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FEBRUARY 18, 1865.



WE illustrate on page 109 the military execution private NEWELL W. ROOT, alis GEORGE H. HARRIS, for the crime of desertion, at City Point, January 27,1865. It appears that, deluded by General LEE'S Order No. 65, he had made his way through the rebel lines and found his way to Louisa, Kentucky, where he was arrested while attempting to pass himself off as one of their deserters. He was one of 170 misguided men who had deserted to the enemy, and left Richmond on the 10th October last. Seventy of these have already been arrested, fifteen executed, and unrelenting martial law is still on the track of the remainder.


WE give on page 108 two illustrations representing the prisons in which our officers have been confined at Charleston, S. C. In last August the jail and yard were occupied by six hundred army and navy officers, who were placed under the fire of our batteries on Morris Island. They were occupied at the same time by felons, murderers, lewd women, deserters from both armies, United States colored soldiers, and Southern slaves, most of whom were permitted to walk at will among the officers. When all the Federal officers were moved from Macon to Charleston, at the time of STONEMAN'S raid, the Work-house and Roper Hospital had to be used as prisons. Of the former we give an illustration. The Roper Hospital was the finest building ever used for a military prison North or South. Indeed, the officers preferred that the shelling should be ten times as severe than to be removed to any other prison.


WE have engraved on page 108 a view of Eastport, Mississippi General THOMAS'S recent head-quarters. The town is situated on the west side of the Tennessee River. General THOMAS'S head-quarters are on the hill to the left, and General A. J. SMITH'S on the steamer Lilly. The Carondelet, Lexington, Neosho, and Gladiator are on the river. The main portion of the town is not disclosed in the sketch, it being situated behind the hill to the left. It is just at the mouth of Bear Creek.

The rebel army have gone into winter-quarters a few miles south of Eastport, at Tupelo. It will not be long before we shall again hear from General THOMAS.

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and Collecting Office.

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L. BROWN & CO., 2 Park Place, New York.

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Albums for the Million.

By authoriy of the Secretary of Treasury, the undersigned has assumed the General subscription Agency for the sale of United States Treasury Notes, bearing seven and three tenths per cent. interest per annum, known as the

7-30 LOAN.

These Notes are issued under date of August 15th, 1864, and are payable three years from that time in currency, or are convertible at the option of the holder into

U. S. 5-20 Six per cent.


These bonds are now worth a premium of nine per cent., including gold interest from November, which makes the actual profit on the 7-30 loan, at current rates, including interest, about ten per cent. per annum, besides its exemption from State and municipal taxation, which adds from one to three per cent. more, according to the rate levied on other property. The interest is payable semiannually by coupons attached to each note, which may be cut off and sold to any bank or banker. The interest amounts to One cent per day on a $50 note. Two cents " " " $100 " Ten "   " " $500 20   " " "$1000 $1   " " " " $5000   " Notes of all the denominations named will be promptly furnished upon receipt of subscriptions. This is THE ONLY LOAN IN MARKET now offered by the Government, and it is confidently expected that its superior advantages will make it the

GREAT POPULAR LOAN OF THE PEOPLE. Less than $200,000,000 remain unsold, which will probably be disposed of within the next 60 or 90 days, when the notes will undoubtedly command a premium, as has uniformly been the case on closing the subscriptions to other Loans.

In order that the citizens of every town and section of the country may be afforded facilities for taking the loan, the National Banks, State Banks, and Private Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed to receive subscriptions at par. Subscribers will select their own agents, in whom they have confidence, and who only are to be responsible for the delivery of the notes for which they receive orders.


Photograph views of principal mining towns and beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains, $1 each, $9 dozen. Sent on receipt of price. G. D. Wakely, 80 Franklin St., N. Y.


By the Author of "Chronicles of Carlingford."
8vo. Cloth, $1 50 ; Paper, $1 00.
Front the London Times.

The " Perpetual Curate" is nevertheless one of the best pictures of Clerical Life that have ever been drawn, and it is essentially true.

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We can truly repeat the expression of our admiration for a work which bears on every page the evidence of close observation and the keenest insight, united to real dramatic feeling, and a style of unusual eloquence and power.

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Sent by mail, postage paid, to any part of the United
States on receipt of the price.

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MY BROTHER'S WIFE: A Life History. By AMELIA B. EDWARDS, Author of "Barbara's History," "The Ladder of Life," &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

CAPTAIN HALL'S ARCTIC RESEARCHES AND LIFE AMONG THE ESQUIMAUX. Arctic Researches and Life among the Esquimaux: being the Narrative of an Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, in the years 1860, 1861, and 1862. By CHARLES FRANCIS
HALL. With Maps and 100 Illustrations, beautifully engraved from Designs by CHARLES PARSONS, HENRV L. STEPHENS, SOL. EYTINGE, W. S. L. JEWETT, and GRANVILLE PERKINS, after Sketches by Mr. HALL and Photographs. 8vo, Cloth, $4 50; Half Morocco, $6 50.


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QUEENS OF SONG : being Memoirs of some of the most celebrated Female Vocalist who have performed on the Lyric Stage from the Earlest Days of Opera to the Present Time. To which is added a Chronological List of all the Operas that have been performed in Europe. By ELLEN CREATHORNE CLAYTON. With Portraits of Mrs. Billington, Madame Pasta, Madame Sontag, Madame Garcia Malibran, Madame Giulia Grisi. Madame Clara Novelle, Madame Viardot Garcia, Madame Marietta Alboni, Madame Jenny Lind Goldschmidt, and Madame Marietta Piccolomini. 8vo, Cloth, $3 00; Half Morocco, $4 75.

MARGARET DENZIL'S HISTORY. Annotated by her Husband. A Novel. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.

"FROM DAN TO BEERSHEBA:" or, The Land of Promise as it now Appears. Including a Description of the Boundaries, Topography, Agriculture, Antiquities, Cities, and Present Inhabitants of that Wonderful Land. With Illustrations of the remarkable Accuancy of the Sacred Writers in their Allusions to their Native Country. By Rev. J. P. NEWMAN, D.D. Maps and Engravings. 12mo, Cloth, $175.

QUITE ALONE. A Novel. By GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.

CRUSOE'S ISLAND; a Ramble in the Footsteps of Alexander Selkirk. With Sketches of Adventure in California and Washoe. By J. Ross BROWNE. Author of "Yusef," &c. With Illustrations. 12mo, Cloth, $175.

Any of the above works sent by mail, postage-free,
on receipt of price.





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