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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 11, 1862

Welcome to our online collection of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers. These newspapers serve as an incredible research resource for the serious student of the Civil War. These papers are full of incredible illustrations and stories made by the people who saw it all happen.

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Emancipation Proclamation Discusssion

 Emancipation Proclamation Article

Lincoln Suspends Writ of Habeas Corpus


War in the Southwest

Battle of Antietam Map

Map of the Battle of Antietam


Jackson, Tennessee



Louisville Evacuation

Louisville Evacuation


Maryland Battery at Antietam

Antietam Dead and Wounded

The Dead and Wounded at Antietam



Antietam Battlefield

Antietam Battlefield

Lincoln Cartoon

Lincoln Cartoon

Antietam Battle

Antietam Battle










[OCTOBER 11, 1862.



"Now, if you don't come down, I'll cut the Tree from under you."


"Drafted! yes, MARIA, drafted! and I'm so short. If they shoot at my Legs they'll
hit me in the head! I know it, MARIA, I know it!"


NORTHERN LADY who "sympathizes" with the Rebels to Grocer's Boy. "Why, gracious!

HANS. Your Master has charged me awful prices! Three Dollars per pound for Tea—Soap a Dollar per Bar—Butter Two Dollars per Pound—"

HANS. "Yes, Ma'am. The Boss says as you like to talk Secesh, perhaps you would'nt mind paying Secesh prices."


To Agents and Sutlers.

A NEW AND SUPERIOR PRIZE PACKAGE FOR THE CAMP OR HOUSEHOLD just out, containing no article unless of the FINEST DESCRIPTION. Extra fine Paper and Envelops, EMBELLISHED WITH SPLENDID and HIGHLY COLORED NEW UNION EMBLEMS; one copy SOLDIER'S CAMP COMPANION, with important information; BOUNTIES, what they are and how to obtain them; ARREARS OF PAY; ALLOWANCES; PENSIONS; how to COMMUTE, &c., &c.; to which is added valuable advice from an "OLD CAMPAIGNER." Just what a soldier needs. It will create a DECIDED SENSATION, and SELL LIKE WILDFIRE. It also contains a superb likeness, 6x10, of MAJ.-GEN. McCLELLAN, and all the requisite materials for writing. Also a VERY FINE ARTICLE of RICH JEWELRY. It is a FIRST-CLASS PACKAGE in EVERY RESPECT. We have many kinds of packages from $4.50 to $15 per 100. We also present EACH AGENT, free, with a FINE WATCH, warranted as a PERFECT TIME-KEEPER. $15 per day made easy. Send for NEW circulars. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, N. Y., largest and oldest Prize Package House in the World.


WORK, Wrought, Cast, and Wire.

IRON RAILINGS, VERANDAHS, BALCONIES GUARDS, and IRON FURNITURE of every description. Illustrated Cataloges maile on receipt of four 3 cent stamps. HUTCHINSON & WICKERSHAM, 259 Canal Street, near Broadway, New York.

PAMPHLETS (new edition) describing BATES' APPLIANCES, the new Scientific and only known means for the rapid and permanent cure of STAMMERING can be obtained free of expense, by addressing H. C. L. MEARS. P. O. Box 1923.   No. 82 Broadway, New York.

Those out of Employment

Can make large profits (200 per cent.) selling the Mammoth Eureka Prize Package. Largest, finest, and only good Package out. Handsome Watch to every Agent free. Send for circular. W. H. CATELY & CO., Fowler's Building, 40 Ann Street, N. Y.

French and English Institute,

FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN, 48 and 50 East 24th Street.

Boarding and Day School. Pupils prepared for West-point, the Navy School, College, and Business. A pupil can enter when six years of age, and remain till he is 20. The Prospectus contains the names of the pupils and their parents for the past seven years. Lessons resumed on SEPTEMBER 16th. ELIE CHARLIER, Director.

THE FRANKLIN SEWING MACHINE Co. want Agents. Terms liberal, Address (with stamp) HARRIS BROS., Boston, Mass.

Mrs. Stephens' Great Pictorial History of the War for the Union is the History for the people—truthful and brilliant. She has produced a thrilling and entertaining narrative of events connected with the most gigantic of human struggles. Embellished with over two hundred Illustrations. Two Volumes, Royal Octavo, 496 pages each. Agents can secure exclusive territory, and commence their canvas at once. A better opportunity for Agents was never offered, as a good History of this War must, sooner or later, find its way into nearly every family in the land. For terms and full particulars, address JNO. G. WELLS, 65 William Street, New York.

LANDS.—To all wanting Farms. Thriving Settlement. Rich soil. Mild climate. See advertisement of Vineland, on page 495.

Confederate [Rebel] Money.

PERFECT FAC-SIMILE'S of CONFEDERATE TREASURY NOTES for sale at $4 per 1000. Specimens of all kinds sent by mail for 50 cents, by W. E. HILTON, 11 Spruce Street, New York.

Haskins' "Army Portfolio."

Containing PAPER, ENVELOPES, INK, PENS, PENCIL, PENHOLDER, BLOTTER, BUTTONS, THREAD, NEEDLES, PINS, and a THIMBLE. Manufactured by G. S. HASKINS & CO., 36 Beekman St., New York, Wholesale Dealers in Stationery and Prize Packages.


Retailed at wholesale prices. Orders sent by mail free. Pens repointed on receipt of 36 cents in stamps. Send for circular giving list of prices and engravings of Pens. E. S. JOHNSON, Manufacturer, 15 Maiden Lane, New York City.


