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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 10, 1863

This site features our collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. Harper's Weekly was the most popular illustrated newspapers of the day. Our online version of this historical record will help students of the war find in depth information and incredible illustrations of all the key events in the War.

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General Thomas

General Thomas

Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Chickamauga

Bread Riots

Mobile Bread Riots

Artillery Shells

Artillery Shells

Sabine Pass

Battle of Sabine Pass

Sabine Pass

Sabine Pass

Dead Horse

Soldier with a Dead Horse

Slave Cartoon

Slave Cartoon

Black Island Batteries

Black Island Batteries

Army of the Potomac

Army of the Potomac








[OCTOBER 10, 1863.



THE SOUTHERN SPHINX. "Now, MASSA CONFEDERATE, what are you gwine to do with me?"


Bankers and Dealers in Government Securities,



No. 38 Wall Street.

Orders received for Five-Twenty Bonds at Par, interest to commence with date of payment.

U. S. 7.30 Treasury Notes.

" One Year Certificates.

" Six per Cent. Bonds of 1881.

And all other Government Securities bought, sold, and constantly on hand.

Accounts of Banks, Bankers, and others received on favorable terms.

Special attention given to the Collection of Government Vouchers, Quartermasters' Checks, and maturing Certificates of Indebtedness.

FISK & HATCH, 38 Wall Street.




Lincoln's Letters on

National Questions.

I. To General McClellan.—H. To Horace Greeley.—III. To Fernando Wood.—IV. To the Albany Committee.—V. To Governor Seymour.—VI. To the Springfield Meeting.

A neat 12mo pamphlet. Price, post-paid. 8 cents; Two Copies, 15 cents. Stamps received. Sold by all News Agents.

H. H. LLOYD & CO., Publishers, 81 John St., N. Y.

From the X. 7. Illustrated News, Jan., 10, 1863.

One of the prettiest, most convenient, and decidedly the beet and cheapest time-piece for general and reliable use ever offered."

ranted an accurate time-piece. Its size is convenient, measuring but two inches across it. Price, superbly engraved, per case of half dozen, $204. Sample Watches, in neat Morocco boxes, $35. If sent by mail, the postage is 36 cents; registering, 20 cents.


HUBBARD BROS., Importers,

Broadway, cor. Courtlandt Street, N. Y.


Also, a full assortment of


Jet, Coral, and Steel Goods.

Schuyler, Hartley & Graham,

19 Maiden Lane 22 John Street, N. Y.,
15 Rue d'Enghein, Paris,
47 Hampton St., Birmingham, Eng.


Shults' Onguent, warranted to produce a full set of Whiskers in six weeks, or money refunded. Sent post-paid, for 30 cents. Address C. F. SHULTS, Troy, N. Y.

A Bad Breath—The Greatest Curse the human family is heir to. How many lovers it has separated—how many friends forever parted. The subject is so delicate, your nearest friend will not mention it, and you are ignorant of the fact. To effect a radical cure, use the "BALM OF THOUSAND FLOWERS" as a dentrifice, night and morning. It also beautifies the complexion, removing all tan, pimples, and freckles, leaving the skin soft and white. Price 50 cents. For sale by all druggists. H. P. FETRIDGE & CO., 31 and 33 Dey Street, N. Y., and for sale by all Druggists.

American Enamelled Metallic Collar Co., No. 94 Pine Street, New York, Are now manufacturing their splendid Collars, which for shape, appearance, and durability are FAR IN ADVANCE of anything heretofore produced. They are the inventors and manufacturers of the only real "TURN-OVER" COLLAR ever offered. These Collars are infinitely SUPERIOR TO STEEL, being more pliable, and the material of which they are manufactured BEING A NON-CONDUCTOR, renders them free from the objectionable feature of the steel collar, viz.: the courting of that dangerous element, electricity, in the shape of lightning. Inclose $1 for a "Choker," or $1.50 for a genuine "half turn-over" collar, to the AMERICAN ENAMELED METALLIC COLLAR COMPANY, Box No. 5173 New York City Post Office, and receive it by return mail.


