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Civil War Harper's Weekly, August 22, 1863

Welcome to our online collection of Civil War newspapers. This archive serves as an excellent tool to help in your study and research on the War. These newspapers will allow you to gain unique insights into the details of the conflict. Of particular interest is the wood cut illustrations.

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Jeff Davis Cartoon

Jeff Davis Cartoon


View of Gettysburg

Soldiers Eating

Soldiers Eating

Morris Island

Morris Island






[AUGUST 22, 1863.



"Fellow Citizens—the Victory is within your reach. You need but STRETCH FORTH YOUR HANDS TO GRASP IT."—(Address of Jeff Davis to his Soldiers.)

Dr. B. C. Perry,

49 Bond Street, takes this occasion to inform the Public that he will be absent from New York during the month of August. He will return, the first of September, to the city, and resume his practice. During his absence, all communications should be addressed No. 12 Avon Place, Boston, Mass.

Attention, Army and Navy

50,000 Agents Wanted.

Army Corps and Division Pins.

American Watch Chains, Engraved Spring Lockets, Guard and Neck Chains, Bracelets, Seal Stone, Masonic, California Diamond, Plain and Chaced Rings, Fine Gold Pens, with Silver Extension Case and Pencil, Gents' Fine Gold California Diamond Pin and Cluster Pins with Chain attached, Coral, Opal, Lava, Mosaic, and Jet Enamelled Brooches and Ear Rings, Kearney Cross in Gold Plate, a Solid Silver Shield or either Corps or Division Pin, with your Name, Co., and Regiment handsomely engraved upon it. I will send to any one, on the receipt of $1, either of the above articles, together with my wholesale circular to Agents.

B. T. HAYWARD, Manufacturing Jeweler,

Box 4876.         208 Broadway, N. Y.

Drake's Plantation Bitters.

They purify, strengthen, and invigorate.

They create a healthy appetite.

They are an antidote to change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours. They strengthen the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers. They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.

They cure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera Morbus.

They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache. They are the best Bitters in the world. They make the weak man strong, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are made of pure St. Croix Rum, the celebrated Calisaya Bark, roots and herbs, and are taken with the pleasure of a beverage, without regard to age or time of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons requiring a gentle stimulant. Sold by all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels, and Saloons.


202 Broadway, New York.

National Union League.

E. N. FOOTE & CO.,

Manufacturers Jewelry, 208 Broadway, New York.


For 30 cts. (coin preferred), magnifying small objects 500 times. Five of different powers for $1.00. Mailed free. Address F. C. BOWEN, Box 220, Boston, Mass.

A Beautiful Complexion, free from Tan,

Pimples and Freckles, may easily be procured by using the "Balm of a Thousand Flowers." For shaving it is unsurpassed. It is composed of palm oil, honey, and other valuable articles, highly perfumed by its own ingredients, and when used for washing, night and morning, renders the skin soft and white, and free from blemish. Price 50 cents. For sale by all druggists.

H. P. FETRIDGE & CO., 31 and 33 Dey Street, N. Y., and for sale by all Druggists.


Also, a full assortment of

Jet, Coral, and Steel Goods.

Schuyler, Hartley & Graham,

19 Maiden Lane & 22 John Street, N. Y.,
15 Rue d'Enghein, Paris,
47 Hampton St., Birmingham. Eng.

the troops, I recommend that authority be granted to introduce it into this Army.   RUFUS INGALLS,

Brig.-Gen. and Chief Q. M. Army of Potomac. Approved by command of

Major-General HOOKER.


One set of Hooks sent to any address, free, on receipt of One Dollar. A discount of 20 per cent. to parties ordering one dozen sets and upward. Address FERGUSON & BALCH, Importers of Watches, 208 Broadway, N. Y.

Amalgam Bells.

DR. C. S. SEA, M.D., with 35 years' success—Rooms for Non-residents.

253 North Bond Street, Baltimore, Md.

$22. WATCHES. $22.

A Splendid Silver Hunting Case Lever, that indicates the day of the month accurately, for $22; usual price $35 to $45.

$22. Genuine. $22.

Genuine American Lever Watches, in Sterling Silver Hunting Case, for $22; worth $35 at retail.

Also every variety of good Watches at equally low rates.

All orders from the Army must be pre-paid, as the Express Companies will not take bills for collection on soldiers.

J. L. FERGUSON, IMPORTER OF WATCHES, 208 Broadway, New York.

AGENTS WANTED for our splendid New Mammoth Eureka Prize Package. 200 per cent. profit. Superb Watch free to Agents. $18 per day made. Send for
New Circulars. W. H. CATELY & CO., 40 Ann St., N.Y.

American Watches

For Soldiers


American Watches for Americans!

THE AMERICAN WATCH COMPANY give notice that they have lately issued a new style of Watch, expressly designed for Soldiers and others who desire a good watch at a moderate price. These watches are intended to displace the worthless, cheap watches of British and Swiss manufacture with which the country is flooded, and which were never expected to keep time when they were made, being refuse manufactures sent to this country because unsalable at home, and used here only for jockeying and swindling purposes.

We offer to sell our Watch, which is of THE MOST SUBSTANTIAL MANUFACTURE, AN ACCURATE AND DURABLE TIME-KEEPER, and in Sterling Silver Cases, Hunting pattern, at nearly as low a price as is asked for the fancy-named Ancres and Lepines of foreign make, already referred to.

We have named the new series of Watches, WM. ELLERY, Boston, Mass., which name will be found on the plate of every watch of this manufacture, and is one of our trade-marks.

Sold by all respectable watch dealers in the loyal States.

Wholesale orders should be addressed to


Agents of the American Watch Company,


$7. WATCHES. $7.

