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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 1, 1864

This site features our extensive collection of original Harper's Weekly newspapers from the Civil War. These newspapers contain incredible descriptions of the important events of the war, and illustrations of the battles created by war correspondents embedded with the troops.

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Sherman's Atlanta Campaign

Sherman's Atlanta Campaign

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American Flag

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American Flag

You are viewing a stunning illustration of Abraham Lincoln and Civil War soldiers and sailors rallying around the flag. This illustration is from the October 1, 1864 edition of Harper's Weekly. At this time, the country was growing weary after 4 long years of bloodshed, and the democratic presidential candidate, George McClellan, was running on a platform of "Compromise with the South". The democrats planned to end the Civil War by appeasing the South, and allowing slavery to continue, and once again Flourish. Lincoln held firm in his position that despite the great cost of life, so causes were worth so great a sacrifice, and the end of slavery was one such cause. This illustration helped stir the nation, and join Lincoln in "Rallying around the American Flag". The illustration was accompanied by this poem:

Rally round the Flag, Boys!

Rally one again;

There are traitors in the camp, boys,

And pirates on the Main:

There are rebels in the front, boys,

And foes across the sea,

Who hate the proud republican

And scoff at you and me.


Rally round the Flag, Boys!

Rally in your might;

Let the nations see how freemen

Can battle for the right;

Make the throbbing mountains echo

With the thunder of your tread;

With music sweet of martial feet

Salute our gallant dead.


Rally round the Flag, boys;

Rally with a cheer;

For all you love and cherish most,

For all that you hold dear,

Defend the brave old banner,

Unsullied from the earth

Within its folds enshrined it holds

All that this life is worth.


Then rally round the Flag, Boys;

Rally, rally still!

Rally from the valley,

And rally from the hill;

Rally from the ship, boys,

And rally from the plow;

Now or never is the word --

Never! failing now.





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