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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 12, 1861

We have posted our extensive collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers on this WEB site to serve as a valuable source of original information of the War. We are hopeful that this extensive, free, online collection assists you in your research and study. These old newspaper have a wealth of eye-witness illustrations and narratives on this important part of American History. We hope you find this information useful.

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Sturgis and Price

General Sturgis

Salmon Chase

Salmon Chase Cartoon

The Battle of Lexington

Battle of Lexington

New Era

Gun-Boat "New Era"


Maysville, Kentucky


Leesburg, Virginia

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Attack on Privateers

Camp Benton

Camp Benton

McClellan's Cavalry

McClellan's Cavalry

Lexington Battle

The Battle of Lexington

Union Generals

Union Generals

Confederate Cartoon

Confederate Cartoon











[OCTOBER 12, 1861.



MRS.-and MRS. — Illuminated their Houses on receipt of the News of the Fall of Lexington.— Washington Correspondence.

The Honorable and Neutral Position occupied by the Hon. JOHN C. BRECKINRIDGE, of Kentucky.

(Drawing his Salary as U. S. Senator, and furnishing Valuable Information to JEFF DAVIS at the same time.)

The New York State Fair,

Held at Watertown, September 17, 18, 19, and 20, 1861, awarded to the FINKLE & LYON SEWING- MACHINE COMPANY THREE OF THE FOUR AWARDS made on Sewing-Machines, viz.

"Best Double-Thread Sewing-Machine;"
"Best Manufacturing Machine;"
"Best Sample of Work on Sewing-Machine;"

Another evidence that we have the best Sewing-Machines for all kinds of work in the world !

Send for a circular, which, with samples of work, will be sent to any part of the world, mail free. Address


No. 538 Broadway, New York.


and our New Union Prize Gift Packages are to be wondered at. Seventy-five cents worth of indispensable articles for 25 cents. Agents are making from $5 to $10 per day. Agents wanted, male and female, everywhere. Address, with stamp for circular, RICHARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York.

Man-of-War Manual.

Manual of Internal Rules and Regulations for Men-of-War. By Capt. U. P. Levy, U.S.N. Cloth, 30 cents. Sent free by mail on receipt of price.

This day published by

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

192 Broadway.

AGENTS WANTED —For the BEST WAR MAPS, VIEWS, and PORTRAITS.-43 Maps, 7 Views, 5 Portraits. Samples of all sent on receipt of $1. Circulars sent free. Address E. F. LLOYD, Publisher, 208 Broadway, NEW YORK.

Mechanics and Inventors, Arouse !

NOW IS THE TIME TO THINK, TO INVENT, and to develop new inventions. Now is the time to secure Patents and have them READY for the renewal of business or for traffic. Now is the time to make arrangements for the manufacture of new and useful articles of all kinds.

Now is the time to secure Patents in England, France, Belgium, and other European countries.

Inventors, wake up! Messrs. MUNN & CO., proprietors of The Scientific American, No. 37 Park Row, N. Y., having a branch office in Washington, continue to solicit Patents as usual on the most extensive scale and in the best manner.

They have acted as attorneys for more than 15,000 patentees, to all whom they refer.

All who want their patent business done with despatch, and on reasonable terms, should address or apply as above. Pamphlets of advice to inventors, in different languages, about Patent Laws, &c., furnished free.

MUNN & CO. are permitted to refer to Hon. Judge MASON,

Hon. Joseph Holt,

Hon. W. D. BISHOP, Ex-Commissioner of Patents.

ALL WEDDINGS supplied with the new style of Wedding Cards and Envelopes, by A. DEMAREST, Engraver, 182 Broadway. Samples by mail.

GAME, MEATS, FISH, &c., improved by the use of Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce.

Union Square and 14th Street, Sole Agents.

Barnum's American Museum.


