Jefferson Davis as the Devil


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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 4, 1862

This is an original Harper's Weekly newspaper published during the Civil War. It has a variety of wood cut illustrations created by eye-witnesses to the events, and in depth news and analysis of the War.

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Ship Island

Ship Island

Charleston Fire

Charleston Fire

Building Green River Bridge

Green River Bridge


Jeff Davis as the Devil

Ship Island

Ship Island

Savannah Map

Map of Savannah River

Burnside Expedition

General Burnside's Expedition




[JANUARY 4, 1862.


KING JEFF THE FIRST. ' Let them burn ! Let the Women and Children Suffer! I'm bound to keep Warm!"

Scene.—Rebel Pickets in Western Virginia.

FIRST PICKET. "Awful Cold, ain't it?"

SECOND PICKET. "Co-o-ld ! yes, an' I'm jist gitting another Shake of that Ager, and no Quinine in the 'Federacy !"

FIRST PICKET. "Worser still ! Got them Blue Devils after me, an' nary drop o' Whiskey." (With much feeling.)

SECOND PICKET. "I wish I was Ho-o-me."

[They part, singing, mournfully, DIXIE, without the Variations.]

The Lights and Shadows of Slave Life.

Maum Guinea

And her Plantation "Children."




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6 sheets Commercial Note Paper.

6 Sheets Fine Ladies' Note Paper.

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1 Accommodation Penholder.

2 Fine Steel Pens.

1 Fine Pencil.

1 Sheet Blotting Paper.

Retail price for the whole, twenty-five cents. Agents wanted in every city, town, and village. Call on or address, enclosing stamp, RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York.

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WEDDINGSS supplied with the new style of Marriage Cards and Envelopes, by A DEMAREST, Engraver, 182 Broadway. Samples by mail.

The Christmas Gift. .

OLD Christmas had come, with his bright, merry face, And bracing airs joyous and keen,

And while the gay holiday folks at each place, Selecting their gifts, might be seen,

An old man walked on, at a very brisk pace,

In search of a SEWING-MACHINE.

Perplexed he appeared nay, bewildered in mind—Amid all the vast moving scene,

Unable to meet with precisely the kind

Of thing he was seeking, I ween;

(Indeed, it is not quite so easy to find A really good SEWING-MACHINE).

For hours he paced up and down all Broadway, With puzzled and sorrowful mien;

For all his researches, throughout the long day, Entirely fruitless had been,

Till Fortune benignantly threw him in way


"Ah, here !"—he exclaimed as a happy smile graced His features so bland and serene-

Ah ! here I have managed to find out, at last,

"The very MACHINE that I mean;

"Yes, yes—I'd forgotten the name in my haste" 'Twas FINKLE AND LYON'S MACHINE!

"Was ever invention like this 'neath the sun!

"What movements!—how rapid and clean!" Continued repeating the joyous old man,

As he on his elbows did lean,

Beholding what wonderful things can be done By FINKLE AND LYON'S MACHINE. His choice of a gift was no longer delayed; (And here his great wisdom was seen)- That Christmas, his daughter—a blooming young maid— Was rendered as proud as a queen; Next morn, when she rose, in her boudoir there laid A FINKLE AND LYON'S MACHINE! Superior Winter Clothing, Consisting of OVERCOATS, BEAVER AND CLOTH PALETOTS, WALKING COATS, CASSIMERE SUITS, And every description of MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING, ALL AT LOW PRICES.


Broadway, corner of Warren Street, Broadway, corner of Grand Street.

Unceasing Wonders.

Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anatomy, 553 Broadway, New York.

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The Public.

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A portable writing-desk, containing three kinds of writing paper and envelopes; also a pen, pencil, pen-holder, blotting-paper, and a bottle of ink. EACH DESK CONTAINS A GIFT OF JEWELRY, ECLIPSING ALL AND EVERY GIFT JEWELRY ARTICLES EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. The retail price for the McClellan Gift Writing-Desk IS ONLY 25 CENTS! Agents wanted all over the country. For particulars address, with stamp, W. H. CATELY, 102 Nassau Street, New York City. SENT BY EXPRESS EVERYWHERE.

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as sold in the retail stores at $2.50 each.


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7 yards of fine Linen, at 50c. per yard    3.50

Making and cutting ...............................6.00

Laundry, $1 ; buttons and cotton, 50c    1.50

Profit    2.65

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S. W. H. WARD, from London,

387 Broadway, up stairs, Between White and Walker Streets, NEW YORK.

Jefferson Davis as the Devil
Rebel Cartoon
McClellan Writing Desk




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