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Civil War Harper's Weekly, August 16, 1862

Welcome to our online archive of Harper's Weekly newspapers from the Civil War. This important archive allows you to "drill down" and study the Civil War in a level of detail never before possible. This collection documents the key events of the conflict.

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John Morgan

John Morgan

Lincoln Institutes the Draft

Lincoln Institutes the Draft

Lincoln's Draft Order

Abraham Lincoln's Draft Order

War in Alabama

The War in Alabama

Capture of Red Bill

Capture of Red Bill

The Pirate Ship Sumter

Pirate Ship "Sumter"

Sumter's Officer Journal

Journal from Sumter Officer

On Board the Sumter

On Board the Sumter

Franklin's Corps

General Franklin's Corps

McClellan's Prayer Service

General McClellan's Prayer Service

Battle of Fairoaks

The Battle of Fairoaks

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Slave Cartoons

Slave Cartoons








Mississippi River

You are viewing an original leaf from an 1862 Harper's Weekly Civil War newspaper.  The newspaper features scenes along the Mississippi River.  The illustration is captioned, "On the Mississippi.-Sketched by Mr. Theodore R. Davis.- [See Page 523]". The illustration shows a number of fascinating inset images.  The upper left inset shows a hoard of cotton hidden in the swamp. A plantation owner and two slaves are inspecting the hoard.  The upper center image shows a picture of Ellis Cliff. The upper right image shows the Capture of Red Bill. The center left image shows cattle being moved across the Mississippi to feed rebel troops.  The center right image shows a view of Grand Gulf. The lower left image shows Porter's Mortar fleet in action.  The lower center image shows Porter's mortar gunboats. The lower right image shows union sailors on lookout for rebel sharpshooters.




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