"Great Expectations"

Has been dramatized expressly for Barnum's Museum, and will be brought out here On Monday next, Oct. 7th,

WITH ENTIRE NEW SCENERY by MR. GEORGE HEILGE, A FULL ORCHESTRA, NEW PROPERTIES, COSTUMES, &C. All the other attractions of the Museum will remain in full force, making the most interesting place of amusement in New York; notwithstanding which the price of admission remains at only 25 cts. Children under 10 years, 15 cts.

JEWELRY ! JEWELRY ! —The Head-Quarters for all Cash Buyers of fine and cheap Jewelry, Miniature Pins of all the Heroes. Persons wishing to see Samples, enclose stamp for full particulars. W. A. HAYWARD (Manufacturing Jeweler), 208 Broadway.

Another New Story now Ready
IN THE New York Weekly,
(The best Story and Sketch Paper published)

The Defrauded Heiress;
OR, The Stepmother's Plot.


Author of "The Stolen Bride," "Long Hank," "Hermit of Ottawa," &c., &c. In "The Stolen Bride," and " Long Hank," and " Hermit of the Ottawa," Mr. Reynolds gave evidence of great vigor and power, and stamped himself as a romancer of no mean reputation; but in giving to the world "The Defrauded Heiress," he has placed himself in the front rank of the great writers of the day. It is a story of life in a great city, founded on fact, and in it are brought to view all the lights and shades of society. Most people have but an imperfect idea of the snares and pitfalls set to entrap the unwary, not only in low life among the hovels of the poor, but among the wealthy and powerful and apparently respectable.

The story in question chronicles the misfortunes of a young and beautiful girl, born and nurtured in the lap of luxury, who is the victim of the foul machinations of her own mother, who, in order to secure the property which the poor girl holds in her own right, does not scruple to connive at her irretrievable ruin. The manner in which the story is worked up proves conclusively that its author holds the key to the human heart, and that, having unlocked it, he can play upon it as upon an instrument. It has not a string which does not vibrate to his powerful touch. At one moment he fires us with indignation, as he relates some act of cold-blooded treachery and wrong, and at another our heart throbs wildly with the pleasurable excitement which the narration of heroic and generous acts is sure to call up. The poor, but noble and virtuous seamstress, the wealthy but conscientious woman of the world, the hard-fisted mechanic, the reckless roue, the desperate gambler, and the true gentleman, all pass in review before the reader, portrayed with a power that never fails to engross the whole attention. From the first chapter to the last he is spell-bound, and when he reaches the end he lays down the paper with a sigh of regret that the story has ended so soon.

We think we may safely say that

The Defrauded Heiress

is the most powerfully-written romance which has been placed before the public for many years.

Do not fail to read the opening chapters.

The NEW YORK WEEKLY is sold by all respectable News Agents in the United States. The price is FOUR CENTS, but in some cases, where Agents have to pay extra freight or postage, a higher price is necessarily charged. When there is a News Agent in the town, we desire our friends to get the WEEKLY through him. We do not wish to mail the paper except to places where there is no other means of getting it. When sent by mail, the price will invariably be $2 a year, in advance. Subscriptions taken for three months. Two copies will be sent for a year for $3; four copies for $6; eight copies for $12. Postmasters and others who get up clubs of ten, and send us $15 at one time, will be entitled to an extra copy for their trouble. The bills of all solvent banks taken at par for subscriptions. Canada subscribers must send twenty-six cents extra with every subscription, to pre-pay the American postage.

STREET & SMITH, Editors and Proprietors, 11 Frankfort Street, N. Y.


Having made an important and desirable change in our firm, we beg to inform our friends that our entire resources are now employed in an extensive and vigorous prosecution of the CITY RETAIL and CASH WHOLE-SALE Men's and Boys' Clothing Business. We enter on the Fall and Winter Season with a large and well-assorted Stock in every department; stylish ready-made Clothing for men and boys, great varieties of cloths, cassimeres, beavers, vestings, &c., to make to order. And also a complete assortment of all descriptions of Army and Navy Cloths, &c., to supply the largest orders. The rates and terms in every department of our business shall be in keeping with the spirit of the times, viz.


DEVLIN & CO., Cors. of BROADWAY and WARREN and GRAND Streets.

Female Traitors
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