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Civil War Harper's Weekly, September 6, 1862

Welcome to our online archive or original Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. We feel confident that this collection will be a valuable resource for your study and research. This information is simply not available anywhere else!

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Iron Clad

Iron Clad

Slave Colonization Plan

Lincoln's Slave Colonization Plan

Letter from Lincoln to Horrace Greeley

Lincoln's Letter to Horace Greeley


Women in the Civil War

Battle of Baton Rouge

The Battle of Baton Rouge


Reconnaissance Balloon

Army of the Potomac at Yorktown

Army of the Potomac at Yorktown

Rebel Cartoon

Rebel Cartoon

Battle of Baton Rouge

Battle of Baton Rouge


The "Essex"


The Army of the Potomac at Yorktown

Civil War Women

Civil War Women




[SEPTEMBER 6, 1862.



"The Report of the Secretary of the Treasury will exhibit in detail the operations of that department. It will be seen with satisfaction that the credit of the government securities remains unimpaired, and that this credit is fully justified by the comparatively small amount of accumulated debt, notwithstanding the magnitude of our military operations.—(Extract .from JEFF DAVIS'S Message.)

HORACE GREELEY. "Mr. President, 'do you propose to ignore, disregard, and in effect defy' these twenty millions here present,
whom I command?"


Extra to Agents.

All who sell our great and unequaled Prize Packages receive from us as a free present, a

Superb Watch,

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"Ne Plus Ultra Prize Package."

Also, all other GIFT and STATIONERY PACKETS at unprecedented low pries,. We do NOT give a


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French and English Institute,

FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN, 48 and 50 East 24th Street. Boarding and Day School. Pupils prepared for West-point, the Navy School, College, and Business. A pupil can enter when' six years of age, and remain till he is 20. The Prospectus contains the names of the pupils and their parents for the last seven years. Lessons resumed on SEPTEMBER 16th. ELIE CHARLIER, Director.

A Railroad Time-keeper,

With every 100 Prize Packages, the Largest and Best Prize Packages sold, contains 50 New and Valuable Articles. We give to each Agent a good Watch, our Packages contain 24 Sheets of Paper and 24 Envelopes (4 kinds), and other articles. Send for circular. W. H. CATELY & CO., 102 Nassau Street, N Y

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$10 to $20 per day with ease.

The best Packages and largest inducements. Send for Circulars.   C. M. DUNN & CO., 118 Nassau Street.

Attention Masons and Soldiers.

Head-Quarters for all in want of Jewelry. Agents wanted in every Regiment and Town in the country. I will send (as sample) a handsome GOLD MASONIC PIN or RING, or Plated VEST CHAIN, or fine Gold Pen and Pencil, or Engraved Locket, or ENGRAVED BRACELET, or Neck Chain, or a beautiful sett of Jewelry, on the receipt of $1, together with my wholesale Circular. C. P. GIRTON, Manufacturing Jeweler, 208 Broadway.

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WORK, Wrought, Cast, and Wire.

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GOLD PENS AND HOLDERS at prices to suit the times. Retailed at wholesale prices. Gold Pens, Solid Silver Extension Cases, at $1, $1.50, $1.75, $2.25, $2.75 each, according to the size. Warranted to last 5 years. Gold Pens re-pointed equal to new on the receipt of 25 cents in stamps. Agents wanted in every regiment. Orders by mail promptly attended to. Send for a circular, giving full list of prices and engravings of the pens. E. S. JOHNSON.    Manufactory and Office 15 Maiden Lane, (Established 1845.)  New York City.

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Call or send for Circulars, with references, &c.

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Rebel Cartoon




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