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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 14, 1865

This Civil War Harper's Weekly newspaper is from the last days of the war. It features content on Sherman's march through Georgia, and other news of the war. This issue is part of our extensive collection of original Harper's newspapers. We are creating a digital archive of our collection, and making it available to you on the internet. WE hope you enjoy browsing this historical resource.

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Sherman Entering Savannah

Sherman Entering Savannah Georgia




Wilmington Expedition


Saltville, Virginia

Making Salt

Making Salt

Map Wilmington

Map of Wilmington

Sherman Captures Savannah

Battle for Savannah

General Burbridge

General Burbridge

Fort McAllister

Battle of Fort McAllister


Battle of Waynesborough Georgia

Battle of Nashville

Battle of Nashville


Prisoners of War





[JANUARY 14, 1865.



Bankers and Dealers in Government

No. 38 Wall Street, New York.



208 Broadway, New York.

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CAPTAIN HALL'S ARCTIC RESEARCHES AND LIFE AMONG THE ESQUIMAUX. Arctic Researches and Life among the Esquimaux : being the Narrative of on Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, in the years 1860, 1861, and 1862. By CHARLES FANCIS HALL. With Maps and 100 Illustrations, beautifully engraved from Designs by CHARLES PARSONS, HENRY L. STEVENS, SOL. EYTINGE, W. S. L. JEWETT, and GRANVILLE PERKINS, after Sketches by Mr.HALL, and Photographs. 8vo, Cloth, $4 50 ; Half Morocco, $6 00.

QUEENS OF SONG : being Memoirs of some of the most celebrated Female Vocalists who have Performaned on the Lyric Stage from the Earliest Days of Opera to the Present Time. To which is added a Chronological list of all the Operas that have been performed in Europe. By ELLEN CREATHONE CLAYTON. With Portraits of Mrs. Billington, Madame Pasta, Madame Sontag, Madame Garcia Malibran, Madame Giulia Grist. Madame Clara Novello, Madame Viardot Garcia, Madame Marietta Alboni, Madame Jenny Lind Goldschmidt, :Ind Madame Marietta Piccolomini. 8vo, Cloth, $3 00 ; Half Morocco, $4 50.

THE PERPETUAL CURATE. A Novel. By the Author of "Chronicles of Carlingford,"''Margaret Maitland," "The Laird of Norlaw," "The Days of my Life," &c. 8vo, Cloth, $1 50; Paper, $1 0.

MY BROTHER'S WIFE : A Life History. By AMELIA B. EDWARDS. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

MATTIE : A STRAY. A Novel. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.

QUITE ALONE. A Novel. By GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.

MARGARET DENZIL'S HISTORY.—Annotated by her husband. A Novel. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents. "FROM DAN TO BEERSHEBA:" or, The Land of Promise as it now Appears. Including a Description of the Boundaries, Topography, Agriculture, Antiquities, Cities, and Present Inhabitants of that Wonderful Land. With Illustrations of the remarkable Accuracy of the Sacred Writers in their Allusions to their Native Country. By Rev. J. P. NEWMAN, D. D. Maps and Engravings. 12mo, Cloth, $175. CRUSOE'S ISLAND; a Ramble in the Footsteps of Alexander Selkirk. With Sketches of Adventure in California and Washoe. By J. Ross BROWNE, Author of " Yusef," &c. With Illustrations. 12mo, Cloth, $1 75. UNDER THE BAN (Le Maudit). Translated from the French of M. L'ABBE * * *. 8vo, Cloth, $175; Paper, $1 25. ARIZONA AND SONORA. The Geography, History, and Resources of the Silver Region of North America. By SYLVESTER MOWRY, of Arizona, Graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, late, Lieutenant Third Artillery, U. S. A., Corresponding Member of the American Institute, late U. S. Boundary Commissioner, &c., &c. 12mo, Cloth, $1 50. DAS ZWEITE BUCH DER REALKENNTNISSE. The Second Book of Nature (in the German Language). An Elementary Introduction to the Natural Sciences, including Geography and History. Translated front M. Willson's Readers for the use of German Schools by G. BREMEN. Illustrated by 318 Engravings on Wood. 12mo, $1 25. READE'S SAVAGE AFRICA. Western Africa : being the Narrative of a Tour in Equatorial, Southwestern, and Northwestern Africa; with Notes on the Habits of the Gorilla.; on the Existence, of Uniacorns and Tailed Men; on the Slave Trade; on the Origin, Character, and Capabilities of the Negro, and of the future Civilization of Western Africa. By W. WINWOOD READE, Illustrations and Map. 8vo, Cloth, $4 00. CAPTAIN BRAND, OF THE "CENTIPEDE." A Pirate of Eminence in the West Indies: his Loves and Exploits, together with some Account of the singular Manner by which he departed this Life. A Novel. By HARRY GRINGO (H. A. WISE, U. S. N.). With Illustrations. 8vo, Cloth, $2 00; Paper, $1 50. MAURICE DERING ; or, The Quadrilateral. A Novel. By the Author of "Guy Livingston "Sword and Gown." &c. New Edition. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents. LINDISFARN CHASE. A Novel. By T. ADLPHUS TROLLOPE. 8vo, Cloth, $2 00; Paper, $1 50.


EXPERIENCED PARTY. " No, it isn't Regular Drinking that hurts a man : it's this way you fellers 've got of drinking between drinks.

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Ladies' Furs altered and repaired.
BURKE, 210 Broadway. S. E. cor. Fulton St.. N. Y.





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