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Civil War Harper's Weekly, May 21, 1864

We are happy to present this online archive of our collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. Reading these original newspapers enables you to gain new insights into the important people, events, and battles of the Civil War. We have posted over 2,000 pages, and hope you find the material useful.

(Scroll Down to See Entire Page, or Newspaper Thumbnails below will take you to the page of interest)


Buzzard's Roost

Buzzard's Roost

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Battle of Spotsylvania

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General Wadsworth


Confederate Atrocities


Music Festival

Philadelphia Music Festival

City Point Virginia








[MAY 21, 1864.



JONES. . '' Do you know, Sir, what I'll do, if the Government persists in carrying out this exorbitant tax on liquors and cigars? I'll not drink another glass of liquor or smoke another cigar. No, Sir, not one!"


Bankers and Dealers in Government

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HARPER & BROTHERS Have Just Published : SPEKE'S AFRICA. JOURNAL OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCE OF THE NILE. By JOHN HANNING SPEKE, Captain H. M. Indian Army, Fellow and Gold Medalist of the Royal Geographical Society, Hon. Corr. Member and Gold Medalist of the French Geographical Society, &c. With Maps and Portraits, and numerous Illustrations, chiefly from Drawings, by Captain GRANT. 8vo, Cloth, uniform with LIVINGSTONE, BARTH, BURTON, &c. Price $3 50.THE SMALL HOUSE AT ALLINGTON. A Novel. By ANTHONY TROLLOPE, Author of "Rachel Ray," "Orley Farm," " Doctor Thorne," "Framley Parsonage," "'The Bertrams," "The Three Clerks," "The West Indies and the Spanish Main," &c. Illustrated by Millais. 8vo, Cloth, $175; Paper, $1 25. BARBARA'S HISTORY. A Novel. By AMELIA B. EDWARDS, Author of " My Brother's Wife," " Hand and Glove," " The Story of Cervantes," &c., &c. 8vo, Paper, 60 cents.  ANNIS WARLEIGH'S FORTUNES. A Novel. By HOLME LEE, Author of "Sylvan Holt's Daughter," " Kathie Brande," &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents. THACKERAY'S ROUNDABOUT PAPERS. Roundabout Papers. By W. M. THACRERAY, Author of " The Four Georges," "The English Humorists," "Vanity Fair," "Pendennis," "The Newcomes," "Adventures of Philip," &c. With Illustrations. 12mo, Cloth, $125; Half Morocco, $2 50. Sent by mail, postage-free, on receipt of price. HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE For June, 1864.

CONTENTS: A CHAPTER ON THE COOLIE TRADE. ILLUSTRATIONS.—Coolies Embarking.—Enraged Coolie.—Barracoons at Macao.—The Interpreters.—A Sampan.—Preserving the Peace.—A Providential Mischance. —Closing the Main Hatch.—Firing down the Hatchway. —Chained to the Hatch.—A vain Attempt.—The Writing in Blood.—On the Lower Deck.

MORTE D'ARTHUR. ILLUSTRATIONS,—Finding Excalibur.—The Death of King Arthur. THE HEIR OF RAYMOND HILL. WINE-MAKING IN CALIFORNIA. ILLUSTRATIONS.—Buena Vista Ranche and Vineyard. —Works of the Buena Vista Vinicultural Association.—Planting the Vine—Training the Vine.—The Tanks.—The Cellars. THREE LIVES. MY SWORD SONG. THE SMALL HOUSE AT ALLINGTON. (Concluded.) CHAPTER LVIII. The Fate of the Small House. CHAPTER LIX. John Eames becomes a Man. CHAPTER LX. Conclusion. ILLUSTRATION.—In the Garden. YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT. THREE TROPHIES FROM THE WAR. OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. By CHARLES DICKENS. CHAPTER I. On the Look-out.

CHAPTER II. The Man from Somewhere. CHAPTER III. Another Man. CHAPTER IV. The R. Wilfer Family. ILLUSTRATION.—Portrait of Charles Dickens. ONLY TWELVE LEFT. THE LETTER G. A DEAD LOVE. WHY I WROTE IT. HOMOEOPATHY. TOWARD SUNSET. NORTHWARD. THE, POOR WHITES OF THE SOUTH. MONTHLY RECORD OF CURRENT EVENTS. LITERARY NOTICES. EDITOR'S EASY CHAIR. EDITOR'S DRAWER. ILLUSTRATIONS.—A Flattering Prospect.—Hard Indeed.—Rather Doubtful. FASHIONS FOR JUNE. ILLUSTRATIONS.—Breakfast Robe.—Out-Door Dress. TERMS. One Copy for one Year    $3 00 Two Copies for One Year . . .   . 5 50 An Extra Copy, gratis, for every CIub of TEN SCRIBERS, at $2 75 each, or 11 Copies for $27 50. HARPER'S MAGAZINE and HARPER'S WEEKLY, together, one year, $5 50.


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TERMS TO ADVERTISERS.--One Dollar per line for inside, and One Dollar and Fifty Cents per line for outside Advertisements each insertion.






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