A Beautiful Engraved Gold-Plated Watch, Lever Cap, small size, English Movements, perfect time-keeper. Sent free by mail, in neat case, for only $7. A Solid Silver, same as above, $7. Specially adapted to the ARMY. CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., 38 & 40 Ann Street, N. Y

Cured by Bates' Patent scientific appliances the only known means for the rapid and permanent cure of Stammering, Stuttering, &c. They took the Prize Medal at the last London Exhibition.

For (new Edition of) Pamphlets and Drawings describing the same, address H. C. L. MEARS, 277 West 23d Street, New York. P. O. Box 5076.


Approved by the Government.

Warranted superior to any other Pistol of the kind. Address


Ilion, N. Y.

Artificial Legs and Arms, Selpho's Patent, 516 Broadway, N. Y., are the best substitutes for lost limbs the World of Science has ever invented. (Established 24 years.) Send for Pamphlet. Soldiers supplied.

Lockwood's, 675 Broadway.


Lafarge block.      675 Broadway, N. Y.

Wanted, at $15 per Day.

We want energetic Agents and reliable Canvassers for a genteel business, at a commission of from $5 to $15 per day. No humbug! Address C. M. DUNN & CO., Publishers, at Cincinnati, O., Chicago, Ill., or 185 Reade St., N.Y.


Agents in Towns, and Soldiers in camp or discharged, are making easily $15 per day selling our GREAT NEW and WONDERFUL UNION PRIZE AND STATIONERY PACKAGES, NOVEL AND UNEQUALED, and unlike all the old styles; containing all New Articles, and of fine quality. Writing Materials, Games, Useful and Fancy Articles, Likenesses of Heroes, Camp Companions (for the Army), rich gifts of Jewelry, &c., &c., altogether worth over $1, for ONLY 25c. They are just the thing for a present to your friend in the Army. No family should be without one. Profits immense, sales quick. Soldiers in camp can act as Agents, and make money fast. A SPLENDID WATCH, warranted as a perfect time-keeper, presented free to all Agents. Packages in endless variety and at all prices. Agents wanted all through the country. Send for NEW Circulars for 1863, containing EXTRA inducements. See "15 per day Easy" on inside page.

S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, largest and oldest Prize Package House in the World.

LANDS.—To all wanting Farms. Thriving Settlement. Rich soil. Mild climate. See advertisement of Vineland, on previous page.





In Manufacture,

Fitting, and Material.


No. 637 Broadway.

Made to Measure at $24, $30, $36 & $42 PER DOZEN. Self-Measurement for Shirts. Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. S. W. H. WARD, No. 387 Broadway, New York. A liberal discount to dealers. Agents wanted throughout the country.

Spring is the time to use DR. LEATHE'S


Which Purities the Blood, Invigorates the Body, gives Tone to the Nerves, Strength to the Muscles, and Health to every Channel, Joint, and Limb.

One Dollar per Bottle (which often cures).

Depot, 130 CHATHAM ST., N. Y. Sold 502 GRAND ST.

Ask for LEATHE'S YELLOW DOCK SYRUP. Take no other. Established 1848. Sold by Druggists everywhere.

BEAUTY.—Hunt's Bloom of Roses, a charming and perfectly natural color for the cheeks, or lips. Will not wash off, but remains durable for years. Can only be removed with vinegar, and warranted not to injure the skin. Mailed free from observation for one dollar and 18 cts. HUNT & CO., Perfumers, 133 S. Seventh St., Philad.


Substitutes for $1.75. How and where to get them. Address, with stamps for return postage, Capt. S. B. OULDS, Box 826, Haverhill, Mass.

"Noses Illustrated."

THE AUGUST DOUBLE Number PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, contains Noses of Americans, English, Irish, French, German, Hungarians, Russians, Indians, Negroes, &c.; portraits and characters of General Meade, Commodore Foote and Cobbett, with thirty illustrated engravings on Ethnology, Physiology, Phrenology, and Physiognomy—new volume. Only 15 cents, by first post, or $1.50 a year. FOWLER & WELLS,  308 Broadway, N. Y.


Have just Published:

ROMOLA—A new novel. By the Author of "Adam Bede," &c. Numerous Illustrations. 8vo, Paper, $1.25; Cloth, $1.50.

"Romola is a performance of which no other woman of genius among us would have been capable than precisely George Eliot.—The Reader (London).

There are noble things to be found in "Romola," which will make the reader's heart burn within him. It will be scarcely possible to rise from the perusal without being penetrated by the "joy of elevated thoughts," without feeling a desire to cease from a life of self-pleasing, and to embody in action that sense of obligation, of obedience to duty, which is, indeed, the crowning distinction that has been conferred on man, the high gift in which all others culminate. This is high praise; and a work that can produce this effect, if only on a single reader, has not been written in vain.—The Athenaeum (London).

Such an intellectual study, to use an artist's phrase, as "Tito Melema," has not been placed before the world in this generation; and we know not which to wonder at most, the accuracy of the anatomical knowledge displayed, or the art with which that knowledge is infused—there is no other fitting word—into the reader's mind. Shakespeare might have exulted in Tito.—Spectator (London).

George Eliot has Sir Walter Scott's art for revivifying the past, but not Scott's dynamical force in making you plunge into it with as headlong an interest as into the present. For this she compensates by a deeper and wider intellectual grasp. * * It is marvelous that the wide and calm imaginative power of the writer should have produced a work which is likely to be permanently identified with English literature, in which Italy and England may feel a common pride. * * The great and concentrated interest of the book—at least after the wonderful development of Tito's character—is the portrait of Savonarola, which it is almost impossible not to feel as faithful as history as it is great as romance. * * His portrait evinces almost as great a graphic power, and far more scrupulous care, than Sir Walter Scott used in those pictures of the various Stewarts.—Spectator (London).

Jeff Davis




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