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Civil War Harper's Weekly, July 5, 1862

This site contains an online archive of all Harper's Weekly newspapers published during the Civil War. These newspapers will allow you to develop unique insights into the events that made up the Civil War. The illustrations present eye-witness records of this important period in American History.

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Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap

Before Richmond

Before Richmond

Emancipation Bill

Emancipation Bill

Memphis Post Office

Memphis Post Office

Joe Hooker

General Joe Hooker

Memphis, Tennessee

Affairs in Memphis Tennessee

Silas Casey

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Cavalry Charge

Cavalry Charge


Charleston Approach

Charleston Approach

Captain Clitheroe

Captain Clitheroe

Negro Cartoon

Negro Cartoon









[JULY 5, 1862.


LITTLE JOHNNY KANUCK. "Look here, Papa, you said if I'd abuse UNCLE SAM, you'd take my part when he came over to whip me."

PAPA JOHN BULL. "Ah! but that was before the rascal got his Monitors and Parrott Guns. You must take care of yourself, young man."

LITTLE JOHNNY KANUCK (crying). "Oh! oh! oh!

(A Scene down South.)

MASTER. "Now JOHNSON, you must have saved a good bit of money. Why don't you purchase your freedom? I will let you have your papers for a comparatively small sum."

JOHNSON. "Well, no, tank you, Sar; fac is, der's so many ob dese Obbolitionist sogers round, I DON' FEEL LIKE SPECKELATIN' IN niXXerS, jis now."

THE LAST DITCH AT LAST.—Scene near Corinth.


A Fourth of July Double Number. BEADLE'S DIME NOVELS, No. 40, The Unionist's Daughter. A Story of the Rebellion in Tennessee. By Mrs. METTA V. VICTOR, Author of "Alice Wilde," "Maum Guinea," "Mrs. Slimmens," and the "Rasher" Papers, &c. Price 20 cents.   Bound in Muslin. With "Maum Guinea," 450 pp., 50 cents.

Beadle's Dime Series. PARSON BROWNLOW


Unionists of East Tennessee;

Beadle's American Battles, No. 1.

Pittsburg Landing


The Siege of Corinth.

Ten Cents each. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of price. Agents wanted. Address

BEADLE & CO., Publishers, New York.

Agents are Making $12.00 PER DAY. It beats the world.

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To Agents.

The BEST of all kinds of "PRIZE STATIONERY PACKE'T'S" (as will appear by sending for our circular), for sale by P. HASKINS & CO., 36 Beckman St., N. Y.

259 ORNAMENTAL IRON 259    WORK, Wrought, Cast, and Wire. IRON RAILINGS, VERANDAHS, BALCONIES, GUARDS, and IRON FURNITURE of every description. Illustrated Catalogues mailed on receipt of four 3 cent stamps. HUTCHINSON & WICKERSHAM,

259 Canal Street, near Broadway, New York.


F. Y. S.

French Yoke SHIRTS.


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No. 409 Broadway,
New York.

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A paper indispensable to Agents and all out of employment. Subscription price for one year, 25 cents. On receipt of 6 cents, we will send one copy of "THE AGENT" and from 10 to 20 Circulars of different Articles having a ready sale in all parts of the country. Single copies of "THE AGENT" 3 cents. Address W. SUMNER & CO., Publishers, New York. $15 per Day made easy. MORE NEW PRIZE PACKAGES. THE GREAT NEW NONPAREIL PRIZE PACKAGE

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Retailed at Wholesale Prices, Made to Measure at $20 per doz. OR SIX FOR TEN DOLLARS, MADE OF NEW YORK MILLS MUSLIN, With fine Linen Bosoms, and warrranted as good a Shirt as sold in retail stores at $2.50 each. ALSO, THE VERY BEST SHIRTS THAT CAN BE MADE, $26.00 PER DOZEN. Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. These rules are so easy to understand that any one can take their own measure. I warrant a perfect fit. The cash can be paid to the Express Company on re-receipt of the goods. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Of fine quality, bought for cash, of the best European Manufacturers, and absolutely sold at Retail in New York at a profit of only Ten per Cent. Send for List of Prices. S. W. H. WARD, from London, 387 Broadway, New York, Between White and Walker Streets. The Trade supplied.


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