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Robert E. Lee Portrait

Civil War Harper's Weekly, July 13, 1861

This newspaper features some really nice portraits of General Winfield Scott, and has pictures and a story on the Battle of Boonville. It also has a great picture of Abraham Lincoln's cabinet at the start of the war.

(Scroll Down to see entire newspaper page, or Newspaper Thumbnails below will take you to a specific page of interest)


The Battle of Boonville

The Battle of Boonville

General Lyon Biography


Texas Union Movement

Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry

General Winfield Scott

General Scott

Portrait of General Scott

Lincoln Cabinet

Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet


Civil War Ship "Colorado"

Philadelphia Volunteers

Philadelphia Volunteers

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio

Slave Auction

Slave Auction

John C. Fremont

General John Fremont

White Springs

White Springs, Virginia

Description of a Slave Auction


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[JULY 13, 1861.



" I was amused to observe that most of these works had galleries in the rear, generally in connection with the magazine passages, which the constructors called 'rat-holes,' and which are intended as shelter to the men at the guns, in ease of shells falling inside the battery. They may prove to have a very different result, and are certainly not so desirable in a military point of view as good traverses. A rush for the 'rat-hole' will not be very dignified or improving to the morale every time a bomb hurtles over them ; and assuredly the damage to the magazines will be enormous if the fire from Pickens is accurate and well sustained. "—DR. RUSSELL's Letter from Pensacola to the London Times.


OFFICER LINCOLN. "I guess I've got you now, JEFF."

JEFF DAVIS. " Guess you have—well now, let us Compromise."


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The Only Map in America
that shows Vienna.

The only Map in America that shows
Fairfax Court-House.

The only Map in America that shows
Pig's Point Battery.

The only Map in America that shows
Sewell's and Matthias Points.

The only Map in America that shows
Big Bethel.

The only Map in America that shows
every Railroad and every Railroad Station.

The only Map in America that shows
every Fort, Battery, and Arsenal.

The only Map in America drawn from
Actual Surveys.

Lloyd's Military Map and Gazetteer of the Southern States,

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Cloth, pocket form, $1.00, or mounted on linen, with rollers and varnished, at $2.50. The Sheet Map is colored only in States, the others are colored in States and Counties. The Sheet Map and Pocket Edition can be sent any where by mail. Original cost of this Map, $5,000.

Lloyd's Military Map and Gazetteer
of the Southern States of
North America,


And the Population and Sketch of every Town, Village, River, and Fort,
Drawn from actual Surveys, showing every foot of the Southern Country from Delaware to the banks of the Rio del Norte, Mexico. EVERY COUNTY AND COUNTY SEAT, TOWN, VILLAGE, FORT, NAVY-YARD, RIVER, AND TOWNS AND LANDINGS ON THE RIVERS, LAKE, SWAMP, AND MOUNTAIN is marked down. EVERY RAILROAD, completed up to 26th day of June, 1861, and all those projected, are exhibited on this Map; every Station, and THE DISTANCE FROM station to station, is ,marked distinctly. Every Inlet, Creek, and place along 2500 miles of sea coast is marked down from official information furnished by the U. S. Superintendent of the Coast Survey to the last Congress. More than 3000 towns on the Mississippi, Red, Arkansas, and Ohio Rivers, are laid down on this map. All the information in the Departments at Washington City, in regard to the late Coast Surveys, were used in perfecting this Map. The Forts and Arsenals are all laid down on Lloyd's Map correctly, from official documents in the War Department.

A VALUABLE FEATURE. On the back of the sheet on which Lloyd's Map is printed, is a sketch of every Town, City, River, and Fort, also a historical Sketch, and the population of each place, from the last census, and other reliable information of the latest date. This information will be of great value to every one at the present time, and is alone worth three times the price of the Map. The amount of information given on the back is equal to an octavo volume of 300 pages—information that can not be had elsewhere for $10.

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"The amplest, rarest, and most interesting illustrations of the lower creation that have ever reached Europe."—Prof. OWEN (before the Royal Geographical Society).

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WILLSON'S READERS. A Series of School and Family Readers; Designed to teach the Art of Reading in the most Simple, Natural, and Practical Way: embracing in their Plan the whole range of Natural History and the Physical Sciences; aiming at the highest degree of Usefulness, end Splendidly Illustrated. Consisting of a Primer and Seven Readers. By MARCIUS WILLSON. The Primer, and First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Readers now ready. Prices 15, 20, 30, 50, 66 cents, and $1.00.

A DAY'S RIDE. A Life's Romance. By CHARLES LEVER, Author of "Charles O'Malley," "Gerald Fitzgerald," "The Martins of Cro' Martin," "Maurice Tiernay," " One of Them," &c., &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

Authorized Editions.

General Scott's Infantry Tactics;

Rules for the Exercise and Maneuvres of the United States

3 vols. 24mo, Muslin, $2.50.
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United States Army Regulations.

Approved by the President of the United States, and Printed under the Directions of SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War.
12mo, Muslin, $1.50.

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Civil War Cartoon
Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis Cartoon
Richmond Cartoon
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