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Civil War Harper's Weekly, September 14, 1861

This 1861 Harper's Weekly newspaper contains a variety of important news of Civil War. The paper contains original woodcut illustrations created by eye-witnesses to these historic events. These pages allow you to see the events of the Civil War unfold, just as the people of the day saw them.

(Scroll Down to See entire page, Newspaper Thumbnails will take you to the page of interest)


Fort Hatteras

Fort Hatteras

Slave Proclamation

Fremont's Slave Proclamation

Martial Law

Martial Law in Missouri

General Rosecrans

General Rosecrans

Indiana Volunteers

22nd Indiana Volunteers

Southern Family Escaping North

Escaping Southern Family

French Regiment

101st French Regiment


Civil War Marines

Rebel Naval Battery

Rebel Naval Battery

Butler's Expedition

Butler's Southern Expedition


Civil War Cannons


Battle of Summersville

Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln Cartoon





[SEPTEMBER 14, 1861.


FASHIONABLE SWELL (who used to be all the rage). "Nobody pays a deuced bit of attention to me.   Gracious ! I'll have to Volunteer too.
Horrible ! Common Soldier, I declare."


J. BULL to NAPOLEON III. "Can you recognize that thing they call the C. S. A. ?"
NAP. "Well, I think I could, if 'twere not for that Big Fellow who stands in front."


To Officers of the Army and Navy.

The undersigned have just received a fine assortment of the celebrated English Double and Single Military Spy Glasses. These glasses can not be equaled in magnifying power, Field of Vision, and portability, and are the same as used by all European Officers.

They range in price from $18 to $50.

Semmons & Co.,

No. 669 1/2 Broadway, opp. Bond St., N. Y.

N.B.—Upon receipt of a postage stamp, we forward Catalogue.

Perfect Fitting Shirts,


MADE TO MEASURE AT $18 PER DOZEN. Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, drawings of different styles of Shirts, sent free everywhere.

S. W. H. WARD, from London,

No. 387 Broadway, N. Y., up Stairs.
$150 PER MONTH made by

agents selling DOWNER'S HEMMER and SHIELD for hand sewing. Indispensable to every lady. Sample sent on receipt of 25 cents. Address A. H. DOWNER, No. 442 Broadway, New York.



To obtain Subscribers for



In Two Volumes Royal 8vo, containing upward of 1500 PAGES, and 1100 BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS. This Work will be SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY AGENTS, to each of whom a special District will be given. Rare inducements will be offered. Applicants should name the Counties they would prefer.

Agents wanted also for other Works appropriate to the times.

Miscellaneous Books, etc., supplied at the lowest rates. Address   GEORGE W. ELLIOTT,

Harper's Building, Franklin Square, New York.

MILITARY DRILL, under an experienced officer, in connection with an English and Classical EDUCATION for Young Men ; also, for Young Ladies, INSTRUCTION in MUSIC, PAINTING. and FRENCH, under experienced Professors, at the HUDSON RIVER INSTITUTE, Claverack. Columbia Co., N. Y. For Catalogues, address Rev. A. FLACK, A.M.

$40 a Month and Expenses paid. For Terms address HARRIS BRO'S, Boston, Mass.

Dr. Tumblety's Pimple

Old Faces made to look Young and Beautiful.

You may obtain a handsome complexion, exempt from Pimples, Blotches, &c., by using DR. TUMBLETYY's PIMPLE BANISHER. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Sent by mail or Express to any address. Office 499 Broadway, New York.


No. 48 East 24th Street, New York.—Boarding and Day School, Classical and Commercial. 14 teachers (6 American, 5 French, 2 German, 1 Spanish). French is the language at large of the school, and pupils can acquire it without any interruption in their other studies. There is a primary department, also a gymnasium and bowling-alley For full details, &c., send or write for a prospectus.


Will be reopened on Tuesday, September 17th.


of the War, from ORIGINAL Sources, Authentic and UNMUTILATED—get Putnam's Record of the Rebellion,
700 LARGE PAGES, now ready—containing EVERYTHING.

1861.    1862.
Thomas Andrews & Co.,

136 and 138 Cedar, near West Street,
North River Side, New York.,

OFFER TO CASH buyers great inducements, the best articles in our line, at the LOWEST MARKET PRICES, and QUALITIES GUARANTEED!


Newcastle Bi Carb. Soda,

5000 kegs "Burnett & Sons," "H. L. P. & Co.," "Jarrow," and other brands. Or sold in boxes and papers in any style.

CREAM TARTAR, "P." "P." P.," PERFECTLY PURE Powdered, in our own mills, in barrels, boxes, or papers. Also crystals in original packages.


as made at our " JERSEY CITY CHEMICAL WORKS:" "Excelsior," "Dietetic," "SILVER MEDAL," the only one ever granted. Also, "Gold Medallion," and " Double Refined Pure." Sold neatly put up in gold, orange, or red glazed papers, with name of buyer, without extra charge. Or packed in new barrels, kegs, or boxes loose.

OUR SALAERATUS is unexcelled by any in the market, and not only WARRANTED " STRICTLY PURE," but guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction.