OR SIGNS OF CHARACTER, and "How to Read Them;" Physiology, the functions of the body; Phrenology, the organs of the brain; Ethnology, the races of man; and Psychology, the science of the soul, are given in the PHRENOLOGICAL. JOURNAL. Vol. 38 commenced July. $1.50 a year. Single number, 15 cents, by first post. FOWLER & WELLS, 308 Broadway, N. Y.


THE BEST CHANCE FOIL AGENTS TO MAKE money is on Mrs. Stephens's Great Work, the Pictorial History of the War for the Union. It is the work for the people. It is meeting with an unprecedented sale. For full particulars and agency, address JOHN C. WELLS, 165 William Street, NY

STEINWAY & SONS, Nos. 82 and 84 Walker Street, N. Y., were awarded a first prize medal at the late Great International Exhibition, London. There were two hundred and sixty-nine pianos from all parts of the world entered for competition. The special correspondent of the New York Times says: "Messrs. Steinways' endorsement by the Jurors is emphatic, and stronger and more to the point than that of any European maker."

A Splendid New Book for Boys!

The Drummer Boy

Is a story of Burnside's Expedition in North Carolina—a boy's book—full of stirring adventure and rapid incident. The life and enthusiasm of the young hero is painted in vivid colors."—New York Evening Post. Elegantly illustrated. Price $1.00. Just published by J. E. TILTON & CO., Boston, and sold at all bookstores.

cord or spine. Never rusts nor weakens from use. It cures all recent and many long standing cases. No. I Barclay Street, N. Y., opposite the Astor House, formerly of 13 Beekman Street.


$15 Per Day Easy $15

Agents in Towns, and Soldiers in camp or discharged, are making easily $15 per day selling our GREAT NEW and WONDERFUL UNION PRIZE AND STATIONERY PACKAGES, NOVEL AND UNEQUALED, and unlike all the old styles; containing all New Articles, and of fine quality. Writing Materials, Games, Useful and Fancy Articles, Likenesses of Heroes, Camp Companions (for the Army), rich gifts of Jewelry, &c., &c., altogether worth over $1, for ONLY 25c. They are just the thing for a present to your friend in the Army. No family should be without one. Profits immense, sales quick. Soldiers in camp can act as Agents, and make money fast. A SPLENDID WATCH, warranted as a perfect time-keeper, presented free to all Agents. Packages in endless variety and at all prices. Agents wanted all through the country. Send for NEW Circulars for 1863, containing EXTRA inducements. See "15 per day Easy" on inside page. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, largest and oldest Prize Package House in the World.

Gold Pens and Cases, Retailed at Wholesale Prices. Ladies' Pens $.75    Engrossing Pens $2.00 Med.   "   .75   Union    "   2.50 Large "   1.25   Mammoth "   3.00 Commercial Pens 1.50   Commercial Eureka 2.25 Large Eureka " 1.50 Mammoth Eureka 3.50 The above Pens are 14 carats fine, and warranted perfect in every respect for 1 year. A written guarantee accompanies each Pen. These Pens are well known in the mercantile community for the last (10) Ten years, and the subscriber believes, from the number of unsolicited testimonials given him, that they are the best Pen now in use, or he would not be able to give them the guarantee he does. Send for a circular, before purchasing elsewhere, giving the exact sizes and prices of the various styles of Pens and Cases. Pens made to order to suit any hand or style of writing. Beware of the imitation Johnson Pens, and by purchasing at the manufactory secure the genuine article. Pens repointed on the receipt of 36 Cts. E. S. JOHNSON, Manufactory and Office, 15 Maiden Lane, New York City.

Fish's Patent Lamp Heating


Every Family should have One.

For descriptive Pamphlet and Price, List, address, W. D. RUSSELL, Agent, 206 Pearl St., N. Y. Agents wanted.


Approved by the Government.

Warranted superior to any other Pistol of the kind. Address E. REMINGTON & SONS, Ilion, N. Y.  

A Household Ward.—Buy your housekeeping Articles at BASSFORD'S, Cooper Institute, New York.

NOW READY. New Edition Revised. U. S. ARMY REGULATIONS; With an Appendix containing the Changes and Laws affecting Army Regulations and Articles of War to June 25, 1863. Official. One volume octavo, pages 594, price $1.50. For sale by Booksellers and Newsdealers everywhere. Sent free on receipt of price. Address GEORGE W. CHILDS, Publisher, 628 & 630 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. N. B. The old edition is now obsolete.

