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Thomas Nast's Original "The Union Flag" Print

This is an original print full of important historical details on the Union Flag.  It is a patriotic piece of Art Work from Thomas Nast, printed in 1864.  It shows a variety of illustrations associated with the Union Civil War Flag.

Union Civil War Flag

Thomas Nast "The Union Flag"  (Click on Image for Enlarged View)

This is a stirring and extremely patriotic image of the United States Flag during the Civil War.  The Central Image shows Columbia (Now known as Lady Liberty), holding the Union Flag.  Another woman is seen kneeling by the flag and kissing the corner of the flag.  Columbia is holding broken chains in her hands, symbolic of the freedom of the slaves.  Columbia is surrounded by kneeling and praying slaves, apparently just freed from bondage, and giving thanks for their freedom and emancipation.  This stirring image of the Union Flag has the words, "The Protector of All", and at the top, "All Men Are Born Free and Equal".  The Union Flag also has the words "Liberty" on it.  This picture is Thomas Nast at his best.

The upper left image shows the union flag being flown over a group of new recruits on their way to war.  The upper center image shows women making the union flags.  The upper right image shows men returning from the war, proudly flying a tattered US flag.  The center image on the right shows a man on board a ship climbing a pole, and rescuing a battered Union Civil War Flag.  The image at the lower right shows the Union Flag being draped over the casket of a dead union soldier, a hero of the war.  The lower left image shows an injured soldier in bed, rising up  in respect for the flag flying in his room.  The lower center images show the Union Flag in Church, at home, and in a Civil War camp.

This is one of the most patriotic images you will find associated with our flag.  It is one of Thomas Nast's most patriotic works of the Civil War.

We hope you enjoy this complete Gallery of the Civil War works of Thomas Nast.  We have created this digital archive for the use of researchers and students of Thomas Nast.  Please remember that the digitally enhanced images are Copyright Son of the South. For more information, contact .

A Note to our Readers

We created this Thomas Nast Gallery to digitally preserve Nast's Civil War work for posterity.  We are now making the original, 140 year old leafs available for a price of $250 each.  The proceeds from the sale of the material will enable us to continue to expand the material featured on our site.  Please contact if you are interested in acquiring one of these original leafs.




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