Andrews' Excelsior Yeast Powder!

THE MOST reliable article for the immediate raising of bread, biscuits, &c. This article, wherever introduced, becomes the standard favorite. All good housekeepers should use it.

Imported Chemicals.

SODA ASH. 250 tons of Soda Ash. A large assortment on hand for Soap, Glass, and Bleachers, such as "Laings," "Kurtz," "Marsh's," "Gamble's," "Johnson's," " H. & E.," and other brands.

Newcastle Sal Soda,

300 tons assorted packages, also in kegs of about 125 lb,.

Caustic Soda,

75 tons of the " D. C.," " Evans & McB.," "M. B. & H.," and " H. & E." brands, in iron p'g's.

Also in Variety,


Call on or send us an order.

Importers and Manufacturers,

136 and 138 Cedar Street, New York. Established 14 years.


Friends of Soldiers ! Send by Harnden's Express (the oldest Express), 74 Broadway, as they charge only half rates.


EMPLOYMENT.-ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT YOUNG MEN, who have been thrown out of situations by the war, can hear of EMPLOYMENT which, by proper efforts, can be made profitable, by addressing FOWLER AND WELLS, 308 Broadway, New York.

LE BON TON—THE BEST LADIES' FASHION BOOK in the World. Specimen copies, with two valuable patterns, posted for 33 cents. S. T. TAYLOR & SON, 407 Broadway, N. Y.

MME. DEMOREST'S QUARTERLY MIRROR OF FASHIONS. Great improvements in the next vol., commencing with the Fall No., now ready. Yearly, 40 cents. Single copies, 10 cents, postage 2 cents. Also the above, with Elegant Colored Steel Fashion Plate, large Plate of Cloaks, three full sized Patterns. Yearly $1.00, with a premium. Single copies 25 cents, postage 3 cents.   473 Broadway.

ONLY GOOD SAUCE. — "Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce," so pronounced by connoisseurs, and applicable to every variety of dish. The genuine for sale by all respectable Grocers.


Union Square and 14th Street, Sole Agents.

TO NERVOUS SUFFERERS OF BOTH SEXES.—A Retired Gentleman, having been restored to health in a few days, after many years of Great Nervous Suffering, is willing to assist others by sending (free), on receipt of a post-paid, directed Envelope, a copy of the prescription used. Address JOHN M. DAGNALL, 186 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

A 25 Cent Sewing Machine!

And 5 other curious inventions. Agents wanted every where. Descriptive Circulars sent free. Address SHAW & CLARK, Biddeford, Maine.

OUR WAR MAPS, VIEWS, AND PORTRAITS—COLORED. An edition of the choicest Maps, Vices, and Portraits, published in HARPER'S WEEKLY since the commencement of the War, printed on heavy calendered paper, beautifully colored, is now ready. Size of sheet 40x50 inches, contains 12 Maps, 6 Views, and 4 Portraits. — PICTORIAL MAP OF THE SEAT OF WAR IN VIRGINIA; full page MAP OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, showing the cities, towns, rivers, railroads, military roads, fortifications, &c. ; BIRD'S-EYE VIEW MAP of the Seat of War in the West ; full page MAP OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI; MAP OF THE UNITED STATES, showing the comparative area of the Northern and Southern States east of the Rocky Mountains ; MAP OF THE BATTLE OF BULL RUN ; MAP OF THE COAST LINE from the Mouths of the Mississippi to Pensacola; MAP OF THE INTERIOR OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI; MAP OF CAIRO, showing Camp Defiance; MAP OF PENSACOLA HARBOR, showing Fort Pickens and the Rebel fortifications; Map showing the FORTS, ISLANDS, &C., OF CHARLESTON HARBOR; BALLOON VIEW OF FORTRESS MONROE and the Mouth of the Chesapeake, showing Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Sewall's Point; VIEW OF FORTRESS MONROE from the Bay, Hampton to the left ; VIEW OF FORT PICKENS from the front, showing the Sallyport and Glacis; VIEWS OF NEWPORT NEWS, HARPER'S FERRY, GRAFTON, POINT OF ROCKS, &c., and fine Portraits of GENERALS MCCLELLAN, LYON, MCDOWELL„ and PRENTISS. All the above were drawn and engraved in the first style of Art by Special Artists expressly for HARPER'S WEEKLY, and are now printed on one side of a large sheet, beautifully colored, so that they can be hung up in parlor, library, office, or workshop; they will be found beautiful, ornamental, and of great value for reference, showing the Strategic Points, Movements of the Armies, and Places of Occupation. Single Copies, 25 cents; Six Copies, $1; One Hundred Copies, $12.50. Sent anywhere on receipt of the money. Agents wanted everywhere.

Address EDWARD F. LLOYD, Publisher, exclusive Agent, 208 Broadway, New York.


JEWELRY! JEWELRY! –The Head-Quarters for all Cash Buyers of fine and cheap Jewelry, Miniature Pins of all the Heroes. Persons wishing to see Samples, enclose stamp for full particulars. W. A. HAYWARD (Manufacturing Jeweler), 208 Broadway.

Volunteer Cartoon
Abe Lincoln



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