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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 29, 1864

This site features our collection of Harper's Weekly newspapers. This collection is an invaluable archive for those interested in developing a more complete understanding of the war. Reading news on pages printed within days of the battles give a new perspective on the war.

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McClellan Cartoon











[OCTOBER 29, 1864.



A CERTAIN DISTINGUISHED GENERAL. " Say ! when does this train start for Washington ?" CONDUCTOR. "Law! if you want to go to Washington, you ought to have taken the Baltimore Train, which starts from the other Platform. Didn't you know the Chicago Train don't run to Washington?"


Bankers and Dealers in Government

No. 38 Wall Street, New York.

Davis Collamore & Co.,

479 Broadway, below Broome St.,


DRY AND GROUND IN OIL in several drab shades.

For English and Gothic Cottages. Outbuildings, &c. ROBERT REYNOLDS, Agent, No. 74 Maiden Lane.

CARPET WARP. Tobacco Twine, Twines and Paper. H. A. HARVEY, 84 Maiden Lane,N.Y.

Gold Pens.—If you want the best Pen ever used send to Johnson for circular of engravings, giving exact sizes and prices. Pens repointed at 50c. each, by mail.

E. S. JOHNSON, Manufacturer, 15 Maiden Lane.,

Kendall's Amboline

For the Hair.

Will surely prevent hair falling out. The best Hair Dressing in the market. For sale by all Druggists.

Prepared only by


35 Dey Street, New York.

Madame M. L. MAS, At honneur de faire part a sa nombreuse chientelle et au public en general qu'elle vient de transferer son etabblissement du No. 32 Amity St. an No. 1117 Broadway, coin de la 25ieme Rue, New York, et ou elle a ouvert un grand magasin de Manteaux et de Robes. Les nouveautes en garnitures pour Robes et Manteaux seront aussi vendues separement et it des prix moderes. On trouvera constament Is plus riche assortiment d'etoffes pour Robes et Manteaux.

Oh, Oh, Boys But that's a good Pipe, so handy to carry, so pleasant to smoke, so easy to clean, always ready. It is a gay thing for the Bold Soldier Boys. 1 dozen sent free (by permission) on receipt of $2 50. RICHARDS & CO., 97 William Street, New York.

UNTIL AFTER THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, KIRTLAND, BRONSON & Co., MANUFACTURERS AND JOBBERS OF CLOTHING 45 AND 47 CHAMBERS STREET, WILL RETAIL. From their Large Wholesale Stock, Suits and Single Garments, of Every Description, equal in Quality, Style, and Finish to the best Broadway Custom Work, at Prices



Vineland Lands. To all Wanting Farms.

Large and thriving settlement, mild and healthful climate, 30 miles south of Philadelphia by railroad. Rich soil, producing large crops, which can now be seen growing. Ten, twenty, and fifty acre tracts, at from $25 to $35 per acre, payable within four years. Good business openings for manufactories and others. Churches, schools, and good society. It is now the most improving place East or West. Hundreds are settling and building. The beauty with which the place is laid out is unsurpassed. Letters answered. Papers giving full information will be sent free. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS, Vineland Post-Office, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

From Report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: "It is one of the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know of this side of the Western prairies.

" One of Many."

A Soldier's letter to Professor Holloway. The following letter is among the last received from the Army of Gen'l Grant. It is only one of many hundreds of genuine letters which are kept on file at the United States Agency for the sale of Holloway's Medicines, 80 Maiden Lane, New York. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn, January 31st, 1864.

Professor Holloway, Sir—I have used a few Boxes of your excellent Pills, and now I send money for two boxes. If the sum is not the required amount, send me one box, and let me know what is the required sum. I think if some of your circulars, &c., were here, there would be a great many of the boys sending to you for Pills. The Army doctors are not the best in the world. I am very respectfully yours. L. T. MULCREAN, 2d Minn. Vols., Head-Quarters 3d Division 14th Army Corps, Chattanooga, Tenn.


We will send to any address one of our large size, fine quality, warranted Gold Pens and Silver-plated Extension Cases, or silver Ebony Holder and Morocco Case, for $1 50. Pens repointed for 50 cents. Send stamp for circular. AMERICAN GOLD PEN CO., No. 200 Broadway, N. Y.

" The West Indian Hair Curler"

IS THE MOST EFFECTUAL CURLER IN USE. See inside Advertisement.

American Watches. The high premium on gold, and the increased rate of duty on watches, have greatly enhanced the cost of those of foreign manufacture, and it is now impossible to purchase a good watch, of English or Swiss make, except at a very extravagant price. For the same cause, the cheapest qualities of foreign make, the worthless ancres and Lepines which flood the country, have nearly risen to the price at which the American Watch Company furnish their well known "Wm. Ellery" watch—a watch of the most substantial manufacture, and an accurate and durable time-keeper. Our higher-priced watches are relatively still cheaper. We have advanced the prices of our finer movements but about 25 per cent. since the war began, while foreign watches of the same grade cost three times their ante-war prices. Wholesale orders should be addressed to ROBBINS & APPLETON, Agents for the AMERICAN WATCH CO., 182 Broadway, New York.

JUST PUBLISHED.—OLD ABE'S JOKES, 128 pp., 35c. The Life of Abraham Lincoln; 100 pp., 25c. The Life of George B. M'Clellan; 100 pp., 25c. The Little Mac Campaign Songster; 72 pp., 12c. The President Lincoln Campaign Songster; 72 pp., 12c. Sold by Booksellers and News dealers every where. Mailed, post-paid. T. R. DAWLEY, Publisher, New York.

Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of Shirts and Collars, sent free every where. French Flannel Overshirts. Cut 38 inches long, $4 75 and $5 00 each. Sent by mail on receipt of the Cash and 63 cents postage each shirt.

Enameled White, having all the comforts of linen collars. Washed and dried in a moment. A sample Collar mailed free on receipt of 75 cents. Cuffs $1 00 per pair. Ladies' Collars and Cuffs same price. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. AGENTS WANTED in every Town in the Union. S. W. H. WARD 387 Broadway, N.Y. MUSICAL BOXES. M. J. PAILLARD, 21 Maiden Lane (up stairs), New York.

MATCH, JOHNSON & CO., 81 Devonshire St. Boston. J. S. Lowrey & Co., 37 Warren St., New York; Van Deusen, Boehmer & Co., 627 Chestnut St., Phila. ; Hodges Bros., 23 Hanover St., Baltimore ; Wall, Stephens & Co., 322 Pennsylvania Av., Wash'n; Leavitt & Bevis, cor. Fifth and Vine Sts., Cincinnati; J. Von Borries & Co., 434 Main St.,Louisville ; A.Frankenthal & Bro.,6 No. Main St., St. Louis; Bradford Bros., Milwaukee; Weed, Witters & Co., 7 to 13 Tchoupitoulas St., N. O.


The immense popularity of " Gray's Patent Molded Collar" has given rise to sundry imitations and infringements of my patents.

The public, and especially dealers in collars, are cautioned that all such violations of my rights will be strictly prosecuted.   SOLOMON S. GRAY. BOSTON, October 1, 1864.

SELF-ADJUSTING, enameled white, 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, $1 00. Snow white, linen finish, illusion stitched, and corrugated, $125. Suitable tie, $1 00. Mailed on receipt of price. JEANERET, 78 Nassau Street, New York.


And $15 to $20 per day, made easy, selling our Latest Novelty, now creating such an Immense Sensation and extraordinary demand throughout the Army and Country. The Great, New, and Wonderful PRIZE PORT-FOLIOS. Extra Large. Size 7 by 12. Just Out. Each of which contains Several Dollars' Worth of useful and Valuable Goods, PRIZES, &c. Price only 25 cents. Articles that Soldiers and Families can not do without. Thousands sold every day. Soldiers can clear a Month's Pay in one day. Agents wanted in every town, village, and camp for this Standard Article. A splendid Gold or Silver WATCH presented free as a premium to every Agent. This is the greatest money making and surest business of the day. Profits very large. Sales rapid. We guarantee any agent $15 per day. All goods forwarded, with premiums, same day the order is received. Catalogues, with wholesale prices and Premium Inducements, sent free. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau St., N. Y., Sole Manufacturers.

A BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVED GOLD PLATED WATCH, Double Case, Lever, Cap, small size, white enameled dial, cut hands, "English Movements," and correct time keeper, with an accurate " Miniature Calendar," indicating the " Day of the Week, Month, &c.," in back case. A single one sent free by mail to any address in a neat case, WITH A BEAUTIFUL VEST CHAIN, for only $10. A neat SILVER WATCH, same as above, with "Miniature Calendar," &c., specially adapted to the ARMY. Sent free by mail, to any address, for only   $7. THE ARMY OFFICERS' WATCH. Solid Gold Composite Fancy Hunting Case, Fancy Movements, &c. $15. SOLID SILVER COMPOSITE Army Regulator. A correct Time-Keeper. $15. COIN SILVER ENGLISH LEVERS, Cap, Jeweled, Balance, and Magic Spring. $20, $25, $30. ENGLISH COURT WATCHES, for Ladies. Fancy Enameled Cases. Superior Articles. $25 and $30. Address CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., Sole Importers, 38 & 40 Ann Street, New York.


Send us your address. Return you a Comic Paper, gratis, to read in camp and " bunk." Free to the above only. M. " A." GILBERT & CO., 36 Ann St., New York.

THERE IS NOTHING BETTER FOR PAIN or Weakness in the Back, Breast, Side ; Rheumatism, Asthma, and for diseases of the Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys, than Knapp's Indian Strengthening Plasters. General Depot, No. 362 Hudson Street, New York. Sold by all druggists.


New Political Torch, Burns 3 Hours-- FLAGS, ILLUMINATIONS, &c. The New Campaign Lantern, With Illuminated Portraits and Mottoes of the Candidates. Clubs supplied. Depot, FUNSTON & SCOFIELD, 9 Dey Street, New York. Calenberg & Vaupel's PIANOFORTES, 99 and 101 Bleecker Street, 2d block West of Broadway. Warranted for Six Years. $100 Cash Prizes in Puzzle Department of MERRYMAN'S MONTHLY, Now Ready at all News Dealers'. Price 10 cents. Don't fail to procure a copy of the present Number of this great Comic Magazine.

THE BOWEN MICROSCOPE, Magnifying small objects 500 times. MAILED FREE everywhere for 50 CENTS, THREE FOR $1 00. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass. FRIENDS! Send a stamp for information and my Circulars. Address L. M. HARRIS, Boston, Mass. CARRIAGES AT BARGAINS.


Immense Stock of Carriages on Exhibition and for Sale at the PALACE GARDEN, Fourteenth Street, near Sixth Avenue (SANITARY FAIR BUILDING). Embracing the newest and most fashionable styles, front the finest Coach, through all the varieties of Park Carriages, to the lightest Trotting-Wagon. That portion of the stock damaged by the late fire will be said at greatly-reduced prices, and their new stock proportionately reduced to the gold standard. WOOD BROTHERS are Agents for the sale of GOLD'S ALBANY Sleighs. A full assortment of these celebrated Sleighs will be found in our stock.

McClellan Cartoon




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