For 2S cts. (in silver), Magnifying small objects 500 times. Five of different powers for $1.00. Mailed free. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

The American Parlor
Or Floor Skate,
Hard Rubber Rollers,
Anti-friction Axles.

Observe, each Skate is labeled with the trade mark. Also, 50,000 pair of Ladies' and Gents' Ice Skates, comprising all the new and most improved patterns, made from welded steel and iron hardened; Skate Straps and Leather Goods of every description; Fogg's improved Lever Skate Buckle. Sole Agent for Williams, Morse & Co.'s celebrated Skates.  FREDERICK STEVENS, 215 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 68 KILBY STREET, BOSTON.

Made to Measure at $18, $24, and $27 PER DOZEN. Self Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. French Flannel Army Shirts, $18, $24, and $30 per Dozen. S. W. H. WARD, from LONDON, NO. 387 BROADWAY.  

SOLDIERS, SAILORS, MARINES, and their relatives and friends, should send or call for our book relative to obtaining PENSIONS, BOUNTIES, BACK PAY, PRIZE MONEY, &c. For gratuitous circulation. Address, with stamp,   SOMES & BROWN No. 2 Park Place, New York.

Just Published: A Series of Colored School and Family Charts, Designed for a Course of Elementary Instruction in Schools and Families. By MARCIUS WILLSON and N. A. CALKINS. These splendid Charts, 22 in Number, size of each about 22 by 30 inches, and containing more than 600 colored illustrations, will be furnished either separately or in full sets, either mounted or in sheets, and also, for Family use, in Atlas form, at the following prices. When mounted two are on a card. They are sent by mail, in sheets, at the prices named.

READING—No. I. Elementary: Sixty Illustrated Words. In Sheets, 25 cents.—No. II. Reading: first Lessons. In Sheets, 25 cents. Together, Mounted, 60 cents. No. III. Reading: Second Lessons. In Sheet 25 cents. —No. IV. Reading: Third Lessons. in Sheets, 25 cents. Together, Mounted, 60 cents. No. V. Reading: Fourth Lessons: In Sheets, 25 cents. No. VI. Reading: Fifth Lessons. In Sheets, 25 cents. Together, Mounted, 60 cents. MISCELLANEOUS.—No. VII. Elementary Sounds. In Sheets, 25 cents.—No. VIII. Phonic Spelling. In Sheets, 25 cents. Together, Mounted, 60 cents. No. IX. Writing Chart. in Sheets, 25 cents..—No X. Drawing and Perspective. In Sheet's, 25 cents. Together, Mounted, 60 cents. No. XI. Lines and Measures. In Sheets, 25 cents.— No. XII. Forms and Solids. In Sheets, 25 cents. Together, Mounted 60 cents. COLORS—No. XIII. Familiar Colors, accompanied by a duplicate set of Hand Color-Cards. In Sheets, 90 cents. —No. XIV. Chromatic Scale of Colors. In Sheets, 60 cents. Together, Mounted, $1.80. ZOOLOGICAL. — No. XV. Animals. Economical Uses. In Sheets, 35 cents. — No. XVI. Classification of Animals. In Sheets, 35 cents. Together, Mounted, 90 cts. No. XVII. Birds. Their Classification. In Sheets, 35 cents. —No. XVIII. Reptiles and Fishes. In Sheets, 35 cents. Together, Mounted, 90 cents. BOTANICAL.—No. XIX. Botanical Forms, &c. In Sheets, 35 cants.—No. XX. Classification of Plants. In Sheets, 35 cents. Together, Mounted, 90 cents. No. XXI. Economical Uses of Plants. In Sheets, 35 cents. — No. XXII. Economical Uses, continued. In Sheets, 35 cents. Together, Mounted, 90 cents. Price of the entire Set, in Streets, $7.00; Mounted, $9.00; Atlas Form, $11.00. Also, Willson's Manual of Instruction in Object Lessons, Designed to accompany the Charts, and to furnish the directions and information required by the teacher to enable him to adapt the System of Object Teaching to the duties of the school-room. It present a Programme for a full course of elementary instruction during the first ten years of school life, but is equally well adapted to family use. Price of the Manual, sent by mail, One Dollar. HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers. HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE.


One Copy for one Year .......................$3.00

Two Copies for One Year .....................5.00

Three or more Copies for One Year (each) .2.00
And an Extra Copy, gratis, for every Club of EIGHT SUBSCRIBERS. HARPER'S MAGAZINE and HARPER'S WEEKLY, together, one year, $4.00. HARPER & BROTHERS, PUBLISHERS, FRANKLIN SQUARE, NEW YORK. HARPER'S WEEKLY. Single Copies Six Cents.


One Copy for One Year    $2.50

One Copy for Two Years    4.00

Ten Copies for One Year    18.00

An Extra Copy will be allowed for every Club of TEN SUBSCRIBERS.

The Publishers employ no TRAVELING AGENTS. Parties who desire to subscribe to Harper's Magazine or Harper's Weekly had better remit direct to the Publishers, or pay their subscription to some Postmaster or General Agent with whom they are acquainted, and of whose responsibility they are assured. HARPER & BROTHERS, PUBLISHERS,    FRANKLIN SQUARE, NEW YORK.

Lincoln Cartoon
Draft Cartoon
Secesh Cartoon




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