellion, an' lave the Starvin' Ould Curmudgeon to Me?"

A Glimpse into the Future.-JOHN BULL'S Distinguished Reception of his New Friends.

HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, New York, have just Published : YOUNG BENJAMIN FRANKLIN; or, The Right Road through Life. A Story to Show how Benjamin learned the Principles which raised him from Printer's Boy to the first Embassador of the American Republic. A Boy's Book on a Boy's own Subject. By HENRY MAYHEW, Author of "The Peasant-Boy Philosopher." "The Wonders of Science ; or, Young Humphrey Davy," &c., &c. With Illustrations by JOHN GILBERT. 16mo, Muslin, 75 cts. THE CHILDREN'S PICTURE-BOOK OF THE SAGACITY OF ANIMALS. Illustrated with Sixty Engravings by HARRISON WEIR. Square 4to, Muslin, 75 cents. Forming the Fifth Volume of CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOKS: THE CHILDREN'S BIBLE PICTURE-BOOK. THE CHILDREN'S FABLE PICTURE-BOOK. THE CHILDREN'S PICTURE-BOOK OF BIRDS. THE CHILDREN'S PICTURE-BOOK OF QUADRUPEDS. THE CHILDREN'S PICTURE-BOOK OF THE SAGACITY OF ANIMALS. Sets of Children's Picture-Books, complete, in neat case, $3.75. STREAKS OF LIGHT; or, Fifty-Two Facts from the Bible for Fifty-Two Sundays of the Year. By the Author of "Reading without Tears," "More about Jesus," &c. 16mo, Muslin gilt, 60 cents.

Retailed at Wholesale Prices,
Made to Measure at $18 per doz.

With fine Linen Bosoms, and warrranted as good a Shirt
as sold in the retail stores at $2.50 each.


P. S.—Those who think I can not make a good Shirt for $18 per dozen are mistaken. Here's the cost of one dozen $18 fine shirts.

30 yards of New York Mills Muslin at 14 1/2 c. per yd.        $4.35 7 yards of fine linen, at 50c. per yard    3.50

Making and cutting   6.00 Laundry, $1 ; buttons and cotton, 50c    1.50 Profit    2.65 Total    $18.00

Self-Measurement for Shirts.

Printed directions for self measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. These rules are so easy to understand that any one can take their own measure. I warrant a perfect fit.

The cash can be paid to the Express Company on re-receipt of the goods.

The Express Company have orders to allow all parties to examine the goods before paying for them. If the goods are not as represented, you are at liberty to return them.

S. W. H. WARD, from London, 387 Broadway, up stairs, Between White and Walker Streets, NEW YORK.

Brother Jonathan
Brother Jonathan and John Bull




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