Antietam Battle


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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 11, 1862

Welcome to our online collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. These newspapers serve as an incredible research resource for the serious student of the Civil War. These papers are full of incredible illustrations and stories made by the people who saw it all happen.

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Emancipation Proclamation Discusssion

 Emancipation Proclamation Article

Lincoln Suspends Writ of Habeas Corpus


War in the Southwest

Battle of Antietam Map

Map of the Battle of Antietam


Jackson, Tennessee



Louisville Evacuation

Louisville Evacuation


Maryland Battery at Antietam

Antietam Dead and Wounded

The Dead and Wounded at Antietam



Antietam Battlefield

Antietam Battlefield

Lincoln Cartoon

Lincoln Cartoon

Antietam Battle

Antietam Battle








This original Civil War Harper's Weekly newspaper features stunning illustrations of the Battle of Antietam. The upper illustration is captioned, "The Battle of Antietam, fought September 17, 1862- General Mansfield's Corps in Position in the Center.- Sketched by Mr. A. R. Waud. - [See Page 654]."  The lower left image is captioned, "The Battle of Antietam- Burning of Mr. Mumma's House and Barns. - Sketched by Mr. A. R. Waud. - [See Page 655]."  The lower right image is captioned, "The Battle of Antietam, Carrying the Wounded After the Battle. - Sketched by Mr. A. R. Waud. - [See Page 655]".




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