$22 WATCHES. $22

Genuine American Lever Watches, in coin Silver, heavy Hunting Case, warranted, for $22. Retail price $35. Genuine Full Jewelled American Lever Watches, in 4 ounce Coin Silver Hunting Case, gold joint, for $35. Also every variety of good watches, at equally low rates. All orders from the army must be pre-paid, as the express companies will not take Bills for Collection on soldiers. J. L. FERGUSON, Importer of Watches, 208 Broadway New York.

How to Paint Photographs. A NEW WORK. Just published. Price 10 cents. Sold by all principal Booksellers, Artists' supply-men, and Stock Dealers, and sent, post-paid, by the publishers. J. E. TILTON & CO., Boston.

To all Wanting Farms. Large and thriving settlement of Vineland. Rich soil, Good crops of Wheat, Corn, Peaches, &c., to be seen—only 30 miles from Philadelphia. Delightful climate—20 acre tracts of from $15 to $20 per acre, payable within 4 years. Good Schools and society. Good crops can be seen growing. Hundreds are settling. On account of extreme mildness of climate, it is highly beneficial to pulmonary complaints. Apply to CHAS. K. LANDIS, P.M., Vineland, Cumberland Co., New Jersey. Report of Solon Robinson and Vineland Rural sent free. From Report of Solon Robinson, Ag. Ed. Tribune. "It is one of the most extensive fertile tracts in an almost level position, and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know of this side of the Western Prairies."

Patent Fountain Brush, for Marking Boxes, Bundles, &c. Man'ft'd by E. P. CLARK & Co., Northampton, Mass.





In Manufacture,

Fitting, and Material.

At UNION ADAMS, No. 637 Broadway.


Having the appearance and comfort of linen, have been worn in England for the last two years in preference to any other collar, as they are readily cleaned in one minute with a sponge. To Military Men end Travelers they are invaluable. Price $1 each, sent by Post to any part of the Union on receipt of $1.15. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AGENTS WANTED in every Town in the Union. S. W. H. WARD,  387 B'way, N. Y.

Made to Measure at $24, $30, $36, & $42 PER DOZEN. Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of price, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. FRENCH FLANNEL OVERSHIRTS, the largest assortment in New York, $2.75, $3, $3.75 each; all cut one yard long. A single Shirt sent by mail on receipt of the cost. The cost of postage must be enclosed—63 cents for each Shirt. Send the size of your neck. ENGLISH MERINO UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, $2, $2.25, and $2.50. SCOTCH LAMB'S WOOL UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. S. W. H. WARD. 387 Broadway, N. Y.


Costiveness.  Spring is the time to use DR. LEATHE'S


Which Purifies the Blood, Invigorates the Body, gives Tone to the Nerves, Strength to the Muscles, and Health to every Channel, Joint, and Limb. One Dollar per Bottle (which often cures). Depot, 130 CHATHAM ST., N. Y. Sold 502 GRAND ST. Ask for LEATHE'S YELLOW DOCK SYRUP. Take no other. Established 1848. Sold by Druggists everywhere.

The Great Secret for soldiers. Mailed for 10 cents. Address WM. POTTER, Box 1943, Philadelphia, Pa.


Can be made selling our New Large Stationery Prize Packets. A "Splendid Premium" given to all who act as Agents. Send for our New Circular. G. S. HASKINS do CO., 36 Beekman St., N. Y.

$7. WATCHES. $7.

A Beautiful Engraved Gold-Plated Watch, Lever Cap, small size, English Movements, perfect time-keeper. Sent free by mail, in neat case, for only $7. A Solid Silver, same as above, $7. Specially adapted to the ARMY. CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., 38 & 40 Ann Street, N. Y. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, of Aug. 22, says: "Messrs. NORTON & CO. have combined two very desirable things in a watch — cheapness and reliability. When it is known that for $7 a person can have an excellent timekeeper, there will be greater punctuality in all the affairs of life."

All kinds Sewing Machine Needles, At      J. W. BARTLETT'S, The only GENERAL NEEDLE Depot, 442 Broadway, N. Y.

Slave Cartoon





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