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Robert E. Lee Portrait

Civil War Harper's Weekly, August 3, 1861

This Civil War Harper's Weekly newspaper describes a number of important events of the war. It includes eye-witness illustrations of the events, and important news of the day. It also has first edition coverage of the Battle of Bull Run.

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Laurel Hill

The Battle of Laurel Hill



Bull Run

Early Report on Battle of Bull Run

Map Bull Run

Bull Run Battle Map

Tillman and the Waring

Tillman and the Waring


General George McClellan Biography


Rowlesburg, West Virginia

Bull Run Battle

The Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Carthage

The Battle of Carthage, Missouri

Winchester Virginia

Winchester, Virginia

Bull Run

Start of the Battle of Bull Run

Civil War Weapons

Civil War Weapons

Bull Run Cartoon

Battle of Bull Run Cartoon


Hunter's Charge at Bull Run

Hunter's Charge at the Battle of Bull Run










[AUGUST 3, 1861.



" Forward to Richmond," by Way of Bull's Run!!!

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Military Dictionary.

Comprising Technical Definitions ; Information on Raising and Keeping Troops ; Actual Service, including Makeshifts and Improved Material ; and Law, Government, Regulation, and Administration relating to Land Forces. By


Col. H. L. Scott,

Inspector-General U. S. A.

One vol. Octavo, half morocco, 250 Illustrations, $5. Sent free by mail on receipt of price. D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher, No. 192 Broadway.


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HARPER'S WEEKLY has now REGULAR ARTIST-CORRESPONDENTS at Fortress Monroe, Va., at Washington, D. C., at Martinsburgh, Va., at Chambersburg, Pa., at Grafton, Va., at Cairo, Ill., at St. Louis, Mo., and at Fort Pickens, Fla. These gentlemen will accompany the march of the armies, and will reproduce, for the benefit of the readers of Harper's Weekly, every incident of the momentous campaign which is now opening. Harper's Weekly is, moreover, in daily receipt of valuable sketches from Volunteer Correspondents in the Army and Navy in all parts of the country. The Publishers will be glad to receive such sketches from members of our forces in every section, and will pay liberally for such as they may use. The Publishers will send Harper's Weekly free to any Regiment or Ship of War which may supply them with the name and address of the officer to whom it should be forwarded.The circulation of Harper's Weekly is over One Hundred Thousand Copies. They have already published, since the Election, over three hundred illustrations of the Southern Rebellion, and they feel confident that the pages of Harper's Weekly will present a complete and exhaustive ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE WAR. No person who wishes to be informed with regard to the momentous events which are transpiring can afford to dispense with it.

Notwithstanding the great amount of space devoted to Illustrations of the War, Harper's Weekly continues to publish Mr. DICKENS'S New Story, " Great Expectations," which is pronounced the most successful of his admirable works. It will be followed early in August by a NEW SERIAL. TALE, by Sir EDWARD LYTTON BULWER, entitled


which will be continued from week to week till completed.


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Southern States
Of North America, and Gazetteer of
Southern Country.
(For the Use of the War Department.)


Drawn from actual Surveys, showing every foot of the Southern Country from Delaware to the banks of the Rio del Norte, Mexico. Every County and County Seat, Town, Village, Fort, Navy-Yard, River, and Towns and Landings on the Rivers, Lake, Swamp, and Mountain, is marked down. Every Railroad completed up to 6th day of July, 1861, and all those projected, are exhibited on this Map ; every Station, and the distance from Station to Station is marked distinctly. More than 3000 towns on the Mississippi, Red, Arkansas, and Ohio Rivers, are laid down on this Map. All the information in the Departments at Washington City, in regard to the last Coast Surveys, were used in perfecting this Map; every inlet and creek is shown. The Forts and Arsenals are all laid down on Lloyd's Map correctly, from official documents in the War Department.

The Gazetteer of the Southern States, Cities, Villages, Mountains, and Rivers, giving a correct sketch of each village, where and how situated, its population, military strength, all from the last census, is alone worth ten times the price of the Map, and is printed on the back of the large sheet Map without extra cost. This matter which we give to the public on the back of this Map, is equal to an octavo book of 300 pages, information that would alone cost $10. All for 50 cents, Map included; three topics for One Dollar; or by the hundred copies at one half of the retail price.

Lloyd's Military Map
of the
Southern States

is acknowledged by Civil Engineers to be the best drawn and most accurate of any Map ever offered to the public before. The surveys for this Map were made by Civil Engineers of the Southern States; and the Information of the Railroads, Stations, and Distances were furnished by Southern Railroad men themselves, and can be relied on as correct. In fact, this is the only correct Map of the Southern Country ever drawn. The people of the Northern States can see correctly, at a glance, the preponderance of the Southern Country over the Northern and Western States, and will more fully comprehend the reason of the Southern States uniting, by glancing westward at the rich plains of Mexico, which are exhibited on this Map.

Lloyd's Military Map is the only Map in America that shows Vienna, Newport News, Pig's Point, Matthias Point, Bull's Run, Rich Mountain, Beverly, Newport News, Manassas Junction, Fortress Monroe, and every other place of interest in the Fifteen Southern States.

The public will please understand that this Map was not rushed out for the purpose of supplying the people with an imperfect Map during the present excitement, but has been under way for more than one year, and is now ready for the public, after a long and tedious work in surveying, drawing, and engraving, and is believed to be the only reliable and full Map of the whole Southern country ever issued.

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Nearly ever body in America has bought Lloyd's Railroad Map, and this is the strongest evidence that I could offer that my Southern Military Map is the best Map ever drawn and engraved in America.

Address   J. T. LLOYD, Publisher, 164 Broadway, New York, LONDON, 156 Cheapside.


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Office 499 Broadway, N. Y.

Negro Cartoon
Bull Run Cartoon



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